Chip Kelly as a HC?

Here's why it would be fun…

1. the games would be interesting.
lets face it. None of us really are excited to watch the chiefs play this season. I was at the beginning but any hope of fielding a decent team has officially been demolished. We flat out suck. If we bring in Kelly, at least we’d be fun to watch in losses. Im sure there will be head scratching plays…but the guy isn’t scared to go for it all. And I love that. For once we could use a coach with balls.

2. His pace is super fun to watch
this kinda goes in line with number one, only it’s a little different. Theres normal play, then the hurry-up, then Kelley’s style. A few key notes about the Oregon offense: 54.3 points per game, 549.9 yards per game, 55.4 rushing attempts per game, +29.2 average scoring margin, 6.8 offensive TD’s per game, 6.5 yards per play, 84.1 plays per game, 343.4 rushing yards per game….all with a freshman QB and a RB that was hidden behind lamichael james last year. They’ve scored no less than 42 points in a single game this season, scored 30 or more points in 22 straight games, scored 49 points in 10 or last 12 games. I know its college, and they’ll have better stats because of that. But the guy is very gutsy and tries new things. Love the speed and intensity in practice especially. Put him with a guy like Charles and a guy like hillis and it really could get fun.

3. He’s a new face to this organization
I know its not a big deal but the fact that he’s not from New England or Cleveland is a good thing. Next point…

4. he can get the best out of players that are very average
look at his qb, rb, and wr’s last season. Darron Thomas, lamichael james, deanthony Thomas (FR) and lavasier tuinei (JR). he still went 12-2 (lost to LSU 27-40 and USC 35-38) and still had 549.9 yards per game, averaged 53.2 points per game, 55.4 rushing yards per game, and 84.1 plays per game. As you can see from above, they are very similar numbers with unknown players for the most part (james being the obvious exception…one would think you could stop him and let the rest of the offense beat you).

5. They have badass uniforms every game
you can argue this isn’t a good thing, but lets be honest…it would bring a ton of attention and excitement to this club. Something as small as a chrome helmet and matching shoes would easily make headlines. As I love the fact that we haven’t changed our uniforms up for many years, id seriously love to change this as if nothing else it shows a little swag…which we seem to be majorly lacking.

6. who really cares who the OC is?
hire cowher as GM to overlook the organization and set the tone that average wont cut it. Bring in Rex Ryan as the DC and give him complete control there. Let Kelly run the offense and special teams along with letting ryan know just how gutsy he wants to be on D. those three wont be a cheap combo so you could bring in someone other than Zorn and let them be OC/QB coach. And at this point, who cares about cheap? Spend the damn money Clark. Not rocketatory science.

7. The guy is a winner and that’s all he cares about.
seriously. We need this. Badly. He runs such a fast paced environment players really don’t have time to think about themselves or their own opinions. He’s a game planner and knows what weaknesses to exploit and which strengths to minimize in every team he plays. That, to me, is a huge plus.

8. No one in our division plays super fast.
hell, no one in the nfl plays super fast. Imagine an nfl team lining up less than 10 seconds after the previous play. I don’t care if you’ve only got 8 plays that get called in a game, the defense has no time to sub making them very tired (which in turn makes it easier on our young athletic oline). Announcers for oregons games always seem to talk about how quickly they move from one play to the next and never miss a beat.

9. arrowhead wont have time to calm down
the pace thing brings me to my next point…when will arrowhead have time to calm down? The fans will be going crazy still after a big play when we would snap the ball again. The defense wont have time to change their looks and if we’re yelling they wont even really be able to call plays on d. use a sign method like Oregon does so theres no huddle or call really required. Everyone knows what to do. Everyone does it. Chains move. Point go up. Arrowhead goes bonkers. (+1 for the use of the word bonkers).

10. you don’t need a great qb for Kelly to win
as it stands now, im sure at least one of our qb’s will remain on the roster. Personally I hope for brady Quinn only because he has arm strength and can move in the pocket. Best backup qb we have right now. That being said, Kelly likes to run the ball. A lot. Hell, we could keep cassel and as long as he can keep from fumbling the snap and can get the ball out to Charles, we should be good. Would I love a star qb? Absolutely. But its not a necessity in kelly’s offense. That means we can use our number 1 overall pick on Teo, replace belcher, and give Ryan the option fo go to the 43 (bailey/poe/ropati, poe, Dorsey, hali and dj, teo, houson) or stick with our current 34 and replace belcher. Confuse other teams by switching and giving different looks even. I dunno…just throwin things out there at this point.

At the end of the day, we all know that Romeo isn’t the answer. Pioli DEFINITELY isn’t the answer. Theres no telling which coached could come in and get this team to play well enough to make it to the superbowl within 5 years. All I know is Kelly would at least be a reason to get the fans interested inn this team again. Combine that with cowher and you’ve got your 136 decibel arrowhead. Throw in rexy ryan and you might/could be breaking noise records and shattering opposing qb’s eardrums. I dot take coaching changes lightly, but I really think this would be a blast of a time even if it doesn’t work out and we lose every game. At least that wouldn’t be too far off from this season.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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