The Angst of Fandom

Since you asked: Panthers 2012:


With the GM gone, it feels like the new GM will want to bring in his own guy to coach. To start the season the defensive scheming was horrible. We went with a bend but don’t break mentality, and got worked over. Chud got a little too cute/creative trying to build on the offense from last year, and the offense never got in a rhythm. He abandoned the regular run game with Stewart and Williams, and ran virtually 90% of the running plays from the shotgun via the read option. In our loss against the Bucs, we ran the ball <10 times. Two weeks ago against the Cowboys, Williams only got TWO carries. There is disappointment that Rivera has not done more to rein in Chud’s playcalling. Then Rivera’s hands-off approach on the sidelines caused many fans to sour on him as a leader of the team.


Most casual observers think the way to beat Cam is to blitz him. I disagree. The way to beat Cam is to take away the deep ball by keeping your safties deep. It helps to have an athletic D-line that can create pressure and hold containment by themselves. Only blitz him occasionally, especially on 3rd down. He has the ability to run away from a lot of blitzes to hurt you. Maybe spy him occasionally. He leads the league in YPA but taking away the big play deep ball forces him to his weaknesses, secondary/tertiary reads and short range throws. Keeping those safeties back also causes patches where he becomes impatient and forces the ball, causing turnovers. The playcalling has hindered Cam’s progress some. We did run many more 2 TE sets last year, and miss them this year. The balanced look created a lot of deception for the defense. Shockey was usually a safety outlet while Olsen attacked deep.

His stats aren’t that far behind what he had last year, but he really has to improve his short range accuracy. The team has blown 4th quarter leads in each of their last four games (ouch). Each of those games featured a play that Cam left on the field that could have won them the game, but each also featured a catastrophic meltdown in another area of the team that could have cost the games. I like to say Cam had a chance to win us those games, but other individuals on the team had major plays at the end that lost the game (Last week we even had a 6 yard punt in the process of blowing our 12 point lead to the Bears). The leadership thing got a little overblown, especially after so many close losses. He said too much of what he was thinking in the press conferences. It would be a non-issue IF we were winning. He has since improved some in that area.


We have way more needs than picks (we traded our 3rd to San Fran). I would say NT, DT, FS, OT/OG, CB, WR. That’s why I wouldn’t mind a trade back for more picks. We really couldn’t go wrong with drafting Star or Joeckel either. Since this is such a deep class, I really-really want to take a safety in the second round. (You’ve seen the awfulness of Haruki Nakamura firsthand, and he hasn’t gotten better). I would love to have Vaccaro or McDonald on the team. Our new RT is Byron Bell, a 2nd yr UDFA. He is actually pretty decent this year. It is obvious that Gross is starting to decline some at LT. The biggest problem on the line is RG. The run game and pass protection both struggle there. It would be nice to have another tackle to groom behind Gross, but we think the team may be high on back-up Bruce Campbell (we got him in a trade from Oakland). We probably also should take a TE and/or OLB late. My personal drafts would be something like:

a)trade down- 1. Keenan Allen 2. Kenny Vaccaro, FS, Texas 2. Jesse Williams, NT, Alabama 4. Alvin Bailey, OG Arkansas


b) 1. Star 2. DeAndre Hopkins 4. Safety or OL

c) 1. Luke Joeckel 2. Jesse Williams 4. Safety

I will have to keep an eye out for the guy from Baylor though.

"You're just trying to get me pregnant so I can become a statistic"

-angry girl in the pharmacy, no-refills left on her bc

by carolinapillpusher on Nov 2, 2012 8:38 PM PDT up Unrec? 1


So, here's basically what this means- the Jaguars are 1-7 right now, and if it wasn't for the nightmare that is Kansas City, they'd be the worst team in the NFL. They've got a short week this week to go up against Indianapolis on Thursday night, who was the only team that the Jags have beaten. Only problem is this- the Jags are nonexistent at home. That's 4 blowout losses in 4 home games. And the even more puzzling part is that the Jags are a pretty good road team. They had the Minnesota game until Tucker decided to call prevent defense. They won the Indianapolis game. They had the Oakland game until Blaine Gabbert went down and Chad Henne decided that he was going to play worse than Gabbert did in 2011 (which is a very tough task), and they were right in it with arguably a top-5 NFL team right now in Green Bay. Shouldn't it be the opposite way- that we're competitive at home but stink on the road?


Check out the recent interviews of Brian Dawkins, or Jeremiah Trotter. It's clear to them. The eagles have a reputation for being soft, and very beatable. It's no longer a game now, folks. Eagles have their very manhood being questioned by the teams that they are playing. And what is the response? Nothing. As far as I can make out, the eagles have lost whatever pride they had gained over the years of winning under Andy Reid. This team seems to be, based on the uninspired efforts on the playing field, to be working their 9-5 shift and wondering whether they need to stop for bread and milk on the way home after the game.


The team has lost faith in its leadership

From a coaching standpoint. Players can’t be good leaders when the players don;t believe in the system. These guys aren’t going to lay their bodies/careers on the line unless they believe there’s something special for them. Nothing special this year, except maybe Bobby April, he’s so special he needs to go to special school to relearn how to coach special teams.

BDawk, we will never forget. You showed us what it means to be an Eagle. You brought it every play, were an animal on the field, a leader on the sideline and a gentleman everywhere else. The HOF awaits you.

by greenmaestro on Nov 16, 2012 5:01 AM PST reply actions


It seems that we are not alone in our fandom, we can replace the names with any number of Teams, Managers, Coaches, and Players. I just couldn't resist posting the similarities we all feel pouring out across the websites of SBNation.

Go Chiefs

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