What to do? Fire Everyone or Not! Who and What Player to Draft? The Major Questions?

As a huge Chief fan going threw this season is ruff. We all want the Chief's to win all the time. But this year is a total failure. The question is what is the real problem and what's going to solve the problems in KC. Some have said it's the Head Coach or it's the front office! Or it's both....

Hunt should fire everyone. Well I don't think so. Because it's not that easy. Lets take a look at what's wrong and what can be done for the future.

So what does Hunt do? Well what everyone wants is to have the whole front office and coaching staff gone! Well I don't think Hunt should get out the pink slips out for everyone. Not just yet.

I know I can hear it right now "what am I smoking" right?

I believe that Romeo Crennel should go. Someone needs to go and take the blame. With the NFL standing for "Not For Long" The head coach most of the time gets the axe. No matter what. Aslo Romeo did make some bad player decisions this year.

As for Scott Pioli I think not. Should Scott Pioli get another year. Yes! And Why? Pioli is good! If you look at the roster it's a good one. Yes still some holes. But not as many as before he came to town. Pioli has tried to fill the holes with the best available player, in free agency and the Draft. Also Scott Pioli can't pick all the winners all the time. But he has picked more winners than losers.
Also he couldn't get a good head coach after all the pressure for Romeo and the 1st round draft pick slot. Not that enticing for many coaches. Also after watching the game against Denver I saw the young OL doing a good job blocking for Charles 23 CAR, 107 YDS. But as for Chief's QB situation well that's another story. Not bad for this years draft picks.

So what does Hunt and Pioli need to do! Well Hunt and Pioli need to get aggressive on a good head coach. Get the checkbook out and get a good one. Give a little to WIN!

And then think about who to draft?!?!?

Everyone knows that the Chief's QB play has not been the greatest. And most everyone wants a QB in this years draft. I hear the Geno Smith... Geno Smith... chants now! Or Matt Barkley. But just because these are the popular picks today! Do they really give the KC Chief's the answer to win NOW?!?! So these are the only 2 QB's worthy of a top pick, BUT maybe another college player worthy other than QB?

Lets take a look?

Geno Smith, West Virginia Height: 6-3. Weight: 214.

There is a lot to like about Smith. Nice skill set as well with a quality arm with some natural accuracy.But when throwing the ball outside the numbers and in the intermediate to deep part of the field is where his weakness is. And thats a must for NFL QB's. Also when Smith plays with the BIG DOGS in BIG games against good teams well. So far Smith is (1-5) with all of his (5) INT's this year. Is this a red flag maybe not. But something to look at before thinking he is the "The ONE" to save the Chief's for years to come.

Matt Barkley, USC Height: 6-2. Weight: 230.

A leader and a studious, hard worker with good anticipation and field vision. He is a smart quarterback who is adept at reading defenses. He has played with the best. Played in the PAC-10 against good competition. Who wouldn't want this guy. But what about that injury last week? Now Matt has that injury factor coming out of college. Something to worry about? Most likely not! But it is what it is.

Now for my pick?!

Manti Te'o, 6-2/255 Inside Linebacker Notre Dame

For one Te'o is a good pass defender. He splits time between blitzing and dropping into coverage. His ability to do both makes it harder on offenses. Great in space and can cover ground in zone coverage. As a pass rusher, Te'o has nice blitzing ability and closing speed. Te'o is strong at the point of attack against the run. Natural at reading his keys and should immediately be a good run-plugger. And for the BIGGEST reason Te'o has the speed, bulk, strength and athleticism to to be a three-down linebacker in the NFL.

Now I'm sure you're asking yourself "why the heck would you want Manti Te'o with the 1st round pick". This is easy hands down. One it’s the safest pick with the biggest upside of all! Also the Chief's need another 3 down ILB to help out Derrick Johnson. Belcher can not cover the TE and sitting on the sideline on passing situations hurts the Chiefs. Teams just switch plays to run against them when they are in nickel or dime. Also we all know Berry can not cover the TE either. So the only thing that will make KC the top D in the NFL is for KC play is the base Defense most of the time. Teams like the Raven, Steelers, Giants, and 49ers play in the base most of the time.

So what does KC do about the QB situation. Well go out and get him. Well WHO right? Well I believe there are a couple QB's that are going to be shopped next year.

1. Tony Romo Dallas.

Not my favorite but he can help win now. We all have seem Dallas play this year because of Carr being picked up by them. I think Jerry Jones wants to part ways with Romo. Why because he is not winning again this year like last and the the years before.
I might take some draft picks but well worth it. A vet QB and can pick up any system quick. And Romo has never in all his years at Dallas have had this many weapons like KC has.

2. Mark Sanchez Jets.

Another QB in the same situation with his team. Might take some draft pick this year and next. Also coming with a huge salary but well worth it. With a good system he can do it. WIN! Sanchez, like Romo has not had the weapons. But the KC Chiefs have them now!

So if the Chiefs want to win NOW they need to go after a veteran QB. And the two above can do it on the right team. The KC Chiefs are the right team for them! Rookie QB's like in the 2013 draft are a 50/50. Only once in awhile a QB with the talent of Luck and RG3 come out and the QB class of 2013 there is nothing like those 2 guys not even close.

Well in the end who knows what the Chiefs will do. But it's always fun to wish and hope for the best. Either way I'm always going to be a fan till I die.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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