Thoughts About The Chiefs

Here are a few thoughts that occurred to me over the last couple of weeks as I bounced back and forth between the Chiefs games and AP.

1. Arrowhead Pride is starting to look like ESPNs comment section in the College football game previews. I understand that you all hate what is taking place at Arrowhead, as well you should. Lets not forget that Chiefs fans are not our enemies. As stupid as their post or comment may be, the stupidity of their post or comment is magnified 10,000 times because of the crap we are forced to watch every Sunday. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and realize that short of the Clarks selling this god-awful team to LA, this season cant get any worse. In the famous words of Clark Griswold; “look around you Helen, were at the threshold of hell.” My advice to all of you is to find some humor in the moment. For instance, Bob Fescoe (I know, I don’t like him either) tweeted yesterday that we should “cue Hackety Sacks.” So my wife and I took his advice and cued it up while the Chiefs were on offense. In the 4 minutes that the song played, I watched Brady Quinn scramble to the right and slide for no gain, Brady Quinn take a bad snap and kick it around with his feet before falling on it to get sacked, and another play in which the net result was not good (cant remember exactly what happened). My wife and I were rolling. It was truly the most enjoyable moment of the game (Fescoe’s okay, I guess).

2. Like a lot of you, I am pissed about how bad this team is. But Im not sure exactly who to be pissed at. Now hear me out. I think Scott Pioli needs to go, but, I really believe that he did everything in his power to help this team succeed this season and has tried to build this team the right way since the day he got here. Like Haley, hes just not there yet. Now let me justify my thoughts. Go back and look at the team roster in 2007-2008. Then look and see what moves were made at the time to help us succeed. Do this with each year up until our current season. It should only take you about 5 minutes to do this. Ill wait… Apart from allowing Brandon Carr to walk and Matt Cassel to come back with no competition at QB I think he built a pretty solid team. And furthermore, at the beginning of this season, if I had told you that I would trade you Stanford Routt, Peyton Hillis, Steve Breaston, and Eric Winston for Brandon Carr and we get to save money in the long term, then I’m guessing you would have taken it as well. My main issue with the Chiefs right now comes down to coaching. There is no excuse for a team that is immensely more talented than its 2009 version to have less wins. To me that comes down to coaching and not the GM. What’s that you say? The GM hired the coach? That’s right, he did. He hired a coach that has been with our organization for the past 4 years to keep some sort of continuity, because Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher, Marty Schottenheimer, John Gruden, Dick Vermeil, Tom Landry, Vince Lombardi, and Hank Stram have no interest in coaching our football team for one reason or another. So he went with Romeo Crennel. Now we all know that Romeo has been terrible this year, but let me ask you.. Do you see any other option at this point? Does it look like any of the aforementioned ex-coaches are knocking at our door looking for a job? Do you think Cowher or Gruden want to leave their cushy TV jobs to spend 20 hours a day correcting a ship with more holes than an LPGA Tournament? They don’t. But make no mistake- Pioli will be gone at the end of this season, if not sooner, and Kansas City will see its third rebuild in the last 8 years.

3. Sometimes, Eric Winston looks like ass. I don’t understand how you can play the run or pass perfectly for 3 straight plays and then get blown to smithereens on the 4th and 5th. I guess my only logical explanation for this is that he is out of shape. Which could explain why Jamaal Charles has to come out after every big run that he has.

4. Say what you want, but the dancing in the Pittsburgh game was awesome. If you were embarrassed more by our players dancing than by the way this team has played this season then you’re an idiot. The dancing showed me that this team, despite the negativity surrounding it, still gives a crap. They found the silver lining in a shit storm and realized that the most dangerous teams play like they have nothing to lose. We should have won that game despite several penalties that cost us dearly. We took one of the best teams in the NFL to overtime in their own house and Matt Cassel hurried his throw on account of a fake blitz and pee pee’d down his leg. Ball game.

5. All fan bases have gone through horrible seasons. Some more than others. So when Bronco/Charger/Raider fans come to AP to smack talk just know that if they arent coming out of it, then they’re headed for it. Unfortunately for Denver, I think its coming sooner than they would care to admit. They are one old quarterback away from being the Broncos of 2 years ago. And there are no more virgins to save them this time.

6. Finally, this is an observation that extends back to the preseason game with the Cardinals when half of AP was losing its mind because Matt Cassel looked for 5 plays like he had a clue about what he was doing. We tried to tell you. If you ever typed a fan post or wrote a comment in which you stated Matt Cassel and the words; good, Pro Bowl, awesome, better than, Super Bowl, elite, or any utterance about anything good in conjunction with the name Matt Cassel, then you have been hereby banished from Arrowhead Pride on account of good, responsible people like me who choose not to assume that dressing up a terd makes it prom worthy. I wont go as far as mentioning names, but you know who you are.

Just a few things that i have noticed. Carry on..

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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