Perhaps our future lies in a Bulldog.

Anything and everything this season makes me want to write about the one person I am most disappointed with and that's Scott Pioli. But instead I am choosing to write about something else. Instead of repeating what everyone else know, I want to share with all of you something that very few may come to learn...until now.

For the first time, I am not looking forward to Sunday instead a Saturday game between a less than stellar WAC squad going up against perhaps their highest ranked opponent this season. I'm referring to this Saturday's game where Texas A&M visits Louisiana Tech. I have never heard of this kid. I bet no one has either. I am not going to go on writing up a bunch of stuff about him except that he is one of the many senior QB's gone unnoticed in 2012. We're all familiar with names such as Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson, Tyler Bray, Matt Barkley, EJ Manuel, Aaron Murray, Ryan Nassib, Landry Jones, Denard Robinson or even Derek Carr. But has anyone heard of Colby Cameron? I doubt it.


Am I impressed with what Geno is doing? Hell yeah. Could he be the next coming of RG3 (like the media's speculation)? Possibly. Will he go No.1 overall or No.2 in 2013 NFL draft? Quite possibly. However, I am going to trust my instincts and say it is quite reasonable to not lean towards Pioli drafting a QB in the 1st Round because he is Scott Pioli (douche). I am preparing that if we do indeed suck the rest of the season, we'll have a legitimate chance at picking in the top 3. Thus, getting our hands at one of the top 3 QB prospects is very much a reality. But then you hear of the many die-hards that want KC to win and not tank for a top pick. I for one wanted to "Suck for Luck" so bad last year but due to some uncontrollable circumstance in 2011, the Minnesota Vikings came to Arrowhead and out goes my "Suck for Luck" chants. The rest was history.

If we are not going to have a shot at picking one of the top 3 QB prospects in 2013 Draft, it may be wise to look at some other options. So far, none of the other QB's rated below Smith or Barkley entice my vision of a true QB. So what defines the true QB in my mind (note: I am not calling it a franchise QB) although, the true QB could be your franchise-type QB if his talents and intangibles are realized by the team he is surrounded with.

To illustrate what I think is a "true QB" otherwise what a franchise-type QB would look like. I want to share with all an excerpt from Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel talking about a sure first-ballot HOF QB in a recent interview -

"He's a lot like the good QB's. He is smart, has a good command of the line of scrimmage. uses his snap-count well. He can get his offense into good place by what he sees. He does a good job reading defenses. He does a good job of going through the match-ups. When he has advantage of the match-ups and getting the ball to you guys that can make plays for him."

Take a guess on who Crennel was describing.

So many times, we have read and heard what it is that makes the great ones so awesome but yet season after season, draft after draft, decision makers from all the teams get themselves stuck looking for none-of-those skills. They go for STATS, arm-strength, performances at the Combine, etc. Some of the skills set of the great ones can't be measured until they become great. Their leadership qualities, the intangibles, physical talent (such as pocket presence, footwork), their will to rise up to expectations when its needed most, the ability to overcome adversity and the single most important aspect of QBs, their love for the game. The love for the game to me translates to a player having very high Football IQ. When they love it, it becomes almost natural that those playbook comes as second nature. They study their playbook like a kid waiting on their next Harry Potter series. They can't wait for football each and every day, so much so, studying and game planning during the week is as good as game day since you only get to play it for real once a week.

Even though I have done quite a lengthy period researching this kid, there was not enough information about him on the web. Thus, I plan to write another piece about Cameron once the national media and scouts start taking notice of his qualities. Is he a prototypical NFL style QB? Is he a leader? Does he possess any intangibles? How is he as a leader? What kind of adversity he's gone through (especially playing for a lesser known school, in short -- a shitty program)? I am going to start following each and every one of Tech's remaning games this year. And by the looks of how things are going, I am confident that this squad will make it in some kind of Bowl game at year's end. They made it last year and lost a close game to TCU at the Poinsettia Bowl.

Even if you're not intrigue enough about what I have haven't said about Colby, by tuning into the game this Saturday, you'd still get to see one of the top WR prospects for the 2013 Draft in Quinton Patton. Just when I was about to submit this post, I realized that this was written earlier in the week and I had failed to take notice that the Bulldogs got ranked. Quite amazing, perhaps my wish of Cameron getting notice as a legitimate QB prospect in 2013 will take stage sooner rather than later.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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