Chiefs Vs. Steelers: The Best And The Worst

Gregory Shamus

His Dirkness with a different point of view on the Kansas City Chiefs week that was.

We kept it close!!!

Now, some may say there are no moral victories in the NFL. But when you haven't held a lead through the first eight games of your season and you're playing the guy who you scapegoated for the whole mess (even though we all kinda found out it wasn't actually his fault), and everybody expects you to get boom-blasted by 40 points on national television, then I say there ARE moral victories.

But where has it been all season?

Maybe the team hates Todd Haley more than they do Romeo Crennel.

Maybe turning the ball over 29 times in your first 8 games really does hurt your chances of winning (lousy advanced statistics!).



Lets have some fun...

The Best And Worst With: His Dirkness

Best moment of the season - The dancing. And then laughing at the dancing. And then Youtubing The Kid and/or Play dance (oh snap, that's Martin's girl he's dancing with). And getting penalized for dancing after a touchdown that didn't even happen (good call on that fumble, zebras). And then laughing some more. Look, if you didn't enjoy these moments last night, you probably already know to stay away from these articles, but loosen up. We're a 1-8 football team. We bitch and moan all the time about how that sucks for us as fans. I'm sure it sucks just as bad for the players. They can dance if they want to. They can leave their friends behind. Cause their friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of theirs.

(next) Best moment of the season - Taking an actual lead in a game. For the whole world to see. After covering my living room in champagne (the champagne of beers, in fact), we all hugged it out like it was New Year's Eve at midnight.

Worst part about these Chiefs games - I don't know if I want us to win the games. Like, I honestly don't know. I watch Chiefs games in a state of confusion (some would call it inebriation) about what I want to see happen. And I'm not one of those fans that's like "Sure, we could sneak into the playoffs and then what? Get beat again." I want what's best for the Chiefs. And I see the excitement and the potential in both Indianapolis and Washington this season, and I feel like that could be us next year. I don't think Matt Barkley is at Luck or RG3's level, but I'm confident he's better than Tyler flippin' Wilson, who looks like the consolation prize if we win a few games from here on out. I want hope. I want a reason to believe that the Chiefs can actually win the Super Bowl. And I look at how beneficial it would have been to lose games last season. And I get confused....Can I really cheer for my team to lose?

Best call of the night - "Cursing at an official." Since when is this a penalty? Does this mean in all the other NFL games I've watched from this season and beyond that no other players had cursed at an official before? Or was it the severity of the curse? F-bomb? Poop synonym? Maybe he went Larry David on them and dropped the holiest of all curses, the C-word?

Best catch ever? - Mike Wallace, my goodness. The one-hand reel in. The crotch squeeze. Never losing concentration on the ball. And then barely staying in bounds to top it all off. My gold standard for best catch ever has always been Marvin Harrison's catch vs. New England (although this is the first time I noticed his spike right in Mike Vrabel's face). There's a Danny Amendola catch. Brandon Lloyd has a whole slew of amazing catches (although I like the one at 1:28 of this video). And since it keeps popping up, here's this for the hell of it (I get the chills watching highlights of those early 2000's teams). I'm interested in what you might consider the best catch ever.

Worst calls of the night - 1. Pass Interference on Javier Arenas (going to eventually ruin football, folks) 2. Holding call on Branden Albert on D-Bowe's TD. 3. Offensive Pass Interference on Tony Moeaki. Make no mistake, the Steelers needed all the help they could get from the refs last night. And they got it. More and more we're seeing games in the NFL decided by referees. Inching closer and closer to NBA territory.

Best 3rd/4th and short Linebacker in the NFL - Derrick Johnson. He's so good at it. If there's a gap to be shot, he will find it. Also, I couldn't believe Mike Tomlin went for it in that situation. I was very confident they wouldn't convert. Mostly because of Derrick Johnson. As Jon Gruden would say, "he's a fine football player."

Best look for Scott Pioli - On the phone. So much so, that he was using two of them in a 10 second shot of him. Way to look busy, Scott.

Best play of Matt Cassel's career - 4th and 15 dime to Dwayne Bowe. Feels the pressure and moves up in the pocket (usually, his greatest weakness) and delivers in the clutch. It's a shame his interception was as awful as this play was great, because people will never remember this play now.

Worst flaw in Dwayne Bowe's game - Drops passes in huge moments. He does it too often. I'm not convinced he drops more balls than other WR's of his caliber, they just always seem to be in huge moments (2010 in Indianapolis comes to mind). And just when I thought he couldn't possibly be any less clutch, he goes and does something like this...AND TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF!

Best fan non-reaction of all time - This guy.

Best fans in football - The Steelers? I hear this lauding sometimes. Did you see the stands at the end of that game?!? They were less than half full. The whole Steelers organization is over-blown. They're considered this gold standard of a franchise with such a moral high ground. That is, until it's their Super Bowl winning QB that's cornering a chick in the bathroom.

Suck it Floyd Mayweather,

His Dirkness

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