Dana Holgorsen vs Chip Kelly

Bolts from the Blue did an excellent write-up on what a Chip Kelly Offense would be like. The Oregon Ducks run an exciting offense to be sure. The Kansas City Chiefs presumed QB to be is from a different branch of the tree. The Air Raid of Dana Holgorsen derived from the Mumma and Leach offensive system.

Systems are systems, It is not a bad word when it comes to Offensive schemes:

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning each mastered the simple things to the point that they could perform them repeatedly, whenever called upon, no matter the situation. Being a quarterback is maybe most of all about making the difficult look routine and, at the college level, Smith is doing just that.

link to article from Grantland

The most common concern about system quarterbacks is that college productivity doesn't translate to pro success, but for Smith, the plays he's running, albeit in a spread offense, are essentially NFL ones. The running game is based on the inside and outside zone, the passing plays are found in every NFL team's playbook in one form or another, and, this season in particular, Smith throws the ball vertically down the field. This is not the old dink-and-dunk Mike Leach offense — death by a thousand shallow crosses. Smith is making the safety move and hitting the deep post or corner for a touchdown, just like they do on Sundays.

An excellent read on the actual mechanics of the Offense that WVU runs with Geno Smith.
Link to article from Smartfootball

Some data on Dana Holgorsen's background from Smartfootball and the roots of the Air Raid scheme.

An excellent article on How West Virginia destroyed Clemson last year Here.

- One of the major advances in Holgorsen’s offense beyond the traditional Airraid dropback pass game is his use of “packaged” concepts. At Grantland I discuss packaging pass concepts together; while here at Smart Football I discuss how Holgorsen combines run plays, screens, and quick passes all together in the same play. See also the video from ESPN on Holgorsen’s stick/draw concept.

There are some videos and some play designs mixed in the various links. The Mesh, The Triangle. I posted about the ability to bring someone along with our new QB to the Chiefs. What better than actually his quite successful Offensive Head Coach. The Mountaineers have problems defensively. Would a Chip Kelly want an OC? Would we want yet another Head Coach that wants to call the plays for either the Defense or the Offense?

Go Chiefs

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