Head Coaching Prospects

I think Romeo Crennel is a great guy. He seems to be very nice, he took over a team when it was falling apart last season, and he is (in my opinion) one of the best defensive coordinators in football. However, after what may be the worst season in Chiefs history, he must go. I've come up with a list of potential replacements ranked by my preference. Pioli, please read. Also, please excuse my lack of deeper analysis, it is late and I'm tired.

Chip Kelly: HC at Oregon, Kelly has had big success there (45-7 in 4 years). He runs a fast paced offence that may or may not translate well to the NFL.

Kevin Sumlin: HC at Texas A&M. He has had huge success there in his first year. He also was very successful at Houston as HC, coaching them to 12-0 in his first season there. Before that he was OC at Oklahoma, and they were averaging 44 points a game.

Chris Petersen: HC of Boise State. 83-8 in his 7 years there. He knows how to win. I also like the type of program he runs there at BS.

Brian Kelly: Has been HC at a number of schools, including DII powerhouse Grand Valley State and current top ranked Notre Dame. Kelly is a top notch college prospect with a history of winning.

Josh McDaniels: Oh no. Not this again. I think we went over this a year ago. I am a fan of McDaniels. I think he is innovative on offense and he will put some points up. I also think he has a good eye for talent in the draft. I do think he needed to mature a bit after the whole Denver-Cutler-Marshall thing, but I think he's had his time and is ready to come back.

Jay Gruden: Interesting because he is young (45) and the brother of former successful NFL HC John Gruden. Look no further than the Ryans or the Harbaughs to find brothers who can both coach (Ryans as DC). Jay Gruden may just be coming around (Cinn offense has looked much better and Marvin Lewis/Andy Dalton aren't exactly HOF material).

Dirk Koetter: Current OC of the Falcons, Koetter is an interesting prospect. Mainly because he has HC experience (Boise State and Arizona State) and has not been in the NFL for all that long. He is 53 so he is still young enough to give us a good 10+ years, should he want to remain that long.

Kyle Shannahan: Yeah, the son of one of our mortal enemies. He's interesting because he is extremely young (32) so that means he could be here for 20+ years, and because his father is bound for the HOF. He also has designed an offense around RGIII that shows some true accumen for the X's and O's of the game. He might be too young at this point though.

Bruce Arians: Interim HC for the Colts, he has been part of a huge turnaround behind the arm (golden arm) of Andrew Luck. His players really seem to play hard for him. Success may be falsely due to two factors: Luck and players wanting to play extra hard because the HC is sick.

Dean Pees: Former Kent State HC and DC for both the Patriots and Ravens, Pees has plenty of experience. He is also 63, and wouldn't be a 10+ year HC if we hired him. Pees comes from success in the NFL and has HC experience in college. Those are the types of NFL coordinators I like to see.

Let me know who you like in the comments... attaching a poll isn't working right now.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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