I need to talk to Clark...ive got some ideas.

This is not a normal position to be in if you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Weve been rebuilding for a few years not and literally are the worst team in the league by far. We haven’t led a single game this year. Our qb situation is being laughed at by everyone, including the true fans of kc. We’re losing arrowhead, everyone. And its not funny. Mr Hunt: please do something to stop this deterioration of arrowhead that once was rocking win or lose. This is embarrassing for us whereas you can just go watch soccer. You don’t even live in kc and can get out of this mess simply by leaving. You don’t even come to home games anymore and you own the team. What do you expect us as fans to do in this same situation? I sure as heck am not going to make the drive to go to a a game when the tailgating is the best part. Even at that its frustrated fans bitching about how bad we are. Everyone is deflated. Why pay money to back this team? Clark, sir, you have to fix this. Not only for yourself and for financial reasons. But because your dad is literally making you look like shit. Us fans are pissed. The city of Kansas city is being laughed at. Come on man…ESPN’s not top 10 could easily be filled with chiefs both on field and off field moves.

So, since you clearly have no idea what you're doing, ill show you a place to start. These are moves I would be making asap or at least have them in the works for when the season is over.

1. GM. For the few pioli supporters that are out there: are you seriously ok with this? We all thought there was significant talent on the roster before the season. But if that "talent" cant even get a lead more than halfway through the season is it really considered talent still? Not as a whole, that I know. This is Pioli’s fault. Period. How do you fix it you ask?

Enter Bill Cowher. He’s been out of coaching for a while but is still familiar with personnel in the league and how its run. Which is why GM is a perfect fit for him. He doesn’t take crap off anyone and wants guys who are willing to work hard and play hard. He’s no pushover like some guys out there. He knows what he wants and will get what he wants. He does want some major control of the team but is that really a bad thing? Let the guy have the freedom to make the picks he needs to. Get the players he needs to. Keep the guys he needs to. "let the chin win".

2. HEAD COACH. Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? No one knows. Dudes a joke. Name me a successful HC that was softer than a teddy bear on a pillow. I thought we were playing football? He coaches like its bowling. You have to have some intensity. People knocked haley (I did too) for being overly intense but hey…at least the players knew he wasn’t full of shit when hed make comments about benching people. Does anyone really think romeo will bench someone for a turnover? I highly doubt it. He’s lost this team completely and no one listens to him anymore. We never come out ready. Who do you got to fit this slot? I know…

Chip Kelley…good to see you. Please fix us. Let Kelly work with cowher to figure out exactly what this team needs. Both are great talent evaluators and can tell what weve got and where we need to be. Let him bring his fast paced style (converted to the nfl obviously) in and blow some people away. I don’t know about you, but id guess Kelly would be livid if his team went a single game without a lead. Nevertheless 8. His teams are disciplined to the point of not really celebrating. They do what he asks, when he asks, how he asks. Long story short: things get done with no BS. I love that. sign here, sir.

3. QB. Not much needs to be said here other than Matt cassel, Brady Quinn, Ricky Stanzi. Its sad when id rather have trickshot starting for us over any of these three. It’s a joke. Its gone from annoying, to frustrating, to laughably bad, to downright impressive now. I think you actually have to work to find a group of QB’s this bad. Moral of the story: wipe the shit from the ass and put on a new pair of undies.

How id like to see us go from here: Vick is not getting it done in philly. Mainly, IMO, because his OL is horrible and the fanbase hasn’t supported him all year. He tries to make too many plays himself. The fact that philly has gotten away from using mccoy to run the friggin ball is impressive to me. This puts literally all the weight on vicks shoulders. Reid knows he’s gone and therefore is trying to put up big numbers to stick around again. Vick is the scapegoat here. While vick hasn’t played that well, philly is using him wrong badly. Fin first and use play action. They’re passing first and clearly isn’t working. Id love to see vick in our system as the starting qb. Yes he’s making some money. But think of this...kelly’s offense would include vick, Charles, mccluster, and wylie. Not to mention if we utilize the play action like we should then vick may be able to convince bowe to stay along with Baldwin. Two big strong wr’s on the outside to block and win jump balls. Success.

Secondly, try to find one of the three on this list: colt mccoy, vince young, Jason Campbell. While none of these have really done a whole lot as starters, they are legit backups. And that’s something we desperately need. Any of the three would be fairly cheap and very serviceable as their starting times were less than desirable. Can they put a game on their shoulders? Probably not. Can they manage a game to let Charles win you the game? Probably.

Draft a qb OUTSIDE of the first. This draft class is truly horrible for QB’s. Barkley is just another sanchez (going to ba taken way too high, placed in a franchise as the future leader and fail miserably), geno plays against below average defenses and hasn’t looked good for 4 weeks, tyler Wilson is looking bad this year (who cares what he looked like last year…if he could play good with little talent id love him but he’s not looking that great now.)…who else do you want with the first overall pick? Tebow klein? No thanks. At this point you take Teo and replace belcher with a guy who is the emotional leader on the team. He gets guys fired up and moving. Not to mention he can actually drop into coverage (what does he have now, 6 picks this year?) and is still a threat. Strong tackler and very explosive. Love this guy for sure. Take Teo round one, corner/safety round 2, and a project qb with very high upside that can sit behind other starters and learn how to be an nfl qb. Cassel hasn’t taught stanza shit which is partially why he sucks. But I don’t want to keep any of this awfulness on the team. Theres guys that will be there in the 3rd. ill probably be demolished for not wanting a qb in the first round but I don’t want to reach for a franchise qb when there are other better options out there.

Is vick the long term answer? I hope so but its unknown. If you’ve been watching, there’s 2 freshman qb’s out there in mariota and manziel who look better than any of these other qb’s that are going in the first round. I want one of these guys when they do come into the nfl. Either one will work. But for now, find someone who other teams have to game plan for (vick), major threat to put up big numbers (vick), and can take over a game if he has to (vick).

Im not really sold on any offensive/defensive coor’s yet. Let the head coach and gm bring in the guys they want to run it. But if you bring in the players as mentioned above, you give the entire team a boost and at least give the other team thing to plan around.

So wattaya think guys? Grill time.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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