Chiefs embarrassed (again) by Chargers (again)

Stephen Dunn

The Chiefs crumbled in the second half.

My pregame prediction of a 31-10 Chargers victory was almost a hit. The Chargers beat the Chiefs 31-13 on Thursday Night Football. A bad game that turned embarrassing with late turnovers and Chargers touchdowns.

Here's your recap, the only three quarters of which I recommend reading.

The Chargers are featuring Danario Alexander, who was signed two weeks ago, and Seyi Ajirotutu, who was signed on Monday. So of course Ajirotutu, signed three days ago, had a big play to start off the game. Check him with the full extension here:


And, just like the past two years, Antonio Gates got the best of Eric Berry for a touchdown. The Chargers took the first -- and last? -- lead of the game.

Why are Jon Baldwin and Matt Cassel mad at each other? Cassel threw a pass high to Baldwin and the TV broadcast showed Cassel, who appeared to be upset with Baldwin. And then the broadcast showed Baldwin, who appeared to be upset with Cassel.


So who's to blame here? My money's on Baldwin because it looked like Cassel's pass was a little long, as if Baldwin ran the wrong route. But, then again, Cassel throws a lot of passes high, so who knows?

The Chiefs stunned everyone on the following possession with a number of third down conversions. But this is the Chiefs we're talking about. Of course they screwed it up! The blame goes to Dwayne Bowe this time:


Stanford Routt isn't playing tonight so Javier Arenas is filling in for him. You think he's giving enough cushion here?



Jeff Allen goes down with an injury. He's replaced by Russ Hochstein. Did you know Russ Hochstein was a Chief?

The Tomahawk Chop is way better than whatever bolt stuff the Chargers do. Way better.


Can you blame Brian Daboll for getting angry? Well, yes. You can.


Philip Rivers gifts the Chiefs one. Rivers and the Chargers had the ball at the one yard line and Rivers, for some reason, threw it into tight coverage leading to an Eric Berry interception as halftime ended.


That's three points off the board for the Chargers.

Man, Rivers can't even mope correctly.


HALFTIME SCORE: 10-3, Chargers

Fumble? I'll take it.


That fumble gave the Chiefs the ball back in field goal territory. Ryan Succop had made 14 consecutive field goals after hitting one earlier in the game. That was before he missed the one early in the second half. Chiefs can't catch a break.


Perhaps the most Chiefs play of the night:

1. The Chiefs have an extra tackle in for protection.

2. Matt Cassel is hit and fumbles.

3. The Chargers recover for a touchdown.

Oh man.

Chiefs vs. Chargers in a picture:


(Before I finished writing that, Cassel threw a pick-6.)

FINAL SCORE: 31-13, Chargers

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