The Pioli Poem

Before anyone jumps me, I want to note that the references to 2008 is to mock the fact that Pioli did little to address what was a major weakness of the team at the time he took over. If people remember, our defense was coming off a team total of 10 sacks in 2008 (Tamba had 3, Jason Babin had 2, Derrick Johnson had 1.5, Glenn Dorsey had 1, Ron Edwards had 1, Alphonso Boone had 1, and Pat Thomas had 0.5). Also, the other major weakness was the offensive line with Rudy Niswanger, Adrian Jones, and Damion McIntosh starting.

Now with that said, I present this little poem that, in my opinion, sums up the recent state of the Chiefs and Pioli's tenure since joining the Chiefs in 2009...

There once was a man named Pioli
Who took a new job in Kansas City
He came from the coast
Where the Pats won the most
But now this story turns to pity

The 2008 Chiefs were hardly a beast
10 team sacks- that's no QB feast
Yet his first course of action
Was really just a distraction
But trading for Cassel was something at least

Switch to the 3-4, we need Dorsey no more
Second course of action to draft Tyson Jackson
But we still need o-line help, fans cried out in glee
Now our hearts are broken with Alex Magee

No more ArrowSpread, we're going full speed ahead
Too bad Engram, Lelie, and Toomer were failures instead
Now Cassel gets hit and it hurts when he coughs
Thanks to terrible blocking by free agent Mike Goff
Our o-line is terrible and we need a savior
Good thing Pioli resigned Rudy Niswanger

2012 now and we still fare no better
Receivers can't catch, look like volleyball setters
29 turnovers in 32 quarters
We've stockpiled crap like the TV show Hoarders

Enough is enough, we can't take it, we've had it
Wait! We're in the red zone- now we fumbled, ahh dammit
The defense is back out to get tackles and sacks
But they're tired because they keep showing up to training camp fat

So where do we go now and what do we do
KC Chiefs fans, to our team we stay true
But the warning's been given, Clark, so clean up the stinkin'
It's us or Pioli, and you decide who is leaving.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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