The Good News Ahead

I do not know it was my upbringing, my stubborn nature further cemented by time in the Marine Corps, or just a completely useless overabundance of optimism, but I despise leaving the bandwagon. Any bandwagon really. 2.7? Yep, on it until he joined the redskins and couldn’t even get playing time on a Shanahan offense. Haley? I think the only person left on it when I bounced is still there (AD have you left that train yet?). Cassel? A quick search of my posts and comments will prove my undying appreciation for one of the hardest working QBs I have ever seen. But with all of them, I have finally seen the light and converted.

And so now we come to Mr. Scott Pioli. I honestly like the guy. I can point to almost all of his moves and see a fairly good progression as to what he is trying to accomplish. I still think he is a decent GM, and has made some very good moves that have improved the roster in ways our record doesn’t show. But, man does he have some issues picking coaches (not gonna touch the QB issue with a 10 foot pole). Our biggest problem this year is turnovers. And not by just one person, it is all of them. That, my friends, is a coaching issue. Scott Pioli has not enjoyed a very warm welcome here in Kansas City. In my opinion it spawns from the media’s constant whining about how they used to have so much access and now they don’t anymore *cough* Kent Babb *cough* to which my immediate thought is, to use a Marine phrase, get the sand out, and do your damn job. But it is what it is, and I have to accept that I can’t change that at all. In all honesty, I want Pioli to stay, but Mr. Mellinger summed up the general public thoughts in his tweet from this morning: “…Pioli cannot fire Romeo without effectively firing himself too…”

Pioli has several things going against him, the most evident is that the mob that is Kansas City Chiefs fans absolutely hates him (for various, mostly made up, reasons but I digress). When your fan base is that annoyed, you can’t really afford to ignore them. But another issue, and what should be the more important reason, is that Hunt has a legitimate reason to fire almost everyone, without actually restarting the building cycle. Look at it this way, we have an established RB that is just entering his prime, a WR that has made chicken salad out of chicken shit and is also entering his prime, an OL that has a great balance of youth and veteran presence, and an entire defense that is just itching for someone to show them how to be nasty. Added to the package is the ability for any incoming GM to select not only his choice for OC, DC, and HC but also sitting pretty for his choice of top QBs. That is something that only the pickiest of prospective employees would pass up.

So what could save Scott Pioli in Kansas City? Right now there just isn’t much. His only chance should be the immediate firing on Crennel resulting in the team turning things around and making the playoffs, the immediate signing of Albert and Colquitt, and Bowe being resigned to a long term deal within the first week of the offseason. Not any one, or any two, but all three of these things need to happen. I do not think the force will be with him.

This leads us to my final point, which is a bit of an open letter to Clark Hunt. Mr. Hunt we are not that demanding of a fan base. Consider this, the Royals have only had 1 winning season since the strike year and Glass still makes money on the franchise. We are not your typical professional fans. Most teams are in cities which host big name college teams to choose to support. No, we Kansas Citians must drive 2 hours west to get to watch a decent college football team (or east if Mizsuck is playing a conference game). So we are left with our Arrowhead for parties. Gates opening up 3 hours early isn’t nearly early enough for many of us, we would camp out all night long if you would let us. And like college fans, we don’t like secrets. We like to feel wanted. Maybe it is because we are Midwesterners, but we aren’t just your fans, we are your neighbors. Keep this in mind when you select your next GM.

So what do we want? In three words: Old Man Football. Derrick Thomas is a god to many of us. We take pride that the defensive encroachment rule was enacted to stop Neil Smith from fucking with the heads of opposing O-linemen. We would love to see the “awesome” Wes Welker take a shot from our very own Mark “Mighty Mouse” McMillan. On offense? We may make fun of “Marty Ball”, but it did get us our last playoff win, and we made “matriculate” famous dammit. Give us smash mouth football. There are some who look forward to getting a guy like Chip Kelly. Sure, his high octane Oregon offense scores a lot of points and gets you all hyped up inside. But that ain’t us. I don’t care about national tendencies or any of that crap. Hit ‘em in the mouth. That’s what we like, that’s what we do.

Part of this request is an understanding that you will get something in return if you listen to us. Remember that home record in the 90s? Yeah, we will help with that. Remember all those articles about Arrowhead being louder than a 747 on takeoff? Included! We want to cheer for you. We want to love you as we loved your father. But you have to work with us a little. Remember that this is OUR team. Yours, mine, and anyone else that wants it. Help us out, and we will reward you. If you don’t, well you have seen the banners already.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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