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Robert Woods USC 2012-2013 Highlights (via Alex Whiteman)

Robert Woods WR USC

Skill-Set Summary: Woods looks NFL-ready right now. The 6-foot-1, 180-pound receiver has speed to burn. He easily gets separation from defensive backs as they struggle to turn and run with him. Woods is very quick in and out of his breaks, with well-developed route running. He has reliable hands and is a scoring threat on any play. Woods is fabulous as a run after the catch receiver.

While he has good height, Woods is not overly physical with cornerbacks. He seems to prefer to beat them with his speed and athleticism. For the NFL, it would help if Woods filled out his frame with another 10-20 pounds of muscle. If he can do that while maintaining his speed, it should help him to defeat jams at the line of scrimmage, and not allow himself to have play-timing disrupted by rerouting.

another take

From NEPatriotsdraft site

Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas

Skill-Set Summary: Wilson has the look of an NFL quarterback. He stands tall in the pocket and reads defenses well. The decision-making he displayed as a junior was very impressive.

Wilson has a strong arm and is an accurate passer. He showed the ability last season to push the ball outside the numbers and move the ball down the field with precision passes. With his size, arm and intellect, the Arkansas signal-caller will most likely be viewed as a possible safe pick to scouts.

Tavon Austin WR WVA

Anytime you have a guy as dynamic as Tavon Austin, NFL teams will be interested. He’s explosive with the ball in his hands, can create from the slot or in the backfield, and is simply a big play waiting to happen.

However, does he have a real position in the NFL? Watching him as a route runner I certainly think he can mature into a successful slot guy capable of separating instantly out of his breaks. He can also create from the backfield and adds a lot of value in the special teams department as well.

Tyler Bray QB Tenn

When breaking down the 2012 NFL draft and looking at quarterbacks with similar physical attributes as Tyler Bray, Broncos second round pick Brock Osweiler has a lot of similarities. However, after evaluating both on tape, I liked Bray much more, even though he was only a sophomore. Bray showcased a better feel for the offense, displayed the ability at times to find secondary targets and when he stayed in balance with his footwork, hr was much more accurate on all levels of the field.

From Nationalpost site

Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford

Skill-Set Summary: Taylor may be a back who is a jack-of-all-trades but master of none. He does everything well, but is not overly fast or physical. As a well-rounded back, his stock could rise. Taylor has shown the ability to be a three-down back and serve as a receiver or blocker. Taylor could see his draft stock rise due to his versatility. The same thing happened to Boise State's Doug Martin or Cincinnati's Isaiah Pead for the 2012 NFL Draft.

I think this might fix our Offense. A Deep Threat to go along with a Deep Pass.
Go Chiefs

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