If I were Clark Hunt.. Ok I'm not but I'm sick of losing!!

But that doesnt mean I can't play fantasy owner and dream of ways to help my team get back to being a playoff contender every year like we used to be. This is my first fanpost so take it easy on me... Ok? I hope Clark is upset, mad, pissed and sick of losing just like us fans are, I think in order to get this team back on track it's time to go OLD SCHOOL! So if I'm Clark my first move is the fire EVERYONE! Scott, RAC and all coaches, if we are going to get the losing away from this team it starts with getting rid of everyone who has been apart of the losing and loser attitudes. then I make THE CALL and my first hire is......

Marty Schottenheimer as SR advisor over football operations. Who else to help restore the Chiefs to what we were! A great and proud team.

Let Marty hire a GM.. and why not another former Chief who is a up and coming GM? who you ask? Lake Dawson VP of player personal of the Titians.

Then let Marty and Lake call up another old friend.... OK dont kill me but they need to call and offer the HC job with say in all player transactions to the CHIN! Bill Cowher... I think with Marty as a advisor Bill might just bite since he can have say in all transactions.

Next up we need a OC and I think Marty can convince Bill to hire another old friend of Martys and another former Chief Al Saunders, Bill and Al coached together here from 89-91 and who better to get then the man to directed some the greated Offenses in CHiefs history?

Lastly we need a DC, someone who will help keep the 34 Def BUT someone who will move to a more 1 Gap attacking system that allows our Dline to attack and make plays in teh backfield... how about a former LB who played for Cowher and is a mean SOB? Kevin Greene LB coach from G.B!!!

SO recap we would have

Marty as SR advisor of fotball operations

Lake Dawson GM

Bill Cowher as HC

Al Saunders as OC

Kevin Greene DC.

What do you think? too old school? I'm just sick and tired of losing and I'd do anything i could to get this team and ARROWHEAD back to being feared threw out the league. Again this is my first Fanpost so please dont rip my ass too much... lol

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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