My thoughts on the current state of the Chiefs

Greetings fellow Chiefs Fans! This is my first FanPost, so we'll see how this goes! I've been a Chiefs fan since I was a little guy and have hung there through thick and thin as a fan, experiencing both the highs and the lows as we all have. I became a huge fan when, at the age of 4, I got to see one of my favorite QBs ever put on a Chiefs jersey: Joe Montana (now everyone knows how old I am...great!) Anyway, here goes...

I know we're all frustrated with where are beloved Chiefs are right now, the 1-8 record, the embarrassment we see on the field most Sundays this year, the coaching staff, the front office, the players, etc. Like many of us, I struggle with do we "suck for (fill in the blank)" or do we fix things and try to win some games. Like many of us, I don't see any outstanding QBs in the 2013 draft, so I'm leaning more towards fix some things and try to win some games.

Here are some changes I think the team could make that might help us win some games:

1. When I was watching the early parts of the Steelers game, I saw a balanced attack take place and some success in moving the ball down field by using both the pass and the run. I still believe we have the potential for a potent offense, but I think our OC is grossly misusing our talent. I want to see more play-action, boot-legs, and screens. These work for us - keep those going. We stopped using those after our first TD and we know how the rest of the game went after that. If it works - keep doing it!

2. Try some 3-WR sets, keeping Hillis and/or a TE in to help in pass protection. We know Cassel is probably going to lock on to Bowe in most instances, so why not cater to that and alter our scheme to help him out. I've seen Cassel throw well if he has time to throw, so I think if we could improve out pass protection and let our WRs do the work, then he'll have more success.

3. Hurry Up offense - one thing many of us have seen is this: Cassel plays better when he's not having to think about the play. I read somewhere that Manning, when he was with the Colts, was given a "scheme" to work from on any particular drive. Based on that "scheme" he would chose the plays from his play book based on what the Defense was showing. I think Cassel can read Defenses at least somewhat well, so I wonder if we should do something similar: give him a scheme and simply say "go play football". Or give him a set of plays and say "go run these". Basically, we almost need to "idiot-proof" our offense and make it so Cassel doesn't need to think about it.

4. Defense: I liked the fire I saw out of our Defense Monday night and want to see more of that. I think we operate better out of the man-to-man D vs. the zone coverage. I also think we need to let Hali and Houston have free reign to attack the backfield on every play. Take the leash off and let them go crazy. Move Berry back to FS and let him roam the field and be the ball hawk he's meant to be. DJ is doing a fine job in run support - keep that up. Lastly - don't be afraid to blitz!

5. Special Teams - I like our kicking team and I was real excited to see Wylie get his shot returning kicks. He looks pretty fast, and I think he'll continue to get better over time. Quit using Dex and Javier to return kicks.

6. Coaching - I will admit that I am glad that Romeo relieved himself from DC duties. I saw a difference in our Defense and I think it was because Romeo stepped down from that. I think Romeo needs to knock our OC upside the head and tell him to quit running obvious plays and keep using things that work.

Overall, I think our team still has the talent to go toe-to-toe with most any team in the league, they're just being misused and poorly coached. After the season is over, I think Clark Hunt needs to clean house with the front office and coaching staff. I do not know who he should bring in for the GM/HC positions. I've seen many names thrown around and I'm just not excited about them. It would figure that the year we suck well enough to draft a QB and clean house, no big fish are available.

Such is the life of a Chiefs fan, though. We'll cheer them on regardless and hope for the best. And as always: there's always next year!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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