My Persuasion on Future Chiefs Success: Demolish & Re-Construct


- Please Read With An Open Mind. My Goal Is To Challenge And Initiate Further Thoughts On Certain Aspects of The Franchise and Not To Offend.

My Persuasion on Future Chiefs Success: Demolish & Re-Construct

- As a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan, it's been hard to endure through the recent years of dis-appointment. When the previous general manager was let go I initially saw the success of the New England Patriots, and when I heard that moves were in the process of being made to bring Pioli's talents in building dominant franchises to the Chiefs it was very exciting news. After countless questionable moves on the organizations part, that excitement soon developed into dread towards the inadequacy of the franchise and Scott Pioli. The dominant running season led to an embarrassing play-off defeat at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens and Superbowl predictions have been nothing short of far-fetched for many years. In this post I intend to share my take and thoughts on what it'll take to build a dominant NFL franchise and moves the organization should make to take a major step forward towards being a league best roster and staff.

Fire Scott Pioli


When making a transition to the Chiefs this guy was made out to be, "A Revolutionary", "The Sure Savior of The Chiefs Franchise", and "The True Mastermind Behind The New England Patriots Success". Since taking control of the franchise Pioli has made countless roster errors and has been single-handily responsible for the continuous down-fall of the franchise as a whole. He been more a cancer that a cure for the franchise, and he has been proven to be severely incompetent at the General Manager position. Since his departure from the Patriots, they've made multiple Play-Off and Superbowl runs, and their phenomenal progress has yet to cease. Mean-while the Chiefs have been on a roller-coaster of success and failure. As far as the Kansas City Chiefs Organization goes the picture posted directly above is nothing short of a contradiction and oxymoron. The bottom-line is, that as long as the Kansas City Chiefs are led, developed and run by Scott Pioli dis-appointment and failure are inevitable. He doesn't have what it takes to take this franchise to the next level and he never will develop that ability. It's one of those things where you either have "it" or you don't, and Pioli most certainly doesn't have "it". In order for this organization to thrive the Chiefs absolutely must start by getting rid of Scott Pioli.

Fire Romeo Crennel


- In my opinion you should only be able to judge a coach by his ability to maximize and increase the production, consistency, discipline, talent, and potential of the roster. Using this formula Crennel has proven that he's been severely un-productive in doing said things. With all the talent at the skilled positions on the roster there is no reason that the Chiefs offense should be it's weak link. Crennel although not given the most help by the General Manager should have more success in his tenure as the Chiefs Head Coach. This is the part where I apply my philosophy (So read with caution). There are 2 types of Head Coaches, Wolves and Sheep. A wolf exhibits the traits I listed at the beginning of the paragraph, and a sheep does only what he's expected to do and just expects the players to just be pro's without taking the extra initiative to further enhance their ability to succeed. To further break it down, Wolves = Confrontational, Sheep = Non-Confrontational. One of the primary reasons the Chiefs have been so un-succesful is also greatly due to their knack to only let Sheep occupy head coaching positions. (Todd Haley, Romeo Crennel) It's time to make major strides and it's time to bring a wolf in to occupy that position. We need a Head Coach that demands a lot and sets high expectations for the roster as a unit. We need a head coach that's not afraid to be confrontational because drive leads to evolution. We NEED a Coach that brings a n intense fire and passion for the success of his subordinates and roster. Bottom-line is, Crennel has been proven to be a dominant defensive co-coordinator, but he's been also prove to be a very non-dominant Head Coach, it's time to move on and..........

Bring in Rob Ryan


- Yes, I said it. The wolf we need to experience evolution and organizational growth within the franchise is found within Rob Ryan, he exhibits in full all the traits of a wolf and most definitely has the potential to develop into a dominant Head Coach. And when you bring in a dominant Defensive-Minded Head Coach you need what?....

Bring In Al Saunders To Work With Rob Ryan


Al Saunders is another coach that exhibits the traits of a wolf, he demands the utmost from his players and he approaches coaching with unmatched emery and dedication, he would be the perfect compliment to Rob Ryan.

Indulge In Bold Decision Making


Trade Valuable Players For Future Organizational Success

- Trade Top 5 NFL Draft Pick Down For Multiple 1st Round Picks

Instead of just drafting a quarterback with one of the Top picks, I say the Chiefs be bold and use that opportunity to move down for more picks, and further develop other aspects of the roster. A trade with the St. Louis Rams could solidify (2) 2013 NFL (Mid-Round) 1st Round Draft Picks and More 1st Round Picks in Future Drafts. If utilized properly those picks could be way more valuable than the Top 5 pick alone.

- Compose A Trade For Tamba Hali

I know what you're thinking, but please hear me out. I know that Tamba Hali is in the prime of his career and is a dominant pass-rushing force on the defense, but I believe trading him for the right players and draft picks would further benefit the future and near future of the organization. The Chiefs still have numerous roster holes that out-weight that of a pass-rushing outside linebacker and trading Hali could really be in the best interest of the Chiefs future success.

What did I have in mind?

Trading Tamba Hali to the Jets for Kendrick Ellis and a (2013) 1st & (2013) 6th Round Pick.


Because solidifying a dominant 2-Gap Defensive Lineman, and multiple draft picks would be extremely valuable to the defense and roster as a whole. The 3-4 Defense that we (The Kansas City Chiefs) run is more of a rarely used brand (form) of the scheme. (Don't quote me on this, but I think the Steelers are the only other franchise that user the same exact scheme that we do). Our scheme requires that all 3 defensive linemen occupy and dominate 2-Gaps. Asking former dominant college 4-3 Defensive Tackles to fill that role as a 2-Gap defender in our system was demanding a little too much from Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey. The best move to make up front would be to resign and make Tyson Jackson a situational pass-rusher and run-defender and to draft/sign more adequate 2-Gap defenders to the roster. This move makes sense because Jackson is as dominant 4-3 Defensive Tackle that there is in the league and by keeping him fresh by only using him primarily on 3rd Downs would be the best move for both Jackson and the Chiefs. Parting ways with Glenn Dorsey and letting Kendrick Ellis occupy one of the Defensive End positions next to (NT) Dontari Poe would be extremely valuable to both the pass and run defense.

What About The Other Defensive End Position Opposite Kendrick Ellis?

Managing to Sign/Bring in Ron Brace (NT/DT)(Patriots) -or- Ma'ake Kemoeatu (NT/DT)(Ravens) would be an solid options and/or Isaako Aaitui (NT/DT)(Free-Agent) would also be an option. Ron Brace and Ma'ake Kemoeatu are proven 2-Gap defenders and both have shown the ability to immediately dominant in our system. Aaitui is more of a potential/developmental pick, but has a very high ceiling and could be used as a long-term solution to the position to play next to or opposite Dontari Poe. Both players would prove extremely beneficial to both the direct and in-direct future of the franchise and solidifying their talents would be the way to take a step in the right direction of having an even more dominant defense.

- Cut Ties With Dwayne Bowe

Yes. Although Bowe has been proven to a dominant receiving threat, he just isn't at the moment very valuable to the franchise as a whole. He has very limited leadership capabilities and he's been un-dedicated at times. Also having a big money receiver without having a dominant Offensive Line in my opinion is a backwards approach that plagues most NFL Franchises. (Again philosophy time) My Thoughts, Think of the Offense as a Car. Using that analogy, I see the Offensive Line as the Motor, The Quarterback as the Body, and The Skill Players as Rims, Tint, ect (Accessories). When you invest all that money into skill positions with limited resources you take away from the motor and body. The smartest thing to do would be to let Bowe go and make major investment into the Offensive Line because if you can't drive a car, what is the way it looks worth? It's time to have Jon Baldwin step up as the #1 Receiver and possibly draft a complementary wide-receiver in the early mid or late mid-rounds of the 2013 Draft. It's time to be aggressive and to begin building a Dominant O-Line whether it be through the Draft or Free-Agency, That should be the #1 Offensive Priority.

- Trade Jamaal Charles

The same things that were said about Dwayne Bowe apply to Jamaal Charles besides the fact of lacking leadership capabilities. Using Charles to re-distribute talent on the roster would be the best move for the franchise, although this move among all the other ones is perhaps the moist bold move, it'll prove invaluable in the future and would lead to more opportunities to draft and sign more diverse and elite talent. Trade Charles for a (2013 & 2014) NFL 1st Round Draft Picks.

2013 NFL Draft


Trades & Picks

Round 1

(Top 5 Pick For St. Louis's (2) 1st Round Picks)(Tamba Hali For Jets 1st Round Pick)(Jamaal Charles 1st Round Pick)

#1) Manti Te'o, Notre Dame, MLB/ILB, 6-2/255


I want to start off by saying that i'm tired of the Te'o/Lewis comparisons. Te'o is more like Patrick Willis and their personality traits also favor. Te'o is just that, a Patrick Willis like defender. When it comes to Willis his ability to lead and raise the morale of his team-mates is his most dangerous trait more so than his actual ability. Te'o is the same. This players value can't be measured by his strait-line speed but by his King's Mentality. Te'o is truly a 1 in a million player and drafting him at this position is an absolute must for the future success of the organization. The ability to bring a group closer to oneness and unity, and keeping players motivated to play every play like its their last is invaluable in any defense, that's the primary thing we're lacking and the reason so many players are under performing so much, so drafting him to fill that gap is an absolute must. Having a leader of this caliber improves the performance of all the defensive players, with someone like him you'll see the organization quickly change and evolve to the next level. Now lets get on to Te'o's ability, Te'o is a true chess player, and his intelligence shows up on the field, he truly has shown the ability to dissect and destroy plays. He has shown on multiple occasions the ability to cover a wide range terrain, he's shown elite athleticism and the potential to further elevate his physical capabilities.Is a very sure hitter, when he wraps his arms 9.99 out of 10 times you're going down for the count, and he's flashed the ability to on occasions lay the wood to backs and receivers.

Why He Fits

The Chiefs have long needed a dominant linebacker to play opposite Derrick Johnson and Te'o perfectly serves that need. Also Derrick Johnson isn't getting any younger and letting Te'o develop under his tutelage would only speed and enhance his development as a dominant NFL Linebacker.

#2) Xavier Rhodes, Florida State University, CB, 6-1/217


Rhodes is a very complete defensive back, he's great at every single aspect of the position. With his opposing size, massive wingspan, dynamic style of play, athleticism and explosiveness, he's a certified beast at the position and his ceiling is possibly higher than any other Cornerback in this years draft. The ball skills, the ability to shed blockers and make tackles for a loss, the ability to dominate in press-coverage, and the ability and awareness to consistently play the ball at it's highest point. He's a shoe in to develop into a dominant defensive player and would be best utilized in an aggressive defensive scheme when press coverage is used on a very consistent basis. The thing i'm most impressed by from Rhodes is by far his Cornerback I.Q., he definitely is a natural when it comes to the mental aspect of the sport, his ability to anticipate and to react is in a class of it's own is this years CB class.

#3) David Amerson, North Carolina State, CB, 6-3/194


David Amerson utilizes an aggressive cornerback playing style and unfortunately the scheme that NC State runs doesn't exactly fully utilize his abilities. But under an aggressive defensive scheme Amerson is going to again become a dominant force in the backfield of whatever team takes a chance on his abilities. Like Rhodes, Amerson has phenomenal ball skills and plays the game with an elite level of instinctive and reactive capabilities. Amerson also has the ideal height and weight of a great corner, explosive enough to make amazing plays on the ball, and paired with his elite transition speed makes Amerson a force to be reckoned with, when this guy settles into the league and makes the necessary adjustments to his game he going to be a certified Pro-Bowler under the right scheme and system.

#4) Trade This Pick For A (2014) 1st & (2014) 2nd Round Pick

Round 2

#1) Cyril Richardson, Baylor, G, 6-5/355


I've always been a fan of big, strong, athletic, and dominant offensive linemen. And Richardson is just that. He, in my opinion, is a Carl Nicks like Offensive Linemen. The (OT) caliber footwork and strong hands, paired with the (OG) caliber raw strength and leverage. Those traits in full, but the most attractive trait this guy possesses is his consistency, he always seems to play every down like its his last and you can tell that he goes in with a mean streak to dominate defensive linemen. I know that we already have developmental picks on the offensive line, but when a special player like this is available you don't just take him on need, but on the "want" to upgrade the current position.

(Trade 2014 2nd & 4th Round Picks For This Pick)

#2) Shayne Skov, Stanford, ILB, 6-3/242


When your goal is to set up a consistently dominant line-backing corps, the best thing to do is to make sure that there is elite depth at the position. Skov not only has experience in a 3-4 Defensive system but has the complete skill-set to dominate in the system. For this organization Skov would eventually if not immediately develop into a special athlete. Letting him play behind Johnson and Te'o and setting him up to eventually take over for Johnson and play opposite Te'o would be the best move for the future of the franchise. Skov best serves as an enforcer and plays with a tenacious attitude and presence that shows he loves to indulge in the physical aspect of the game. A very hard-hitter he's determined to lay the wood on any Offensive Player that dares cross his path. Has the size and strength necessary to hold up at the point of attack, shed blocks, and make plays in the backfield and his anticipation and instinctive abilities further enhance his status as a tough and dominant run defender. What i'm most impressed by though from this guy, is his ability to serve as an excellent interior blitz-er in pass defense, he just acts as a force to be reckoned with and whatever team takes a chance on his abilities is going to gain a player that bring s the ability to make blitzes more dangerous and a higher possibility of success on aggressive play calls.

Round 3

#1) Dion Sims, Michigan State, TE, 6-5/285


Round 4

#1) Shawn Williams, Georgia, SS, 6-1/217


Shawn Williams is going to be a guaranteed mid-round steal in the 2013 NFL Draft, If he chooses to make the NFL jump. A lot of draft prospects get the Ray Lewis comparison but so few actually reach the pinnacle of success and achievement that he reaches. This guy definitely has the work-ethic, determination, athleticism, and the spirit to become a Ray Lewis like defender for whatever team takes the chance on his abilities. I noticed a trend for the NFL's most dominant defense and they all have an enforcer in the defensive backfield, Williams is exactly that and he hits with some serious killing intent. Although we already have a great Strong Safety in the backfield, drafting Williams would allow Berry to make the move back to Far Safety (FS) where he is more comfortable. Also when it comes to Williams I wanna leave you with this. What makes a great player, great? Is it skill, work ethic, intelligence? Or does it take the ability to make those around you great players that makes you a great player?

Round 5

#1) Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State, FS, 5-8/195


Round 6

#1) Marcus Davis, Virginia Tech, WR, 6-4/232


Round 7

#1) Quanterus Smith, Western Kentucky, DE/OLB, 6-5/250


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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