"I Am Mad As Hell, And I Am Not Going To Take This Anymore."


A numbness crept over me as I watched the Chiefs fail to lead at any point in a game for the umpteenth time this year. My team is intent on becoming the all time prime example of futility. They no longer entice us into thinking they have turned the corner and are on the road to respectability. They no longer even bother to find new and exciting ways to lose tight games. No denying it any more. I am past Denial. Denial was only the first stage on my road to recovery. I am now quite angry as I seethe in the 2nd Stage of Grief. This has come about due to the tragic death last night of all my hopes and dreams.

At first I found it hard to believe that my Chiefs are this bad. After all, the Chiefs I fell in love with had All Pro's and future Hall of Famers at many positions. Lenny, Abner Haynes, Chris Burfurd, Frank Jackson, EJ Holub, Johnny Robinson, Dave Grayson. Even the guys that were not stars proved to be solid technicians and solid contributors as they moved onward in their careers. Guys like Dave Hill, Curt Merz, Smokey Stover and Walt Corey. These players won a lot of games by playing good fundamental Football, limiting mistakes, taking care of the ball, executing plays as they were drawn up. They kept their cool when under pressure. Coach Stram made sure of that.

These early teams got even better. Each new season saw new talent arrive with acquisitions like Bobby Bell, Otis Taylor, Emmitt Thomas, Willie Lanier, Buck Buchannon, Aaron Brown and others. New heros offered replenished hopes and dreams with arrivals of the Ed Podalaks, Art Stills and Deron Cherrys. Early success came and went. Hopes faded but new dreams always seemed possible.

Then the dreams died. Hopes were dead and gone. What happened to all that talent. How do we get more? Whats wrong? Is better Coaching needed?

Marv Levy was here. He had great coaching ability but never had a Jim Kelly. Great players help make great coaches look great.

Marty was here. Marty was never able to develop an Offense. Dick Vermeil was here. Dick never was able to develop a Defense. Something was always missing.

The latest hire of Scott Pioli promised to bring it all together. Like a Phoenix, we would see the Chiefs rise from the ashes. Ten years of early success gave rise to forty years of angst and frustration. Now, what do we see. We see a team that gets worse every game. We see a team that just waits for bad things to happen. So much for "the right 53". So much for this latest infatuation. I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore.

I am tired of being embarrassed to be a Chiefs fan. I am no longer ready to deny they are a piss poor team in every respect. Yes they are better than four years ago. Yes they have a few players. They are still bad with no signs of getting better. No denying it any more. I am mad at the players for failing to perform. mad at the seeming lack of effort at times. Mad that when they do exert extra effort they fail to execute mentally or fumble. I am angry with the coaches for their inability to anticipate and plan for the eventual contingencies that have befallen my team. I am angry with the management that could have assembled a better inventory of talent.

I am angry that this team is not only getting worse but it is not even doing that correctly. If this team had gotten worse at a faster rate they would have at least been in the hunt for Luck or RGlll last year. Why not last year. This management has not only been slow to improve it has been slow to get terrible.

I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this any more....... Well, it seems I am down to a mere slow boil......

I must now curl up into a fetal position and cry. I must now despair and withdraw from worldly activities. Right now all the logic in the world and the light of day seems so elusive and incapable of offering anything positive at this dark and dismal time.

As I lay here, Now in Despair, now deep in stage lll of Grief Therapy there is no reason to even attempt to accept what we have witnessed. I see no reason yet to seek out any glimmering hope. It may be time to let go of this Grief. It may be time to take the first positive steps to recovery. It may be time to get on with our lives. It may be time to replace the misery and desolation of this season with new goals, new plans, new talent acquisitions and new drafts.

There may be a time for a new and glorious future for me and my Chiefs but not just yet. I am still recalling the recent rage. I am still deep in withdrawl. I am still not going to take it any more.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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