Chiefs GM job should be attractive, if it's available


The Kansas City Chiefs general manager position -- if/when it becomes available -- should be an attractive spot to available candidates.

I guess I'll be handing out some kind of back-handed compliment to Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli right now.

The Chiefs have one of the youngest rosters in the NFL. When talking strictly starters, (this poll taken before the season started) Chiefs had the single youngest team in the entire league.

The Chiefs have somewhere around $26 million available in cap space right now. (Editor's note: Or $13.8 million. Who knows.) They have talent in some key areas on both sides of the ball. On the defensive side they've got young talent at each level of the defense. Poe along the defensive line, Houston and company at linebacker and Eric Berry in the defensive backfield.

It's not as plentiful on the offensive side of the ball but having Jamaal Charles should look good in any form. The cupboard isn't entirely bare. They have three starters along the offensive line that are locked in for at least the next two years. (Albert '12 FA, Asamoah '13 FA).

They're also set to receive a very high pick in the upcoming draft, which could very easily end up being the No. 1 overall pick.

There's also a fan base that while they might not unanimously agree on any specific hiring of the next general manager, they'll cheer any kind of change. Starting from rock bottom will make any new general manager look like he's succeeded early on in his tenure.

Scott Pioli has succeeded enough to make the Chiefs general manager position attractive to potential candidates for the position. So in a weird way he deserves some credit for putting it on a tee for the next guy.

Hopefully the next guy gets the quarterback, picks the right head coach and spends money when and where it's needed.

That'll be tested early as Branden Albert and Dwayne Bowe are two huge pieces to this Chiefs offense that are set to walk this off-season.

There's a lot to fix with any 1-9 team and I'm sure you could make a case for there being talent on many terrible teams of the past. But as far as setting yourself up for success and having the resources to improve the team you're taking over, it looks like the Chiefs would be a decent spot to set up shop.

They're young with some talent, have money available and a top pick in the upcoming draft. Not to mention a fan base craving for any kind of change and consistent improvement. It sets up nicely for the next guy. Whoever that might be.

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