Time to Take Out the Broom

When most people discuss the revival of the broom, the refer to a series sweep. In this instance, I will refer to the broom as a way to clean up this mess. There is definitely no easy fix in Kansas City; however, something must be done to send a message of disgust. Fans want some excitement back. Even though this season is lost, fans can have some dignity back if management acts to rectify the situation.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has sat idly by and witnessed one embarrassment after another with little response. His only statement was, "We must do better." No kidding! Two weeks after that statement, the Chiefs have not adhered to that statement. They are not doing better. In fact, it may have actually gotten worse. Since that statement, Chiefs fans have seen a quarterback change, another quarterback change, more turnovers, poor play, uninspired coaching, two straight blowout losses to division opponents and a coaching staff with no answers.

Two straight blowout losses to division opponents are unacceptable and degrading for a fan base that anticipates football every year. This demonstrates that this Chiefs team, no matter what is said by Scott Pioli, is not going to get better. With games against Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Denver coming up, this team is faced with a distinct possibility of being blown out three more weeks, going 1-10, going 0-5 at home (A first I believe), and not holding a lead through 12 weeks. What more will it take for someone's head to roll?

The scapegoat has been Matt Cassel. Not much to argue with him being somewhat responsible. 18 turnovers are unacceptable. The problem with that is there are more hands in the cookie jar of this failure. Romeo Crennel obviously does not have this team believing in what he is selling, nor does he have them amped up to play disciplined football.

Week after week, Chiefs fans have heard the same exclamation from Romeo on how to have a chance at victory. This has been said to be less turnovers, more takeaways, and less penalties. I see no change in these issues. The only thing I see is sloppier line play, lackluster contributions, continual turnovers, and an obvious lack of passion for the game. This does not rest squarely on Matt Cassel. This rests on the entire coaching staff. Someone else needs to be made an example of.

Scott Pioli should not keep his job; however, if he has any ambition to keep his job, Crennel and Daboll need to go immediately. I realize the question is who takes over the team then? I guess one could make the argument for Jim Zorn to finish the year. What do we have to lose? Maybe he can get these players disciplined again. I would not bet money on it, but at least it would show everyone that Pioli has had enough of this catastrophic failure.

At this rate, 2012 is shaping to be similar to 2008 only worse. In 2008, the Chiefs set a record for fewest sacks in NFL history by a team. That was embarrassing enough. This year, the Chiefs have the privilege of extracting the title of worst turnover ratio, most turnovers by a team, longest streak without a playoff win, longest streak without a first quarter touchdown, longest streak without a first drive touchdown, and longest time without a lead in a game. This would earn the Chiefs the dubious title of boner of the year and possibly the boner of NFL history. Fire up the football for Canton right? lol If the Chiefs cannot win playoff games or season games, why not set poor records. That must be the new Patriot way and the right 53.

I see no more winnable games on this schedule for the Chiefs; however, I am sure they will win one game in there just top blow the number one pick. The result of this season needs to produce a new regime and a new coach that can discipline this team as Haley apparently did. Statistics do not lie and with Haley as coach, the Chiefs were nowhere near this pitiful with the turnovers and sloppy play. Who should coach the Chiefs next year? I am open to suggestion, but it needs to be someone that shows passion for the game and can whip these guys into shape!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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