Alright stupids here's what the groupthink should be

Aloha! I am nanz, I have been around for a very long time here and have receded to lurker status this season. Typically I am fine with how horrible we are and I continue to come back.. But combining how much I hate the new format for the website with how much it sickens me that a team this talented can STILL suck, I ultimately have created a world where football, well Chiefs football anyway doesn't exist.

However, I feel like it's at this time of the season where I can fully accept reality and come back and talk coaches and draft picks, so on so forth. So let's get right into it

First off Sean Peyton, Bill Cowher, Brian Billick, and Marty Schottenheimer are not going to be coaching the Chiefs any time in the near or distant future, as great as it would be the fact that we are in a flyover state pretty much guarantees that big name former coaches will have no interest here, even if the money is right.

Who then? How about Bruce Freaking Arians!? This bastard right here



This bro is the best head coaching candidate out there that is getting absolutely no respect for it. Seriously how the hell this jerkoff has the former one win Colts in the drivers seat for a wildcard playoff spot playing out of the same division as the best team in the NFL (the Houston Texans) is unfreakingfathomable. He is ALREADY a head coach of a successful team that will not be a head coach soon. What more could you ask for right?

I know.. I know.. "It's easy to win with Andrew Luck as your QB." Yeah except that everyone and their dog expected the Colts to suck this year because of their terrible roster, then their head coach goes down with Leukemia and the entire city of Indy is like "yah man that #1 pick is going to taste even better the second time." WRONG STUPID!!! FREAKING BRUCE ARIANS!!!!

But all kidding aside, look at the dudes track record so far. He has successfully catered to and developed a rookie QB, held together a team that had last season lost it's will to win and had lost the greatest QB and leader on their team, and lost their new head coach striaght out of the gate. All the while calling plays on an electric offense. Why don't one of you ball lickers tell me what more he could do to prove himself?

I understand that he's old at 60 years of age but we could probably squeeze about 5-10 years out of him before he retires, more than enough time to develop an understudy.

Now for my first official mock draft.

Round 1. Geno Smith QB

It's not even a question at this point. Smith is the best QB in this class and we are in need of one of those in a bad way. Imagine Smith and Charles lined up in the backfield. Did you pee your pants? I did, but that's because in my imaginings I imagined I was an opposing teams defensive coordinator if you know whatta mean.

Round 2. Robert Woods WR

I think it's safe to say at this point that Dwayne Bowe is totally overrated and makes his money in garbage time against prevent defenses. I still believe in Baldwin however I just don't think he's in the right offense. He needs a game breaker over the top that allows him to tear up offenses underneath. Ebter Robert Woods

Round 3. Eric Reid S

About time we give up on Kendrick Lewis. Either that guy is DAH -MAGED goods or that rookie season was a fluke. Either way it's time to correct one of the biggest holes in our defense.

Off the record I think that Jalil Brown and Javier Arenas, one of them is going to end up being a legitimate starter for us next year. The time that I have seen them perform in the #2 slot has impressed me.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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