Mismanaged And Misunderstood:


Jovan Belcher's anger was mismanaged. Jovan Belcher's story, by some, is misunderstood.

I can't help but think about what was going through Jovan Belcher's head at around 8:00 am, this morning. He just murdered his girlfriend of 3 years. He is just realizing the magnitude of his decision early that morning. He knows his football career is over. And, In any moment, he knows the Kansas City Police will pull up to the Kansas City Chiefs practice facility with guns pointed straight towards him, telling him to put his hands up, and surrender. Asking him to hand over all of his freedom.Asking him to hand over his god given talent. Asking him to hand over his passion to play the game of football. Asking him to hand over his relationship with his 3 month old daughter. Asking him to practically hand over his life that he has known for 25 years.

He knows his life may be over within a minute. But what does he do? He thanks the two people, Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel, who changed his life drastically 4 years ago by keeping him on their squad, for everything they had done for him. We will probably never know what Belcher said to Romeo and Scott, but it had to be straight from his heart. He probably told them what had happened if they didn't already know. Told them that he was about to take his own life, all the while he had a gun pointed at his head. Then, just as Romeo and Scott were likely giving their best efforts at calming Javon down and to try to change his mind, Police sirens were heard.

At that moment, Jovan Belcher took the last steps of his young, 25 year old life, towards his final destination, and decided to take his own life with one bullet.

That was the end of his life, but the beginning of a series of unanswered questions.

Us Chiefs fans, and other fans all around the world, fill our opinions on certain coaches, players, and general managers with hatred, and disgust, but fail to remember one thing, that should be preached much more often then it is: These people of high profile are still people like you and me. And sometimes things like that are forgotten when we are typing hate filled comments on a recap of the Chiefs vs. Bills game, or screaming at the television wishing we were never Chiefs fans in the 1st place, following a Matt Cassel interception to end the game on Monday Night Football. I have done this many times. That is why there is a broken Chiefs clock in my basement. You have most likely done this, also, and I would bet, that having your brothers, the Kansas City Chiefs player getting ridiculed every single day of the season just added fuel to the fire for Javon Belcher. The fire that eventually was responsible for taking two young people's lives, damaging a 3 month old child's childhood severely, and affected thousands of people across the world.

Ok, now, I am one of those kids who doesn't get over things like this for a while. I would bet that I, and many other Chiefs fans spent the last 15 hours alike, just thinking about todays events, and simply wondering where Belcher went wrong.I also re-watched the only interview of Jovan Belcher on YouTube, just simply trying to comprehend where it all went wrong. What pushed him over the edge. What did his girlfriend do to cause him to make such a terrible decision? Obviously, there is nothing that she could have said or done that can be used as an excuse for her death, but it just bothers me that we may never know what caused the madness this morning. We're just stuck here, wondering.

Lastly, I've been thinking about Romeo Crennel, Scott Pioli, and Gary Gibbs, who all reportedly witness Jovan Belcher take his own life. How are they going to wake up tomorrow and coach an NFL Game? How will they even sleep at night, after watching a player that they have seen, coached, and were close with with every single day for 2-4 years shoot himself right in front of them? I just wouldn't have the emotional stability to even manage this tragedy if I was in one of their shoes, let alone rally up a team of 53 grieving young men, and try to keep them focused, when just 24 hours ago they were alerted that a friend who was like a brother to them has died. The devastation, the sadness, and the struggle all of the players are going through would force me to try to postpone the game. But for them to play this game tomorrow, the front office, Romeo Crennel, and all of the players deserve our utmost respect.

Jovan Belcher, you made the biggest mistake of your life this morning. But through all of the violence that took place today, I will always remember you as the player I saw on and off the field throughout your short career. A man who had such great passion for the game of football, and was always involved in the community and helping the needy whenever he could. You, your girlfriend, your young child, and the rest of your family and friends are in all of the Chiefs Nation prayers tonight. Yes, all of the wins and losses of this season will be overshadowed by this ugly, sad day, but I can promise you that tomorrow will be a pretty, beautiful day, when 53 men jog onto the field with heavy hearts, and play just for you.

RIP Jovan Belcher And Kasandra Perkins



*I understand that some may say that Jovan does not deserve the respect he is getting today, because of what he did to his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, and the position that he put the rest of his family in. But I thought that it was appropriate to honor, and celebrate his life in a positive way. We also should not forget the victim, Jovan's girlfriend Kasandra Perkins who was murdered by Jovan, who really deserves all of the respect, thoughts, and prayers, that Jovan has gotten and more. RIP Kasandra Perkins*

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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