Clark Hunt VS Scott Pioli..........the blame game

'' A man grows what he can and then he tends it''. '' Because what you buy is what you own''. ''And what you own, always comes home to you''. A chilling epilogue , to a chilling film Pet Cemetery. Not only a chilling film, but a great film. I love horror films. If I could have any job and get paid for it , it would be to host horror films on cable , like a Joe Bob Briggs, or an Elvira. From 50's creature features to 60's Hammer films. From 70's Giallo films to 80's slasher films. From the 90's all the way up today, I just love Horror films. I don't care how low the budget is, how hammy the acting, how cliche the story is, if it says horror on my direct TV guide, it's getting DVR'd and watched

But I never thought that I would star in a horror film myself. A film that I felt I could never escape. A terror stalking me at every turn. How can I escape the nightmare? Can someone please make it end? And it seems like my worst fears may come to fruition. The antagonist of the film may return for the sequel, EAGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The horror of it all. The film I am in is none other than.....

The 2012 Chiefs season, just when you thought it was safe to turn on the tv, terror strikes again........



I mentioned the movie Pet Cemetery earlier. If you haven't seen it, first off, what the hell is wrong with you? Did you just awake from a coma? Do yourself a favor, netflix it, download it on youtube, or go to Walmart and dig around for it in the 5$ bin . Since I'm a nice guy, I will briefly run down the plot

A Doctor and his family move to a quiet country home on the outskirts of town. They meet Jed Crendel, a nice old man that shows the family a Pet Cemetery on a path behind their home. Everything is seemingly normal until their house cat Church gets hit by a car on the busy highway across from their home. Jed feels bad for Lewis and his family, so he shows him another cemetery beyond the one by his house. He tells Lewis to bury Church there, giving no explanation as to why. He complies and later that night , Church comes back into his home alive. You see, that other Cemetery Jed took Lewis to, was an Indian Burial ground. If you bury your dead there, they come back to life

I won't spoil the rest of the film for those who haven't seen it. But the return of Church sparks a serious of events of negligence, that Lewis tries to fix , only making things worse and worse. Because what you own always comes home to you

This reminds me or this season by the Chiefs. A team that was neglected by those at the top. Now , what they (Pioli and Hunt) have put on the field has come back to haunt them and us this season. And much like Lewis in Pet Cemetery , they are learning that neglecting one part or this team will inevitably hurt the rest or the franchise. So many of us had high hopes for this season. We thought this might be the year. But it has turned into our worst nightmare. We are not only the worst team in the NFL, if this keeps up, we will be maybe the worst team ever.

I am admittedly a glass half empty type of guy. But even I bought into the hype surrounding this team. I thought sure, RAC isn't a good hire and Cassel isn't very good. But , we at least have the talent to compete for a division title. Boy was I mistaken

So that begs the question. Who is to blame for the horror we see on the field? Fans and media alike have pointed to two culprits. The first being Scott Pioli. He drafts these guys afterall. He signs the players, he hires the coaching staff. He has to be high on the totem pole of blame. Then there is the owner/ CEO Clark Hunt. He owns the team, so every decision ,every transaction must go through him first. Only he can make the sweeping changes necessary to stymie the wave of failure this team is experiencing. Yet, he does nothing. Why not? Does he not care? Is he apathetic or worse yet , ignorant of the situation? One of these two powerful men at the top are to blame for this years debacle . Which one is it?



If you have never listened to the post game show on 810 WHB , I HIGHLY recommend that you check it out. It is a hour of priceless, free entertainment. But in listening to these shows, the ground swell of blame seems to have shifted from Scott Piol to Clark Hunt. Even the guy that flies these banners says that Hunt is what is wrong with this team. Clark is cheap. Clark doesn't care. Clark is inept. Can all of this be true? Can Hunt really be the problem with this team?

I am going to try to be as objective as I can in this post. I have very strong opinions on this subject. But in the end, I couldn't care less about who owns the team or who the GM is. All I care about is winning games. I don't have an ax to grind with Pioli or Hunt. All I care about is this teams future success, IN Kansas City.

Hunt isn't the most likeable guy in the world right off the bat. First of all, he is a multi millionaire in the middle of a recession . While many of us are struggling to make ends meat, he is sipping Cristal in his luxury box at the game . So right off the bat, he isn't the most beloved person from the communities view point

Second, he doesn't live here. There can't be too many owners that don't live in the city their team represents. Hunt is hundreds of miles away in Dallas running this team. What's wrong with KC? Is he too good to live here? Is he afraid to shovel a little snow in January? Is it too much to ask for the owner of a team to live in community where his team is stationed? So that is another strike against the guy in the PR department

Third, he is seen (rightly or wrongly) as a trust fund kid that did nothing to earn the team he is operating .He inherited this team from his fathers hard work. We hate those kids. The spoiled rich kid that shows up to school in daddy's BMW. The spoiled brats that got everything they wanted growing up. Kids that never had to work a day in their life, yet enjoy the fruits of their parents labor. So that is strike three against the guy

Four, he doesn't talk to the media and seems invisible to the fans. This is all fine and good if this team was winning. But they are not, so we want Clark to come on Fox 41 news and pound on the desk and say this isn't acceptable anymore and heads are gonna role. But he hasn't done that as of yet. This only fosters the belief that he doesn't care. But let's ask ourselves this............

Does Clark Care?

One of the biggest gripes about Hunt, is this idea that he doesn't care about this team. That the only thing that he cares about, is the bottom line, money. Hunt is a greedy pig that couldn't give a rip about the fortunes of this team. That is easy to say. As we said above, he inherited this team. He did nothing to earn it. An NFL franchise fell on his lap. If only I could be so lucky. And if you are given something to didn't earn , you tend to not appreciate it as much as you would if it was your hard money and time spent to buy it. However, this isn't your dad's 1997 Silverado he gave you that we are talking about here. This is an NFL franchise. A franchise that Hunt's family legacy is tied to.

So I find it rather hard to believe that he just doesn't give a flying you know what about this team , unless there is empty seats. Let me ask you this. If an owner of a restaurant walked into his building and the place was an absolute mess , would he not care as long as the place was packed? No, heads would roll. To say Clark Hunt doesn't care about anything other than money, is saying the man has no pride to speak of. As a man , pride is one of the things that define us. So that is a pretty bold statement to make about a guy that none of us know. I am sure he cares deeply about the bottom line. I am willing to bet that it is a driving force in his life. But to say he is a whore for money, really has no factual basis. It sounds more like jealousy from people(me included) that wish they were in his shoes

The better question is, what is his plan. What is his business model. Every successful entrepreneur , has a goal or a model in place. A mission statement if you will. Who does Clark want to mold his team after?



Clark and the Steelers model. Is he cheap?

If I told that there was a smaller market team that almost never signs free agents, lets popular players go instead of paying them big money, and is consistently under the cap, you would call them cheap. They must be terrible....right? Wrong...the team I am referring to , is none other than the Pittsburg Steelers, are opponent on Monday . Steeler fans are resigned to the fact that their big off season move will be signing Mewelde Moore. Yet, they are in the playoffs almost every year. Their history speaks for itself. They might be the best run franchise in all of sports.

This is the model Hunt wants to emulate. He could have said he wanted to be the Pats or the Colts. Flawed teams that have hall of fame QB's covering up for the cracks in the infrastructure. He chose a team with 6 Super bowl wins in their storied history. And Pittsburg is very much like KC , in terms of size and economy. Working class cities that are short on beach front property. You aren't going to go to Starbucks and run into Jennifer Anniston, or workout in the gym next to Mark Walberg. You aren't going to have a lot celebrates in the sweet. These are non flashy teams and markets . One has been the upper crust in the NFL for a long time. The other is......well, we saw what it is again on Thursday night

So right off the bat, Clark showed me that he at least has some working knowledge of how successful NFL teams operate. That is a good sign. He has a plan that is molded after a successful franchise. So lets evaluate him on the plan. And that is what fans struggle with.They want to evaluate him on their plan for this team. If someone says they are a christian, I am not going to judge their behavior based on the Koran. It isn't their belief system. I'm not going to judge Clark's approach based on the Redskins. It isn't what he believes in. What I will do , is look and see how closely he has followed the Steelers approach.Can you win without spending a ton of money in free agency? How do the Steelers run things and how has Hunt emulated them.

I had a debate on how to approach this.I was going to do all free agents signed by both team since 07 . But I decided that would take too long. And since Pittsburg doesn't sign a ton of free agents, I decided that the better option would be to look at THEIR respective teams free agents and if they resigned with their original teams . I'll throw in guys signed by Pittsburg for good measure. Hunt is cheap, that is all I hear all day long on here and other places.So there has to be a ton of guys Hunt didn't want to give long term deals to , that went on to be stars at other places. Lets to Pittsburg first

2007 Steelers

Guys retained

Veron Hayes RB

Max Starks OT

Nate Washington WR

Kendell Simons OL

Tyrone carter SS

Najeh Davenport RB

Troy Palamolu FS

Brian St. Pierre QB

Chris Hoke DE

Aaron Smith

Free agents signed

Sean Mahan OL

Ryan McBean DE

Nick Eason DE

Allen Rossum CB/KR

Marqis Cooper OLB

Not a lot in terms of big name free agents. Mahan was on of the few free agent bust the team has had. He signed a 5 year 17 million dollar contract and was traded to the Bucs a year later. They signed the majority of their guys to extensions. They lost Chad brown, Mike Logan, Sean Morey,Andre Lott. None of whom went on to accomplish anything of consequence after they left. They released Joey Porter instead of paying him big money.He had one big year in Miami in 08. Other than that , he was a blip on the radar. This team went on to win the AFC North and lost the opening round against the Jags that year

2008 Steelers

Free agents re signed

Big Ben QB

Max Starks OT

Travis Kirske DL

Nate Washington WR

Trai Essex OG

Chros Kematou OG

UFA's signed

Mitch Perger P

Byron Leftwhich QB

Justin Hartwig C

Mwedle Moore RB

Keyron Fox OLB

The Steelers locked up their franchise QB , with the richest deal in team history. They also released all pro guard Alan Fanica. Fanica signed a 5 year 41 million dollar deal with the Jets. Although he made two pro bowls in New York, he was released after just two years. They dumped another high price contract of a popular player, to save cap room . The team was no worse for wear however. Record in 08 12-4 ,AFC North champs, SB winners

2009 Steelers

free agents re signed

Free agents signed

The Steelers also released Clark Haggans and disappointing Marvel Smith. A wise move considering he retired shortly after signing with the 49ers. The team didn't fair as well that year. But still finished with a 9-7 record.


Retained players

Unrestricted free agents re-signed

Free agents signed

WR Antwaan Randle El

They also traded Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes to the Jets for a 5th round pick. He has been a disappointment thusfar with the Jets. Record at the end of the year. 12-4 , lost to the Packers in the Super bowl.

2011 Steelers

players re signed

Lamar Woodley OLB

Trai Essex OL

Troy Polamalu FS

Daniel Sepulvada P

Max Starks OT

Free agents signed

Jericho Cotcherry WR

Not a lot going on this year. The Steelers were 9-7 and lost to the Broncos in the wild card game. But you see a pattern. Not many sexy names holding up this teams jersey in a press conference in April. And just to show you how talented this team is. Cotcherry was a number two receiver in NY. He is a number four receiver here. That is when you know you have a deep roster

2012 Steelers

Players re signed

Mike Wallace WR

David Johnson FB

Charlie batch QB

Trai I am on a year to year basis Essex OL

Jericho Cotchery WR

Keenana Lewis CB

Ryan Mundy SS

Byron Leftwich QB

Max Starks OT

free agents signed

Leonard Pope TE

Brandon Johnson OLB

That is right folks, the big off season acquisition was Leonard Pope. They also released aging Aaron Smith , Hines Ward and James Farrior. They are in great shape in the AFC North right now.

What have we learned about Pittsburg? For starters , they almost never bring in free agents from other teams. And many of the guys they do bring in ,are guys that were with the team once before. The idea you have to spend a ton on free agents to win, is a myth.This team is almost entirely draft based. Also, they take care of their own. They will re sign guys to fair, cap friendly deals. They also won't hesitate to cut bait with guys they feel are past their prime.They would rather be a year early on a guy , than a year late. Rarely are the Steelers in a position where they over pay for a guy.

That is the model Clark has chosen to go with and I think it is a smart and proven way to go.If I were the owner of this team, it would be my approach. So lets evaluate him on his plan. How has he done with re signing the teams free agents free agents since 07. And remember , he IS NOT A GM

(graph's provided by Wikepedia)

2007 Chiefs

DE Jared Allen RFA[22] May 22 Kansas City Chiefs One year[18]
OT Jordan Black UFA March 8[23] Houston Texans[23]
RB Dee Brown UFA Released
FB Ronnie Cruz ERFA Released
DT Ron Edwards UFA March 15[24] Kansas City Chiefs Four years[24]
LB Keyaron Fox RFA N/A Kansas City Chiefs N/A
LS Kendall Gammon UFA Released
TE Tony Gonzalez RFA January 12[25] Kansas City Chiefs Five years[25]
LB Kris Griffin ERFA May 23 Cleveland Browns
QB Damon Huard UFA February 27[26][27] Kansas City Chiefs Three years[26]
LB Kawika Mitchell UFA March 27[28] New York Giants[28]
WR Samie Parker RFA N/A Kansas City Chiefs N/A
DT James Reed RFA April 17[29] Kansas City Chiefs Three years[29]
OT Kevin Sampson RFA N/A Kansas City Chiefs N/A
CB Benny Sapp RFA April 17[29] Kansas City Chiefs One year[29]
LB Rich Scanlon RFA N/A Kansas City Chiefs N/A
K Lawrence Tynes RFA May 22[29][30] New York Giants
CB Lenny Walls UFA March 25[31] St. Louis Rams[31]
DE Jimmy Wilkerson UFA March 17[32] Kansas City Chiefs One year

Ok, out of all those players that didn't re sign, how many cost this team victories? Who would you have signed to a multi year extension? Anybody out there miss Dee Brown? How about Ronnie Cruz? Ya , me either. He gave Larry Johnson the biggest contract in team history and got burned. Maybe this has made him a little gun shy. He also locked up Tony Gonzalez for 5 years. So I don't ever want to hear that Tony only had a year left on his contract when Pioli traded him. Because that is a false statement. Other than that, who was he supposed to pay big money to? Kawika I can't tackle Mitchell. What did he ever do here? The Giants released him after their Super bowl run in 07. What does that tell you. So you can't call Clark cheap if there is no one to sign

DE Jared Allen Franchise[29][30] February 19 (franchised)[29]
April 22 (traded)[19]
Minnesota Vikings One year[29][30]
K John Carney UFA Not tendered a contract
P Dustin Colquitt RFA February 28 Kansas City Chiefs Five years[31]
KR Eddie Drummond UFA Not tendered a contract
LB Keyaron Fox UFA March 12 Pittsburgh Steelers
FB Boomer Grigsby RFA March 4 Miami Dolphins
C Rudy Niswanger ERFA N/A Kansas City Chiefs N/A
WR Samie Parker UFA April 14 Carolina Panthers
LB Mickey Pimentel ERFA N/A Kansas City Chiefs N/A
CB Benny Sapp UFA March 25 Minnesota Vikings
OT Will Svitek RFA N/A Kansas City Chiefs N/A
OT Kyle Turley UFA Retired[32]
C Casey Wiegmann UFA March 21 Denver Broncos
DE Jimmy Wilkerson UFA March 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Kris Wilson UFA March 26 Philadelphia Eagles


We'll get to Jared Allen in a moment. Anyone else this team didn't resign that breaks your heart looking back? They signed Colquit to a contract extension. That is three times in 2 years that Hunt signed a star player to a multi year extension. But you see the quality of players to choose from to extend and it is slim pickers. To give any of these guys long term deals, is liking burning money in the fire place. The only guy that maybe you could criticize Hunt for not re -signing , is Casey Wiegman. Wiegman went on to play four more years and made a Pro Bowl in 08. He was a much better player than Niswanger that they did re-sign. That is now, lets go back to then. Because I don't think anyone was lamenting the fact they let Wiegs leave. The way he looked last year, was the way he played in 07. He looked shot. Rudy looked like the better player moving forward. Wiegs got a second wind to his career. Maybe waking up next to Danni Boatwright will do that to you, who knows. But the bottom line is, you can't put that on Clark. That is a talent evaluation error, if it was any error at all.

That brings us to Jared Allen. We can say Hunt was cheap for not paying Allen. Jared was the best player from that 07 squad.And he was a very popular player from a fans perspective. He has gone on to make a Hall of fame career for himself. Once again, let's get in our time machine to 2008. Allen had his issues. He was a free spirit to say the least. He had two D.W.I's in a years time. If I am Hunt, I am probably a little reluctant to give him a huge extension. And remember , that was year one of the rebuilding stage. I'm sure Peterson sold Hunt on trading Allen to help re build the team. Hindsight, did they get enough for Allen? I would have tried to get two firsts and a third. I think Allen was worth that. But a first and two thirds isn't too shabby . Did Carl do enough with those picks is another discussion . The next question , is can you blame Allen's departure on financial reasons. In other words, was it Clark's fault Allen isn't here?Given the circumstances, no, at least not entirely. I will be unfair to Hunt and say it was 20% him, 30% Herm and 50% Peterson. But again, we are dealing with the personnel side of things in which Hunt isn't involved in


DE Jason Babin UFA Philadelphia Eagles
LB Rocky Boiman UFA Tennessee Titans
SS Oliver Celestin UFA New York Sentinels (UFL)
G Adrian Jones UFA Houston Texans
FS Jon McGraw UFA March 6[60] Kansas City Chiefs N/A
C Rudy Niswanger RFA April 24[67][82] Kansas City Chiefs N/A
FS Jarrad Page RFA February 26[82] Kansas City Chiefs N/A
LB Pat Thomas UFA Buffalo Bills
WR Jeff Webb RFA April 20[82][83] Kansas City Chiefs N/A

This was year one of the Scott Pioli regime. To be fair to Scott, he didn't have much in the way of free agents to re sign . Clark did sign off on giving Matt Cassel A 63 million dollar contract. That is good money for A QB that started a total of 15 games. Whether or not that has panned out is another deal entirely. But once again, Clark opened up his wallet and shelled out big bucks for a guy he thought could help this team win.

On the free agent front, a 2-14 team probably isn't going to have many guys that need to be kept. Jason Babin has gone on to become one of the better pass rushers in the NFL. He had 18 sacks in 2011 and got a big contract from the Eagles. Well once again , we need to hop in our Delorian and set the year to 2009. Because I am here to tell you, Babin wasn't a highly sought after guy back then. He was on his third team in five years and was looked at as a bust. I actually argued with a guy on here that told me Hunt should have known Babin was going to be an all pro and he should have signed him to a multi year deal. Ok, lets come down from outer space and crash land back on earth. There is no way in hell Babin was getting a big deal

I try to be proactive. I try to voice my opinions as loud as I can . I like to think that I have (for a lay person) at least a reasonable eye for talent. I wasn't on AP in 09. But, I will tell you that if I were the GM, I would have tried to re -sign Babin(I also would not have gone to a 3-4 but that is another story) after the 08 season. He showed enough flash for me to have wanted to bring him back. Maybe it was just that our pass rush was so terrible, he looked good by comparison . But he looked like a guy that could rush the QB a little bit. Having said all that, there is no way in hell I would have given him the money he is making now off of the two sacks he had back then. No owner/GM in there right mind would have. So we need to keep that into context. Babin only got a big deal after the 2010 season. It sucks he got away , but that isn't Pioli's fault and it certainly isn't Hunts fault.

As far as the rest of that bunch goes, more of the same. A bunch of riff raff that did nothing when they left here. I 'll ask you guys again, who on that list of unsigned guys, do you miss? Who should have Hunt broke the bank for?


OG Andy Alleman UFA Kansas City Chiefs Indianapolis Colts
RB Jackie Battle RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
S Mike Brown UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
WR Chris Chambers UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
WR Terrance Copper UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
FB Mike Cox EFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
QB Brodie Croyle RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
WR Devard Darling UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
WR David Grimes UFA Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs
LB Derrick Johnson RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
RB Thomas Jones UFA New York Jets Kansas City Chiefs
CB Maurice Leggett EFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
OG Ryan Lilja UFA Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs
LB Corey Mays RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
OT Ikechuku Ndukwe RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
C Rudy Niswanger RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
OT Ryan O'Callaghan RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
S Jarrad Page RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
OT Barry Richardson EFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
TE Sean Ryan UFA Kansas City Chiefs Washington Redskins
RB Dantrell Savage UFA Kansas City Chiefs Carolina Panthers
NT Shaun Smith UFA Cincinnati Bengals Kansas City Chiefs
OG Wade Smith UFA Kansas City Chiefs Houston Texans
LB Andy Studebaker EFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
WR Jerheme Urban RFA Arizona Cardinals Kansas City Chiefs
LB Mike Vrabel UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
WR Bobby Wade UFA Kansas City Chiefs Washington Redskins
C Casey Wiegmann UFA Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs

This is starting to get comical. The only guy not re -signed by this team , that even played another snap in the league , was Wade Smith. I have argued tooth and nail with people on here about Wade Smith. MN chiefs and I went round and round about it for two days at one point. I don't care what his grade on PFF is. I would take him over any interior player we have right now (although his skills may be declining). Having said all that, he started 16 games here in two years. What did he do to justify a big contract here? Is it Pioli's fault for not identifying his potential and not trying to get a deal with him? Yes, frankly it is.That is his job. Does it have any reflection on Hunt and his frugilness ? No ,none whatsoever. And by the way, I see a ton of guys re -signed by this team. Not the least of which are DJ, Jamal Charles, Brandon Flowers and Tamba Hali. All of whom received long term contracts after that year


LB Charlie Anderson UFA Kansas City Chiefs None
RB Jackie Battle RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
WR Steve Breaston UFA Arizona Cardinals Kansas City Chiefs
CB Brandon Carr RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
FB Tim Castille UFA Kansas City Chiefs None
WR Keary Colbert UFA None Kansas City Chiefs
WR Terrance Copper UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
TE Brad Cottam RFA Kansas City Chiefs None
FB Mike Cox RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
QB Brodie Croyle UFA Kansas City Chiefs Arizona Cardinals
WR Kevin Curtis UFA Kansas City Chiefs Tennessee Titans
CB Travis Daniels UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
DT Ron Edwards UFA Kansas City Chiefs Carolina Panthers
OT Jared Gaither UFA Baltimore Ravens Kansas City Chiefs
DE Wallace Gilberry RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
DT Kelly Gregg UFA Baltimore Ravens Kansas City Chiefs
LB Cory Greenwood EFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
LB Tamba Hali UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
S Reshard Langford EFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
CB Maurice Leggett RFA Kansas City Chiefs None
FB Le'Ron McClain UFA Baltimore Ravens Kansas City Chiefs
S Jon McGraw UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
OT Steve Maneri RFA New England Patriots Kansas City Chiefs
LB Corey Mays UFA Kansas City Chiefs None
C Rudy Niswanger UFA Kansas City Chiefs Detroit Lions
OT Ryan O'Callaghan UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
S Sabby Piscitelli UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Cleveland Browns Kansas City Chiefs
TE Leonard Pope UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
OT Barry Richardson RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
LB Brandon Siler UFA San Diego Chargers Kansas City Chiefs
DE Shaun Smith UFA Kansas City Chiefs Tennessee Titans
LB Mike Vrabel UFA Kansas City Chiefs Retired
C Casey Wiegmann UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs

The one guy on this list that everyone was in a tizzy about, was Shaun Smith. A guy that was released one year after signing a two year deal with Tennessee . Everybody threw a fit when Smith wasn't re signed. Oh my god, you would have thought the world ended the day he left for the Titans. I was one of those people that thought it was mistake letting him go. Would this team have been better in 2011 with Smith on the team? Probably not by much. Smith got a lot of hype because of the way he played. He brought an attitude and a nastiness this team needed. But in all reality, he was an average player masquerading as a top Defensive end. He wasn't/isn't that good of a player. After he was released, he didn't even get an offer from another team until he was re-signed by KC this week. This team has five Shaun Smith's on the roster right now. He wasn't worth the money he got from the Titans. The only other guy that went on to play again that wasn't re-signed was Ron Edwards. A guy that most fans wanted to replace for three years. Every other guy of a consequence to this team , was locked up. You don't give McGraw a six year contract, you sign him on a year to year basis, it's smart business . No complaints so far as to Clark Hunt's spending


CB Mikail Baker UFA St. Louis Rams Kansas City Chiefs
RB Jackie Battle UFA Kansas City Chiefs San Diego Chargers
TE Anthony Becht UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
LB Jovan Belcher RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
TE Kevin Boss UFA Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs
WR Dwayne Bowe UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
CB Brandon Carr UFA Kansas City Chiefs Dallas Cowboys
CB Travis Daniels UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
DE Wallace Gilberry UFA Kansas City Chiefs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
NT Amon Gordon UFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
NT Kelly Gregg UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
LB Cory Greenwood ERFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
RB Peyton Hillis UFA Cleveland Browns Kansas City Chiefs
RB Thomas Jones UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
S Reshard Langford UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
FB LeRon McClain UFA Kansas City Chiefs San Diego Chargers
S Jon McGraw UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
OT Ryan O'Callaghan UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
TE Jake O'Connell RFA Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
QB Kyle Orton UFA Kansas City Chiefs Dallas Cowboys
QB Tyler Palko UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
S Sabby Piscitelli UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
DE Ropati Pitoitua UFA New York Jets Kansas City Chiefs
TE Leonard Pope UFA Kansas City Chiefs Pittsburgh Steelers
QB Brady Quinn UFA Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs
CB Jacques Reeves UFA Free Agent Kansas City Chiefs
OT Barry Richardson UFA Kansas City Chiefs St. Louis Rams
CB Stanford Routt UFA Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs
WR Jerheme Urban UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
C Casey Wiegmann UFA Kansas City Chiefs TBD
OT Eric Winston UFA Houston Texans Kansas City Chiefs

Ok, here we go. The main event of the evening. What everyone has been waiting for. Lets get the spikes and the crown of thorns ready. Let's march on up to Calvary Hill. Because we are going to crucify Hunt over the fact he didn't sign Brandon Carr to a 60 million dollar deal. I have come to the conclusion that when fans call Hunt cheap, it is because of the Carr departure. It is the one Albatross you can hang around his neck. It was a very un Pittsburg way of doing things that is for sure.

But just how bad was that move? The fact KC released his replacement after eight weeks, makes this (non) move look even worse. But the question is , is Carr a 60 million dollar corner? Is he worth that much money? The Cowboys are number five against the pass this season. But that ranking has been steadily dropping week after week. They are still tied for second in the NFL for TD's allowed with seven. KC has given up seventeen. But they are giving up 7.6 YPA(23rd in the NFL) and 61.3% comp(13th in the NFL) . That tells me they are giving up big plays and giving up them up on a consistent basis. By way of comparison, KC is giving up 8.9 YPA and 62.4 comp %. The QBR given up by KC is almost 20 points higher than it is for Dallas. They have given up ten fewer TD's than KC has on the year. So you can argue either way as to the value of Carr. It is of note, Dallas also has two first round picks in that secondary also. Where Dallas is struggling, turnovers forced. More importantly INT's

They only have three all year and Carr has none. That was the knock on him here. Good cover guy, not a play maker. In 2012 he had 25 passes defensed , but just one INT. And in this day and age, you have to force turnovers. You have to give your offense more chances to score. Carr has never done that. So was he worth all that money? I didn't think he was then and I still don't think he is . If you want this team to lock up Albert and Bowe and Colquit, you can't have them all. That 16 million will disappear real quick if you give out that kind of money. It isn't as much as people think

Second question, would this team be better with him in the secondary? Of course they would. But how good is Dallas? They are 3-5 with him on the team. And that is with a much better supporting cast. Carr isn't the missing piece to a Super Bowl with this team. This team would be better with him , that isn't debatable. But he wouldn't have been worth the investment, IMO

So who else on that list needed to have the bank broken on? Anyone miss Sabby, or Becht , or Richardson? The only guy I hear fans complain about not retaining is Kyle Orton. This deserves it's own headline.........

Sports Bar Myth; Kyle Orton is so much better than Matt Cassel



With all the love Orton got in the off season, you think he was the second coming of Len Dawson. Everybody acted like it was the Super bowl when we won against Green Bay, a team that mailed it in at that point. Those same fans must have blocked out those two picks he threw that cost us the game VS Oakland.Funny how that never gets brought up when talking about Orton. This team averaged 12.6 points a game with Cassel/Palco. With Orton, they averaged 13 points a game. They were 0.4 points better with Orton under center, not much of an upgrade. How did Orton fair against Cassel that year in most statistical categories?

win loss record

Orton 3-5

Cassel 4-5


Orton 9-9

Cassel 10-9

Completion percentage

Orton 59.5

Cassel 59.5

passing yards per game

Orton 195.3

Cassel 190.3


Orton 77.8

Cassel 76.6

They had almost identical stats. This team wasn't going to go anywhere with Orton as the starting QB. Orton was the beneficiary or the anyone but Cassel mentality . Truth be told, he is an average, journeyman Qb , that is where he should have been all along. A backup to a decent starting QB.

If you look at all the evidence , it doesn't support Hunt being a cheap owner. In fact, just the opposite. I see a man that has re signed several free agents , many to long term deals, 38 out of 43 restricted/ exclusive rights free agents re- signed. Most of the UFA's he didn't re-sign, didn't play another down in the NFL. His one failure was Brandon Carr. Even that is up for debate on how much that hurt this team . You can't throw good money after bad money at a problem and hope it gets solved. Unfortunately, too many of our elected officials believe that you can. You need a strong infrastructure in place and idea's. That is what solves problems, not throwing money at a problem with no plan in place. That is my soapbox political statement for the day, lets get back to football.

People say Clark doesn't care enough about this team . He doesn't live here , equals he doesn't care. I worked at a factory for four years. I saw the owner one time. He didn't live where I worked. Did I care? No, as long as I got my check, I couldn't give a rip where the guy lived/ Same thing here. We win, it is all good. We lose, Hunt doesn't live here, so he is an absentee owner. But lets look at a guy that really cares. A guy that lives, eats and breathes the team he owns. Jerry Jones cares about the Cowboys. He wears his emotions on his sleeve for his team. He cares so much about his team, that he doesn't trust anyone to draft players other than him . He is the Cowboys GM in addition to being the owner. How has that worked out for Dallas? How many playoff games have they won in sixteen years? Do you want Hunt to be Jerry Jones? Do you want him drafting players on draft day? I sure as hell don't.

Hunt is cheap. He doesn't spend money. That is the other big grievance against the guy. He won't spend money on free agents.Dan Snyder spends money like Pacman Jones in a strip club. No one would ever call Snyder a cheap wad. He is a free agents best friend. Snyder always spends an absurd amount of money to make his team better. How have the Skins been since he arrived?. Has a high payroll solved their problems? Because the dirty secret is, the more you spend on other players in free agency, the more you have failed as an organization. The more your infrastructure has crumbled.

Hunt wants to be like the Steelers. He doesn't want to be like the Redskins. Lets evaluate him on his model for operations. Has he ran his franchise like Pittsburg? In many instances , yes he has. He re-signs most of his free agents of consequence. He doesn't overspend for guys. That doesn't mean he isn't without blame. What you buy is what you own and what he owns is an expansion franchise talent wise. It has gotten to the point that the NFL might hold an expansion draft to help this team out. He needs to look at himself in the mirror , no question. But it is unfair to label him the problem of this team. Because as you saw in those charts above, it is a talent issue.



So if Hunt isn't the main antagonist to this story, the only one else you can put the blame on is Scott Pioli. Every road of blame I travel down, leads back to Pioli's desk. You want to blame the talent, he drafts /signs the players. You want to blame the coaching, he hires the coaching staff. He is number one on the list of guys to blame. He has so many failures as GM , I don't know where to begin.

Failure 1; the 09 draft

Pioli came in here as a respected talent evaluator. Drafting was supposed to be his specialty . So even in a week draft class, he should have found some players. All we got out of that draft , was an average Defensive end, A third string Tight End and a Kicker. That is it. Funny how Baltimore, Atlanta, Pittsburg, Giants all found solid contributes in a week draft. So why couldn't a four time executive of the year do the same? His first draft was an abomination.

Failure 2; releasing Bernard Pollard and getting nothing for him

Pollard had some struggles here. But he was a young, hard hitting safety that was under contract. If Pioli didn't want him here, fine. But get something out of the guy in a trade. Don't just give him away. He released Pollard and replaced him with Mike Brown. Meanwhile, Pollard has gone on to become on of the better safeties in the league. Since Pollard left, KC has searched for their starting SS. Hurts to know , that we had one here all along.

Failure 3; Trading Tony Gonzalez

As I pointed out earlier, Tony was under contract when KC traded him. He had two choices, play, or sit and not get paid. Pretty sure Tony would have chosen option A. You showed your muscles running off the best player on your team, congratulations Scott. Like Pollard, this team is still searching for a quality Tight End to replace a great one they already had. Pioli didn't even try to sell Tony on his plan. Instead, he gave him away to Atlanta, where he is still making plays. Sad thing is, if this is Tony's last year like he says it is,he would have finished out his contract and retired as a Chief. Ouch on so many levels.

Failure 4; Hiring Todd Haley and not making him get an OC........twice!

Pioli's first hire was Arizona's OC Todd Haley. Ok, whatever. But he then signs off on firing Chan Gailey a week before the season starts. That move crippled the offense for the entire year. Instead of learning from his mistake , he does it again in 2011, promoting Bill Muir , a 65 year old man with no coordinating experience as OC. KC went on to average 13 points per game that year . Pioil ignored Hayley's confrontational and loose cannon reputation and proceeds to fued with him all year in 2011, costing this team wins and becoming a major distraction the entire season. Pioli admitted his failure and dumped that worthless piece of trash Haley after 13 weeks. Sorry folks, I hate that piece of garbage Haley. He is the only person I wish ill upon.

Failure 5; the 2010 draft , in particular the second round

Imagine if you were a Ravens fan and this was your draft class. You would be pissed! Yet, just to show you how terrible the 09 draft was, this is looked at as great by comparison. It wasn't all that and has since been exposed as a fraud.

Eric Berry- Sorry guys, this pick wasn't necessary. Pollard is a better player and Berry is looking like the dreaded B word. Couldn't cover a cold and misses tackles. Isn't that what we said about Pollard ?

Dexter McCluster- how many 170 pound scat backs have you seen go in the second round? Dex has more fumbles than Td's in his career. He was a failure at RB. So now the coaching staff is trying him at slot receiver. Here's a novel idea, how about actually drafting a slot receiver to play slot receiver. I mean, it wasn't like Golden Tate was there or anything. If you're curious, Tate has 24 catches for 283 yards and 5 td's this year. Tate>Dex

Javier Arenas- This is it? This is what you gave up Tony G for?? Ok guys , you know what? I'm getting depressed now. I'm going to have to take a break for a while, because I can't handle it anymore. I'll be back after I get some fresh air, alright............ Ok, I'm back . Is there anything better than a juicy hamburger off the grill? Absolutely delicious. Where was I? Oh ya, Gonzalez for Arenas (sheesh). Hey look, I try to be fair on here. I criticized Pioli day one when I joined. But I don't expect the guy to get a Hall of Fame player in the second round. But if you are going to trade the best player in franchise history, at least get a starter out of the deal. It would be one thing if Arenas was Devon Hester as a return guy, an elite , game breaking type of player. But lets be honest here, the guy is slow. He has no second gear. He 'll break some tackles sure. But he isn't going to scare anyone back there returning kicks. As a corner, he is limited to the slot. He wasn't worth a second round pick to begin with, let alone trading a Hall of Fame player for

Jon Asamoah- I'm not impressed by the guy. I have never seen him put together an all around good game. Has talent, but has been disappointing

Tony Moeaki- The guy was hurt in college. He got hurt his second year in the NFL. Sorry if I am not shocked. His rookie year was massively overrated. He had one big catch that we act like defined his season. Now, he is invisible in this offense. Another failed attempt to replace Gonzalez on this roster

Kendrick Lewis- Maybe the best player he drafted in this class. Has limitations as a player

Cam Sheffield- non factor

Failure 6;Not drafting/signing real QB competition for Cassel

Trading for Cassel was the right decision at the time he arrived. This team could not afford to go into another season with Thigpen and Huard battling for the starting QB position. The problem is, he never looked for any other options to upgrade the position. Even when it was obvious Cassel needed to be replaced. He said he wanted to draft a QB every year. That was lip service. He has drafted one QB (Stanzi) in four years. Now, QB is the most import and pressing need moving forward. He painted this team in the corner with his failure at QB

Failure 7; Tyler Palco......enough said

If there is one indictment of Scott Pioli the evaluator in a nutshell, it is Tyler Palco. Any fan , with any remote understanding of football, knew that Palco was not an NFL QB. Nevermind the fact he got cut by two teams. He couldn't even make a defunct UFL team , or a CFL team. You took one look at the guy and you knew he wasn't good enough. Yet, he was the number two QB for this team. At least Thigpen had NFL physical skills. Palco had nothing going for him. It was an embarrassment that he was on the team, let alone starting games

Failure 8; Jonathon Baldwin

Pioli drafted another first round bust in Jon Baldwin out of Pitt. Baldwin was a raw, diva type receiver that had a reputation for being immature on and off the field. So no surprise when he picked a fight with the toughest guy on the team, with cinder blocks for arms and got his ass kicked. He has also shown immaturity on the field arguing with Matt Cassel on the field. He has been a complete non factor in the passing game. He runs poor routes and acts like every pass is a jump ball. He has been a total waste of a draft pick so far

Failure 9; hiring RAC/ not interviewing anyone else for the HC job

Oh sure, he brought Jeff Fisher in for appearances sake. But make no mistake about it. RAC was the guy he wanted all along. And you have to ask yourself why. Sure, he led this team to a 2-1 record at the end of the 2011 season. But there were so many red flags against him , it's tough to name all of them. He was a bomb in Cleveland. He is a players coach. He is 65 years old. Are you telling me that you can't do any better than Romeo as your Head Coach? The guy makes Herm Edwards look like Vince Lombardi. I saw no redeeming qualities to the hire . And he is proving me right this season.

Failure 10; making the same mistake with Haley and not forcing RAC to get a DC

Having not learned from his mistake with Todd Haley , Pioli decided it was a good idea for Romeo to be the HC and DC. Are you kidding me? This defense has been awful for most of the year. Now, RAC himself has stepped down as defensive coordinator. One could only wonder if this defense would have been better if they had another DC all along. Pioli doen't learn from his mistakes

Failure 11;Brian Daboll

Daboll is a horrible OC. I think we can say that without a shadow of doubt now. His offenses have sucked everywhere he has coached. What I can't figure out, is why Pioli went with a guy that had no history of success at OC, meanwhile, Hue Jackson and Jim Caldwell , Bruce Arians were all available. Not only can Scott Pioli not identify talent, he can't hire quality coaches to save his life.

Failure 12; the 2012 draft

Another turd laid by Pioli in April. This team was coming off a season where they were 7-9 and were fourth in the AFC West. Yet, Pioli drafts like this team mad a Super Bowl run. He chose to draft nothing but project players and depth. Meanwhile, he doesn't draft one QB in a fairly deep class. Only Jeff Allen has made a significant impact this season. And that was only because he had to start because of injury

So who's to blame

As I said, Clark Hunt deserves some blame for this team. But the preponderance of evidence clearly shows that it is Pioli that deserves the lion's share of the blame. From bad drafts to fad coaching hires, bad personnel moves to the way he runs the scouting department, Pioli has done more to wreck this team than Hunt ever could by being frugile

A fan had a post a while ago. In that post , he bragged about the fact that Pioli wasn't all that bad, because Marty Hurny was worse(I don't agree with his assessment by the way). Is that the attitude we have? That at least there is something worse than what we have. I grew up in a middle class family. Every Christmas , my dad would drive my two brothers and I around town to look at the''poor'' parts of town , so we would be thankful for what we had. That is fine, you should be thankful for what you have. But, did that ever inspire me to want greatness? Did it ever inspire me to want to move up in the world? Does saying ,''be grateful. because there is a GM that is worse out there'', inspire a winning culture? No, it does not. We need to expect more from this team. We need to demand more from this team. I want to keep up with the Jones's , not the Bundy's. That is why this sign would be so welcome to me and many of you at the end of the year 1083822_jpg_medium


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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