The Chief Problem: Leadership 101



The Chiefs are a disaster. They are so bad that I routinely find myself asking if I'm watching a professional team. The NFL logo on the TV says I am, but my eyes tell me that I'm watching a team that would lose to a DII college. This topic has been covered ad nauseum on this site, so I will not waste your time spewing profanity and venting frustration, but I will tell you why this team is so bad. Hint (lack of leadership).

I am an Army Ranger Captain. I spent four years at Mizzou learning how to lead while obtaining my semi-worthless history and journalism degrees. Then I commissioned as an Army officer and spent the next year getting my ass kicked by NCOs in Army schools that reminded me I was not yet worthy to lead Soldiers. Training young men and women to be competent and disciplined leaders is something our military does very well. Ranger School is considered the best military leadership school in the world. Soldiers from all over the world battle it out to receive the coveted Ranger tab. It is 9 weeks of absolute hell: 2-3 hours of sleep per night (if you are lucky), 2 meals per day (both at the same time), and some of the most intense physical and mental tests that humans can endure. We have to run difficult and complex missions while enduring this hell. The point behind the school is to learn how to lead Soldiers under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. After graduating, I was immediately thrown into combat in Afghanistan and at the age of 23. I was in charge of 42 Soldiers and $20 million in equipment while making life or death decisions.

I'm now (at age 28) in command of 200+ Soldiers and am responsible for more equipment than I want to even mention. My current job is that of a head coach. I'm responsible for creating the game plan for missions. I'm also responsible for taking care of my Soldiers and ensuring they are physically and mentally prepared for combat. If I'm soft, my Soldiers are soft. If I fail to game plan for mission, my Soldiers die. I can't do this alone. I have non commissioned officers (veteran players/leaders) within my company that are the primary trainers of my Soldiers and advisors to me. This is what separates the US Army from other armies around the world. Our NCO Corps is the best in the world. NCOs can overcome a weak commander. They can carry the company if I am bad at my job, but the company will never reach its potential unless the commander (coach) and NCOs (veteran players) step up to lead and fulfill their duties. I can have the most talented Soldiers in the world (Rangers) and still look like shit. Without good leadership, even elite combat units fail.

Two Leadership Problems: Romeo and the Veteran Players

Romeo is the commander of his unit, but he fails at just about every facet of leadership I've ever been taught:

#1- he is soft. Soft leaders create soft and undisciplined players. When my Soldiers mess up, they are punished accordingly. It does not mean I love them any less. I also must demonstrate that I am hard for my Soldiers to want to follow me. Romeo reminds me more of Santa than a hardened leader.

#2- He fails to take responsibility or answer for his ineptitude. If I responded with "I don't know why I lost the battle, but I will continue training," I would have my ass handed to me on a plate and would certainly lose my job. Romeo, do not tell us your goal is to ensure your team is "in a position to be competitive in the game." Come on man!!! It doesn't take years of military training and combat to know that is bullshit. You play to win. Period. I have never gone into battle thinking I would lose or that I wanted to put my Soldiers in a position to where they could possibly win. I'm going to win the fight and I know it. I will outsmart the enemy and I know my Soldiers are better than theirs. Fix yourself man.

#3- Game plan and Adapt (for goodness sake)!!! If a 28 year old captain can figure out what terrorist cells are doing thousands of miles away, you can figure out what a 1-4 team that you play twice a year is going to do. And if you are tricked, adjust! Please tell me you can see that the opponents are putting 10 in the box because we continue to run/throw short slants constantly. Please tell me you see that Berry can't guard Gates prior to Gates catching 100 yards in a half. Stop walking to the concession stands at halftime and start making adjustments.

Veteran Players/Leaders

#1-Carry your Team- I'm talking to Flowers, DJ, Hali, Berry, Winston, JC, and Bowe. Step up and lead. It's clear that your coach lets your teammates do whatever the hell they want. They obviously do not know where they need to be on the field and often times look like they don't even know that a game is going on. Step up and light a fire under their asses. Lead by example. Show them that you will put in the extra time at practice and watching film. Lead by example and words. I've never seen any of you fire the team up like Brees does before a game. Use your roles as an advantage for your team.

This team will continue to crumble if the coach and leaders of this team do not accept their roles. We finally have the talent we need (other than at quarterback). There is no excuse to show up unprepared. Stop embarrassing our city and our fan base. Ranger the F up!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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