Bengals-Chiefs final score: KC looks awful in another loss

Peter Aiken

The Bengals beat the Chiefs, 28-6.

Let's see here...

Embarrassing. Frustrating. Annoying.

Does that cover the KC Chiefs loss to the Cincinnati Bengals?

When more than a few fans wear black to your team's game because it's like going to a funeral then you know you're not in a good position. The Chiefs lost to the Bengals, 28-6, in yet another blowout.

If you're a sucker for punishment, here's our recap of the Chiefs loss to the Bengals:

It's the Arrowhead blackout. There's a decent amount of fans wearing black. They're littered throughout the stadium, not just in one area. While not everyone is wearing black, you notice it when you look at the crowd. The stadium has tons of open seats which makes it harder to spot the black. The announced paid attendance was just over 63,000.


First boos: the Chiefs' three-and-out to start the game.

Score update: 3-0, Chiefs. KC takes the lead on a field goal in the first quarter. The drive was eight plays and went 59 yards, largely thanks to a 22-yard pass to Tony Moeaki and a 17-yard run by Jamaal Charles.

Fake punt alert! The Bengals lined up in punt formation and snapped it directly to Cedric Peerman, which resulted in a 32-yard gain and a first down.

Score update: 7-3, Bengals. The Chiefs got AJ Green'd. From the four yard line, Andy Dalton found Green on a fade in the corner of the end zone.


What are you supposed to do against that? You can't really blame the coverage. Javier Arenas was there for the Chiefs -- he was all over Green -- but Green made that impressive one-handed catch and got both feet in. Sometimes that happens with a phenom like Green. Can't be too upset about that.

FUMBLE! That's on Peyton Hillis.



Score update: 14-3, Bengals. Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham caught a pass near the three yard line and carried a couple of Chiefs defenders on his back into the end zone. The official review showed it was not a touchdown, rather he was down at the one yard line. On fourth and goal, the Bengals rolled out the naked bootleg, which worked to perfection, and gave Arizona a 14-3 lead over the Chiefs.

Score update: 21-3, Bengals. Thanks to an 11-play drive.

Dwayne Bowe went down with an apparent head injury in the second quarter. He was being tended to by trainers before exiting the sidelines and heading to the locker room. He later returned to the sidelines and was called questionable to return but did not play again.

Score update: 21-6, Bengals. Chiefs punch in a field goal before the end of the half on a seven play drive.


I saw this young man at halftime:


Brady Quinn time! Quinn was warming up on the sidelines as the second half started -- the Chiefs were on defense -- and Cassel had his hat, not his helmet, on. When the Chiefs got the ball back, Quinn went into the game.

Down goes Albert. The Chiefs left tackle went down with an injury early in the second half. The Chiefs training staff tended to him on the field for a minute before he walked off under his own power. This marks the THIRD starting offensive linemen for the Chiefs who is hurt.

Brady Quinn's third quarter: 3-of-4 for 30 yards. No turnovers!


The fourth quarter crowd was really depressing. This is what they saw on TV:


Score update: 28-6, Bengals. Another touchdown for a Bengals receiver. They went 72 yards in 12 plays and just over five minutes.

Down goes Tony Moeaki. The Chiefs tight end caught a pass across the middle and was drilled in the back. He ended up walking off the field under his own power.

Top four things to remember about this game:

1. The "blackout" was a success with all the media members talking about it. The black in the stadium was noticeable.

2. Cassel was benched for Quinn

3. Chiefs o-line looks a lot different. With Albert going down, for a while Eric Winston was the only lineman out there who also started Week 1.

4. Lots of injuries. Bowe went down with a neck injury. Albert has a back injury. Moeaki was hit hard.


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