The Difference Maker

I'm pretty tired of reading the comments on every single post where people are getting shouted down when they suggest not taking a quarterback with the first overall pick. The arguments tend to go the same way every time:

A: X-player is really good! we should get him!!

B: X-player is not a quarterback and quarterback is the most important position for this team and for always therefore you are stupid!!!

I can accept the fact that a quarterback has significantly more influence on the quality of your team than any other position, but it is completely ignorant to assume that improvement at quarterback would "fix" this Chiefs team. Remember that word you just read? It was TEAM. This team is bad. Really bad. There are lots of areas they need to improve to be considered a good team. There is no way in hell that Tom Brady or Peyton Manning could have stepped in at quarterback and have made this team a 12-4 winner or even a 9-7 winner. Well, okay, there probably is a way (Those dudes are really good...), even in the fantasy world where that gets done it involves a lot more change than at just quarterback. I will say that it is highly unlikely that Geno Smith or Matt Barkley or whichever rookie is the top rated come April joins this squad as it is and improves them by more than 2-4 wins. What if this team had drafted Russel Wilson last year? They would probably still be a bad team.

It's hard to point at any one position on a team that is, probably, one of the worst ever and say that it is the difference between them being absolutely terrible and good. Honestly, a better quarterback would have made this team disappointing instead of absolutely embarrassing.

Coaching is 100% more important than a good quarterback. Alex Smith is doing well in San Francisco. Kirk Cousins got it done in Washington. Hell, Seattle are looking pretty good with a third round rookie. These guys are able to be successful because the coaches put together a good team for them. The defense in San Francisco is suffocating. They are loaded with top round talent, but couldn't put it together until Harbaugh was hired. The Redskins defense is terrible, but they're looking at squeaking into the playoffs (The Rat strikes again). Seattle is not that great on offense. They have one of the top-rated defenses and have CRUSHED teams the past couple of weeks.

Coaching is a massive failure for the Chiefs this year. The "scheme" that Daboll has put in place is pathetic. That guy does not need to be an NFL level coach, ever. The scheme that Crennel runs is effective, but only if the offense can score points. We've all watched this team go through the motions of playing every week. They are wearing their indifference on their sleeves and it's maddening. This starts with the head coach and trickles down. Whatever the reason, the solution is clear. The Chiefs need a new coach.

The Chiefs have terrible quarterbacks and that is on the front office. The Chiefs are also really bad at a lot of other positions and that is also on the front office. The talent evaluation that this team uses is awful. I believe that Pioli has stuck his nose into the coaches' business and influences the starting rosters and schemes. This is unacceptable; Especially since he has demonstrated poor evaluation of talent and that it is not his job.

This team is a coach and a GM and a quarterback and a few other players away from being competitive. The team has some great players at some key positions, but it is not deep and it does not have the peripheral players that it needs to compete with elite teams in the league.

The Chiefs need to improve at:

Quarterback - Duh... I realize that this is THE position of need, but i refuse to believe that "we're a quarterback away..." bullshit.

Offensive Line - Depth here is key. I realize injuries have hit this unit pretty hard, but I'm tired of seeing Ryan Lilja. I'm also tired of Winston apologists. That guy is average at best. He's a perfect example of the inadequate competition/replacement created by Pioli. He's way better than Barry Richardson, but not enough of an improvement to make any tangible difference. At best, without anyone being injured, the Chiefs have four of five starters in place. Another fifth would be nice.

Inside line-backer - Even before Belcher quit his life, this was a position of need. The linebacking corps in general is kind of pathetic. DJ is fantastic but there is literally no one behind (or next to) him that i have any confidence in. What do you think will happen to this defense if he goes down for 6-8 weeks with a high ankle sprain? Houston and Hali are great, but they are one-trick ponies. I would have liked to have Kuechly instead of Poe, but at least Nose-tackle isn't on this list.

Strong Safety - Berry is not this guy. He needs to be starting at free safety with lewis as his backup. A true, hard-hitting strong safety will do wonders for this defense as it would shore up the run defence and allow Berry to be more of the ball-hawk that he is.

Defensive back - Flowers is great and Arenas is nice to have (as a nickel back), but there is no one I have confidence in behind them. This might be the most important position for this team right now after QB. The coverage on sub-packages needs to be good or the defense never gets off of the field.

Tight end - Boss going down with an injury is no excuse for rolling with Steve Maneri. Sheesh...

Wide reciever - My super-homer powers still give me confidence that Baldwin will come on strong once a new offensive scheme/quarterback are in place, but it's hard not to look at the numbers and not think this is a need. Honestly, this is the least worrisome of the positional needs since a new scheme/coach/quarterback could make it moot.

Full back - I know, you assholes don't care about this, but I do so I'm tacking it on here. If the Chiefs ever get a good one again, you will remember. I have so much to say about this position. I'll save it for another post. I'm not advocating spending a high pick or a lot of money on a fullback (because they're undervalued and cheap), but a good one is a good guy to have on your team.

Pretty much I didn't list Kicker, Punter, long-snapper, Half-back or defensive line. That is a picture of a bad team. Honestly, I couldn't care less who they pick at the top of the first round because it won't make a difference if they can't get the front office sorted out. Even if they pick Geno Smith and he's the second coming of , they will still suck unless they can improve these other areas. The coach (and hopefully GM) that Clark hires in the off-season is going to have their work cut out for them.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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