I know this has nothing to do with the Chiefs on the field but...

i just thought this was a neat enough story to share with people who are down on the chiefs right now.

I had to share it with my friends here at Arrowhead pride. My wife and i are adopting a boy from Russia and couldnt be more excited about it. Ive even gotten into shopping for things for him. of course i have good reasons as his bedroom is a Chiefs themed room. one of the better man caves ive seen in recent times. its red and beige (i wanted white and a yellow pin stripe but the wifey wouldnt have it), has a derrick thomas and a jamaal charles jersey framed and on the wall, a signed priest holmes plaque (which i bought for 30 bucks free shipping and is in really good shape with pictures of it being signed), an eric berry signed football, and a couple other small chiefs things. its been a blast putting it all together.

The reason for this post is to let you guys know the story of whats recently happened. i, like everyone else who's ever bought chiefs tickets, am constantly getting emails about season tickets and special prices and blah blah blah. im in the air force and am based in Little Rock, AR area. to make it to a chiefs game its about a 6.5 hour drive from where i live (which i would have no problem doing). the only reason im not going to a game this year (ive made it to at least one game every year for the last 6 years) is because we're adopting and its pretty expensive...about 55,000 expensive. back on track...after getting one of these emails, i decided to email them back and see if theres any chiefs things i could get to shove into our new boys room. he replied very quickly and told me congrats but he couldnt personally do anything. he gave me another email address and said to copy and paste (with pictures of the room of course) the exact email id sent him and sait that she could probably help me out more. so i did. i waited. and waited. and waited. unrealistically, i thought shed be as fast as the first guy was.

eventually a couple days later i got an email from her. while im sure its not anything super exciting to some, she told me they re going to send a printed football with the teams signatures on it. although its a fairly small thing, the fact that the chiefs organization noticed me and WANTED to help by donating something means a lot. i was excited because i actually felt like someone thought about me that day rather than just ignoring fans like some teams do. i thought it was a long shot to even get an email response but ill gladly take a football.

this isnt the first time this year something cool with the chiefs has happened, either. just before the start of the season some of you may recall that baldwin decided to delete his twitter account to pay more attention to football. a couple weeks before that my wife and i had started selling tshirts and had a hard time getting them to sell to start off. i decided late one night around 130 am that i would tweet baldwin and just see if he could help spread the word that were selling shirts to raise money. again, it was a very small act of retweeting me...but at the time he had 300k followers. so a lot of people saw that request. we sold a couple of shirts from that but the number of tweets we got with positive feedback from fans and the number of hits our blog hit was amazing. good dude, that baldwin guy.

one other thing. a good friend of mine is actually giving us a len dawson jerey to replace the charles one in his room. this is more for me because right now the only jersey i have to wear is a cheaop trent green jersey. nothing wrong with that other than the fact that its been bad luck clearly this season. hopefully a top of the line quality charles jersey can reverse this bad start to a season. if youre reading this, thanks bobby!

if youre still reading this and are interested, feel free to read our full story at any and all positive thoughts, comments, and prayers are always welcome! i just thought this was a neat enough story to share with people who are down on the chiefs right now.

ADD ON: WE GOT OUT DATES YESTERDAY TO GO TO RUSSIA! were super excited and cannot wait to meet him. just wanted everyone else to know this.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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