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First, here's a short biography of myself. There's not a whole lot of interesting stuff about me. I figure I'm just your average Joe Chiefs fan. I was born in New Orleans and my dad followed the Saints. I was about 9 or 10 years old when I myself started following football closely. At the time they were also known as the ‘Aints. So how did I become a Chiefs fan, you might ask. I guess in part it was me wanting to forge my own path as an individual. The Saints were horrible and had been for sometime, with no real promise or hope of getting better. Again, I was young, and didn’t have much information to go on to pick my own team. I do remember my dad telling me something like, "A true fan sticks with his team no matter what, through thick and thin, good times and bad." Well hmmm… my favorite color was, and still is, red. And, I had heard that Joe Montana was going to be a Chief. With this little bit of information, and remembering seeing him play great for the 49ers, I decided that the Chiefs were going to be my team. I already knew that Joe was going to retire sooner then later, but seeing those bright, beautifully colored jerseys in the sunlight made me fall in love. I was going to heed my dad’s advice and stick with the Chiefs. This was going to be my team.

And now, the meat and potatoes of this post. It’s more or less a shout out to all those who make this site so great.



First and foremost, thank you Chris and Joel for making Arrowhead Pride such a great place to read up on my Chiefs. Before I found AP, I pretty much just blindly followed the Chiefs. I’ve never been to K.C. nor had any place to read up on the Chiefs until I looked and found this place. Now, I'm so much more of an informed fan. I’ll usually end up checking AP 5 to 8 times a day on my phone to read stories and news about the Chiefs.

Thank you to NJ Chiefs Fan for Arrowheadlines. What a great way to wake up in the morning and get up to date with all the Chiefs news. It’s amazing to me how you find all these tidbits every morning. Awesome job man
and I appreciate it.

Thank you, Upamtn. You helped me to write and edit this, my first post since the makeover of AP (they stole my virginity, man). You do a good gob of helping to keep AP a clean site by moving some of those short fanpost over to the fanshots section. Also, you have helped me before on learning how to post pictures and gifs. This brings me to …

Thank you, LadyChief. When I see your "random gifs" it always makes me laugh. I am mostly just an occasional commenter, but I’d like to join in with you on those. I know this is kind of your thing and if it’s okay with you, I’d love to pitch in with a few sporadic gifs myself. Gifs are awesome.

Thank you Carolina Chief for letting my wife and I meet up with you earlier this year to watch the Saints-Chiefs game. We’re going to have to do that again soon. There are so very few of us Chiefs fans here in Charlotte and until I met you, I was the only Chiefs fan I knew.

Thank you to Aiken Drum and HIV Elway. Not everyone agrees with you on yall’s opinions, including myself sometimes, but I appreciate that someone has the guts to say… what need to be said.

Thank you to Clay Wendler for all the awesome videos that you and Red Tribe Cinema make. Also, thank you for the Gif’d Up series. It’s a great tool for breaking down the plays, and learning about the plays inside the plays.

Thank you to all the others that regularly post here. Steve Chiefs, KC Satchmo, Saints_Chiefsfan1979, Hmills110 (slow thread, great idea), Special K, Lanier63, shotty, Sudden, Chief-blinders-on, citadelchief, NigerianNightmare, 58 was my friend, wustl_chiefs_fan, MNchiefsfan(Sometimes your posts have little to do with the Chiefs, but
still great reads. I love history.), TSR Chief, mas cervesas, Matt Verderame. The list of great writers on this site goes on and on, too many to list. Thank you all!



Random thank yous:

*Thank you to all those in my AP fantasy football league. It was a tuff year for me but, it was a lot of fun.

*Thank you newbs. I’ve learned the easy way from your mistakes.

*Thank you guy who commented to me, "flagged for dumb". It’s whatever. I'll admit, not all of my ideas are great.

*Thank you to all those who argue against my comments. It’s good to have differing opinions to my own ideas. It gives me better perspective. Sometimes, it even changes my own opinion of a particular matter.

*Thank you for all the Rec’s I've gotten in the past. It’s nice to have reassurances of my thoughts.

*Finally, thank you for reading my post. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Go Chiefs!

Finally, a Thanksgivng poll follows below ...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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