Logic And Reason: The Quandary

Let me be up front with you. I love Star Trek.

My Dad was a huge fan of the original series starring William Shattner as the great Captain James T. Kirk. He collected the cards, the toys (although I bet he wishes he'd held onto more of them now), and he has this odd reverence whenever the Wrath Of Khan comes up.

Growing up I have fond memories of throwing the football around in the yard on Wednesday nights, then coming inside to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation with my Dad. Those were the good ol' days. Before the daily grind of a job; a mortgage; a family; succumbing to the grim reality that being a responsible adult is about as much fun as having teeth pulled with a drill bit and a chisel all set in. I miss those ol' days.

My favorite character was always Worf (I grew up with the A-Team also, so Worf was like the Interstellar version of BA Baracus. And for an 8 year old fledgling nerd in the early 90's, that was beyond radical! That was bada**!) I always enjoyed the throw back episodes with Captain Kirk, Bones, Scotty, McCoy, and Spock. I'd watch reruns on Saturdays and eat up the cheese Star Trek always served on a steaming platter.

Live Long And Prosper. The hand signal, the Vulcan Mind-Meld...for me during that period in time, it made complete and utter logical sense. Star Trek was clearly the most awesome thing I'd ever seen.

And then I was introduced to Star Wars.

WHOA Nelly!

The first time I ever saw Star Wars was when they were re-released into the theaters (obviously my parents did not love me as a child). Star Wars entered my life and I fell in love all over again. The three original episodes IV-VI, undeniably among the best Trilogies ever made to date, blew my mind and left my brain parked and sizzling back on Tattooine.

Storm Troopers, Droids, Boba Fett, Jedi's, Yoda, Princess Leia in the most amazing outfit I'd ever seen (that might have explained the sizzling, yikes!), Han Solo, Wookies, speeders, walkers, Death was all so glorious and spectacular! I'd never seen anything like it!

As time passed, I still recall fondly the memories of playing Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back on my Super NES, and building Lego X-Wings on the floor. But then I think back some more. I admittedly believe Star Wars had more to offer (at least the original three films anyway), but I just can't quite shake that old friend that I came to know and love so well. Star Trek. That first frontier for the fledgling nerd.

And that's how I try to reason it out with myself. Star Wars, for all of its grandiose-ness (is that even a real word?) is not what I grew up with. But at the same time, logic shows that Star Wars has so much more to offer...and Princess Leia...whoa...

So I find myself at an impasse. An internal conflict that makes getting to the center of a tootsie-pop seem like child's play. And it is in that same vein that another conflict arises.Thin Mints vs Caramel Delights. Just kidding.

The 2013 Draft and what the Chiefs should do with that pick.

"Ah shoot, I knew it was going to be something stupid like this," you're saying to yourself right now.

"Every single post is either about the Draft, why Bill Cowher will be our next Head Coach, or how quick a guy with a high school diploma 'thinks' he could FIX this team. Because he's got a simple 5-Step plan and the trailer park pedigree to back it....".

Yeah, I get it. Point is, when your team is this bad, what else is there really to talk about?

Just dropped some logic AND reasoning right there! Kind of like a Logic&Reasoning bomb just nuked the screen! BOOM.

"Amazing! I feel so logic'd and reason'd now!" (Not sure those are words either)

The Chiefs suck. Their record, and unfortunately televised play (can't help myself, its like a train wreck and I can't look away) logically shows this. And currently its reasonable to presume that they're going to end up with either the #1, or the #2 overall pick in the 2013 Draft.

Judging by the level of play from the two top picks of last year, and our increasingly disparaging weekly situation at QB, its clear that we picked the wrong year to suck. You've all heard it before though so I won't get any further into it.

Logic dictates that our weakest position is at QB. And that is 175,000% true. Going with that logical nugget, we absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, MUST draft a QB in the first round, with our first pick, no ifs, ands, or buts!


"But you just said no buts!? Or ands, or ifs!!!"

I know what I said! Rationalizing the REASON in this situation though is what makes this such a bear to wrestle with.

The top QB prospects (Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson) who looked like they were going to be dynamite, but have since fizzled and sputtered into broken firecrackers, keep sliding farther and farther down draft boards. None are seemingly worth the #1 or #2 overall pick. What happens when a Draft is devoid of serious talent at the position your team needs the most?

With that thought planted and watered (just wait, the fertilizer is coming), recall the 2011 Draft, and what the Cincinnati Bengals did when they had to make a tough choice in a very similar circumstance.


The Bengals traded Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders for their 2012 first round pick, leaving the Bengals without their starting QB (Palmer decided he'd rather retire than play for the Bengals. So he did). The result of Palmer's decision allowed the Bengals to go 4-12 during the 2010 season, earning them the #4 overall pick.

The 2011 Draft was chalk full of so-so, maybe good, maybe not so good QB's, but needing a QB above all else, the Bengals decided to roll the dice, and with the 4th overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, they selected: AJ Green WR Georgia.


The Cranberries said it best "What's in your head!?"

The Bungles weren't known for making great draft decisions. And apparently they didn't take the time to read the thriller WAR ROOM: The Legacy Of Bill Belichick, opting instead to take a page out of Matt Millen's proven playbook, and rather than draft the QB they so desperately needed, they took a WR. Mel Kiper almost lost his hair on that one.

Then, in the second round, with the 35th overall pick, the Bengals selected: Andy Dalton QB TCU.


Very questionable pick. Mel Kiper concurred. The Bungles bypassed Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, and Blaine Gabbert for...Andy Dalton? A flame-thrower haired guy from a small school, now known for being an institutional drug Cartel? The Bengals be trippin', know what I'm sayin'?

But then the 2011 season happened. Suddenly the Bungles didn't look so Bungle-ish (another questionable word). Andy Dalton and AJ Green's powers combined to form Vultron the Super Saiyan NFL team slayer, went to the Playoffs (where the evil Texans formed an Arian Foster and pummeled them into the ground) and both made the Pro Bowl.

For those of you that don't know about Vultron, or what a Super Saiyan is, let's just say I'm not a fledgling nerd anymore. I've gone full fledged.

Armed with those fertilized facts, and writhing in the awesomeness of a Vultronic Super Saiyan (small sample size but still enough to make my brain hurt) I continued to question the logic of whether we really should draft a QB with the 1st or 2nd overall pick, or wait until the second round.

Ironically, Colin Kaepernick, who was drafted right after Andy Dalton, by the 49ers, just lit up DA-Bears defense like Times Square on New Year's Eve. Not a simple feat. To add to the conjecture, Drew Brees was also another former 2nd round pick as well.

Now I'm wondering if the sparks from the collision of brain waves in my head thanks to these sleuthed up facts is how spontaneous combustion occurs? Maybe that's how the roof got on fire....makes so much sense now!

So here at the crossroads of quandary and contemplation, my brain sparking like tin-foil in a microwave oven, I ask:

Do the Chiefs finally break the 28 year streak and select a QB in the 1st round? Or do they go with the best player available?

The chances of them trading the pick may not be as great as we'd like to think, due to the nature of the high cost and lack of supreme talent, so if they're stuck with the #1 or #2, what should they do?

Logic says they should draft a QB, "Yes, absolutely!"

But reason says, "No! This QB class is not very good. And the drop off between rounds 1 and 2 just doesn't seem to be that much."

I turn it over to you here at AP now because I like sleep. I don't like being kept awake at night with my brain stuck in quandary-mode. And just a personal opinion, but I'd rather not combust either. Spontaneously or not. Because we just replaced our roof last year and that wasn't as cheap as I thought it should be.

As always, please remember to return your seats to their full and upright positions, only you can prevent forest fires. Live long and prosper my friends. And may the force be with you.

Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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