Quarterback Scouts Anonymous


Hi, my name is Shackett. I've been a Chiefs fan since 1983. It's been 30 years, 156 days since we drafted a Franchise Quarterback.


Geno Smith, QB, WVu - I want to throw out that I'm really rooting for Geno to play in a bowl game against a good defense. (As of now he'll likely face Oregon, UCLA, or Stanford in the Holliday Bowl. I'm hoping for Stanford ). His agent will probably force him to ignore all Senior Bowl competition so that is our likely chance to see what he can do.

I'm not anti-spread QB. I favored RGIII in last year's draft very early on. Geno's problem has less to do with the spread as it does pocket presence and pass rush.

The term athletic gets thrown out a lot at Smith. But he's almost too cautious in his scrambles. Kansas State dominated Geno Smith when they realized that all they had to do was bring in a 5 man to throw off his timing. He spent a lot of time figuring out K-States pro style zones. And lets remind you that he played most of those games in zone.

Let's also talk about Kansas City's biggest problem. Coming from behind. Smith gets worse when his team is down. Or when he makes a mistake. I want to see a game , hopefully his Bowl Game , where he can show a way to create momentum after it's taken away.

PROS : Whoever the Chiefs draft, he'll probably start at Quarterback on Day 1. Smith makes highlight film throws and knows how to utilize speed in short and long situations.

CONS : If the Red Flags on Cam Newton and RGIII were "Attitude" & "Just A Prospect" , I'd say that Geno's Red Flags are the opposite. Smith is mature , but is he the person who you want to bring back attitude in Kansas City Chiefs football? And, if this is as good as Smith will be... is that enough to get us to a championship? (or even the race?)

Assuming KC parts was w/ RAC. Whoever the head coach is will have to come into 1 Arrowhead Drive with an offense that fits the best of his abilities. Something that won't force 8 men in a box (because of Charles). The only offense that I could see partially working is the Dolphin's current offense. But unlike Tannehill, I'm not sold that Geno has the potential to grow out of it.

Ceiling - Randall Cunningham / Worst Case - Andre Ware

Note : K-State doesn't have a pass rusher that will be drafted higher than the 5th round. But they played with NFL smarts. They contained a no.1 target in a bend but don't break scheme. Making Smith contemplate to throw , and then by the time he checks out the pass rush has gotten to him. That's a 1 Mississippi , 2 Missippi , 3 Mississippi , hit type of player. I think the worst part of Smith had nothing to do w/ "The Madden Effect" and more to do with how he handled the game.

They were down 20 points and he was staying w/ the WVu philosophy instead of changing the game to go against what he was given. He kept wanting to go outside, when he could have used his legs and other utility players. Like Cassel , you have to wonder if the guy has the mental capacity to call audibles , use the buffalo.



Matt Barkley, QB, uSC - Truthfully the worst part of Matt Barkley NOT playing in his final appearance at USC (against Note Dame) was seeing how unchanged the offense was with a freshman in his place. Barkley was on fire so much last season , that I think people looked past the potential hurdles he'd face in the NFL.

The question you must ask w/ Barkley is how does he look on tape when you take away timing routes, slants , bubble screens. There isn't much of a persceptive answer , but look at the success of Leinart, Sanchez, Booty, and Cassel when asked to give a full year of service to a new system.

PROS : Like Cassel, Barkley is unassumingly fast. He also throws a nice spiral. He knows how to use outside blitzes to his benefit. He knows how to step around the pocket.

CONS: Watch the last few minutes of the Stanford game. If Barkley sees that his timing is screwed. Or has any up-the-gut pressure the play is over. Truth be told , like Cassel , Barkley looked burned out after the Stanford game. The fact that he now has issues with concussions going into the NFL doesn't help either.

Ceiling - John Kitna / Worst Case - Jimmy Clausen.

NOTE : When the clock is against Barkley, he throws up some mallards. We all know the safety net of the O-line in the NFL is shaved off 2.5 seconds in the NFL. Worries me that it's Jimmy Clausen more than Andrew Luck. Known for being calm and collected , Barkley struggles to lead impressive final drives of games. He'll likely play Georgia Tech in a lesser known Bowl Game. It'll be nice to compare Murray's tape to Barkley's.



Mike Glennon, QB , NC State - we'll probably hear a lot of "he passes the eye test" . Glennon is a bit of a mystery. His stats aren't extremely impressive but his ceiling is. Unlike Barkley who began hot and finished cold , Glennon ends his career with him warming up.


The biggest Pro comes from credible Head Coaches including Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, and Bill Cowher praising what they saw from Glennon all the way back in the 2012 Peyton Manning summer camps.

He runs a true, under center offense. Has the right throwing motion. Has a Matt Ryan type of spiral. He's a good old boy. Has that coach's son type of feel to him. Hasselbeck ish. He's the first QB in the draft that seems to have a high ceiling.

Pioli mentioned his admiration for Baltimore's Joe Flacco (and how he was amazed that the Chiefs wouldn't draft him). If Pioli is in charge, i'd put money down that he'll pick Glennon over Barkley.

CONS: Like Ryan, Glennon had a poor set of skill players to work w/ filled with many drops. Players seems to be afraid of getting hit. Glennon has a solid win against Florida State last year , but you have to wonder how he is in the huddle. Great quarterbacks get hot because they make their team hotter. Unlike Barkley or Smith , Glennon didn't go into the season with the intense pressure of winning a BCS Championship (or even winning his division). Are people overlooking the losses?

The other question is how ready is Glennon to start? The Chiefs will likely have no other option than to start their 1st round pick. Glennon will have a Bowe-less offense with 4/5s of an offensive line within their rookie contract.

Ceiling - Matt Ryan / Worst Case - Chad Pennington

Note - Really it comes down to seeing what you want. Do you see Matt Ryan? Or do you see David Carr?

What Kansas City needs to do is find a way to get WRs active outside of the hashes. Glennon seems to manage a game very well , and it appears he has the vision to get the 2nd safety deeper than what KC has seen in the last 3 years.



Every year there's a controversial QB that is in that late 1st or early 2nd conversation. Usually they lack size (Brees) or come from an unorthadox system (Tebow) or a small school (Flacco) . But they almost are always seen as winners and leaders.

Murray's size (which is probably 6'0 or 5'11 ) seems to be the subject at hand for the Georgia prospect. There's also the chance that he could return to the Bulldogs because he had a redshirt left from his freshman year. Murray's obviously found a way to not only win, but keep the job of head coach Mark Richt.

PROS : He can control the speed of his passes really well. Knows how to let the perfect amount of float. Shows confidence in his WRs. Has shown in 2x games that he knows how to close a winning drive. If Murray continues his momentum against Alabama (and Notre Dame) he might become the Belle of the NFL Draft Ball.

CONS : For every Brees , Wilson , and Dalton ... there's about 20 players that can't make it past pre-season. Murray makes smart throws to highly rated WRs but will he even have vision if facing a defensive line?

Ceiling - Trent Green / Worst Case - Patrick Ramsay

NOTE : I'd prefer to just wait and see with Murray until Alabama. His 1st round is boom or bust based on how he performs against the Crimson Tide. Alabama is basically an NFL Defense. Although his numbers were not impressive, he managed the game in Florida and made sure that the better (imo) team didn't have control of the clock. The question with Murray is if he's a guy who can start in games and score 3 TDs. He has the Rudy in him so it's hard to root against him.

And just because it's fun.....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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