Enough about the #1 QB already

Anybody else tired of all the "friendly debating" of who the next quarterback should be for the Chiefs?

Sadly for us it's inevitable given the current season. There are many holes that have lead to the destruction of our beloved Chiefs that all need filling eventually, but QB is, and should be, top priority among them. Let’s have a look at what ideas have been thrown around lately shall we?

First round, this year, git 'r done! Seems to be the most popular choice right now. Whether that be Geno, Matt, or Tyler (those being the ones that could feasibly be selected top 10), that route seems to be the easiest way to fix the problem. But is it the wisest.

Please keep in mind that by no means do I claim to be a football or football management expert. I think things through, and honestly enjoy doing that with the addition of debate from differing opinions. Feel free to comment "Hell no" or "I don't give a sh!t about your fantasy" if you'd like, but I challenge you all to take a step back from all the anxiety and frustrations this season has given us, and think this situation through with me. My blood pressure is high enough as it is, so I the only way I can change that while still talking about the Chiefs is with reasoning. Granted, our opinions don't matter, but that will never keep us from making them known to the world.

Next option, trade that (more than likely) top 2-3 pick for a top 10-15 pick (with others in this year's draft and future draft(s)), and grab whoever's left. This idea is usually supplemented with the premise of selecting another lesser hyped QB in a later round. Another very popular choice among APers. There's no Luck in this draft, and there's no RG3 either, so why spend that top pick on somebody who's a debatable franchise QB? Get more bang for your buck by adding additional picks to improve the rest of the roster rather than spend most of your current drafting ability on one position.

Last option, sign or trade for a veteran QB. I think we all know that this is the least popular option at this point. We know it's been a lifetime, for some of us younger generation Chiefs fans, since KC has spent a top pick on a QB, and years of picking through other team's "garbage" hasn't equated into a Lombardi trophy, and rarely does in this league. Ideas of picking up Michael Vick have surfaced. Matt Hasslebeck's name is always floating around any given season. David Gerrard is available and still wanting an NFL job. Would any of these players improve the Chiefs current situation at quarterback? Do the Chiefs have a good enough "roster on paper" that somebody with more talent than Matt Cassel or Dr. Quinn that any of these guys could lead them to their first playoff win in multiple decades?

Truth is, nobody knows. The only certainty in NFL predictions, or any sport for that matter, is that circumstances out of anybody's hands lead all predictions to fail. Peyton Manning is done! Eh....not looking that way right now. Michael Vick is back! Well, his offensive line had other plans. Tyler Flynn is going to improve the Seahawks offense immediately! Maybe once he gets a regular season snap we can talk about that. So my friends, what can be done? What option gives Kansas City the best probability for success in the future? Quite frankly, I would have to say that none of the above stated options would. Wait, wait, I thought we were supposed to think this out and debate right?

Anybody who'd done some investing in their lifetime knows that the highest probability for positive returns is to spread them out. Don't put all your eggs in one basket right? This is what our general Mr. Pioli said he planned to do by drafting a quarterback in each year he was the GM. Good plan, but the plan has to be executed in order for it to be given a chance to work. I'd beg the idea to Mr. Pioli (or whoever his possible replacement may be.....ahemmartyschottenheimer) that the Chiefs not limit themselves to merely drafting QB's. Yes young talent to develop is a necessity, but so is veteran expertise. Not just a prior NFL QB turned coach, but somebody studying with and throwing next to those youngsters. Ya but Matt Cassel sucks! Indeed gents, indeed. So what about Michael Vick? No really, what about Michael Vick? What about Matt Hasselbeck? What about David Gerrard? Is the premise here that one of those or other possible veterans who may be looking for work could step in as the week 1 starter and win? No, it's not. The premise is that the addition of a Vick or Gerrard, with the addition of a draft choice or two, could only improve the possibility of improvement at the Chiefs QB position as a whole. Key word there is "possibility" because as I stated earlier there are no guarantees. Hell, let Jeff George come into training camp and toss the ol' pigskin around a bit if it helps improve the needed competition at that so important position. Yes, competition. It forces your hand onto the table to show if you've been bluffing, or simply thought you were playing spades when everybody else is playing Texas Hold 'em.

Teams don't get better without player development, and players don't develop from coaching alone. I loved that the Chiefs took a chance by signing Stanford Routte. I loved it even more that they cut him after recognizing that it simply wasn't going to work. We can't be scared about where Clark spends his money. It's not our money to spend, and as long as he actually forks it out for the hope of bettering his family's pride and joy, go for it! Sign Vick! Draft Geno or Barkley or Wilson! Grab them all if you can Mr. Hunt, because the more individual stock you invest in the better chance you'll have at a positive return for your portfolio that is the Chiefs.

Me personally, I would rather watch a plethora of players bring the best, or worst, out in eachother squaring off during training camp that sit with my fingers crossed that the Chiefs "all or nothing franchise QB" turns out to be as good as we hope he will. Spread out the possibilities, let the free market take it's natural course by allowing a leader to emerge through competition.

Signing off from Malatya, Turkey.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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