The Importance of the next 4 weeks

I know this season hasn't gone according to plan. Many of us had high expectations for our team. Reading posts and comments on here you would think the whole season is over for the Chiefs, that we should just pack it in and try to get the #1 draft pick next year. This is a stupid idea. We are very much in the race and these next 4 weeks are very important in determining our place in the AFC west and allows us to control our own destiny. Let's discuss this in more depth after the jump.

Our current record is 1-4. Here are the records for the other teams in the AFC West:

Chargers: 3-2

Broncos: 2-3

Raiders: 1-3

Chiefs: 1-4

Week 1 of next 4 weeks:

We play the Bucs and I think the game is very winnable. We must win the game though which rests solely on us.

The Raiders play the Falcons and I am pretty sure all of us can agree that they will probably lose.

The most important game is the Chargers vs Broncos on Monday night. We NEED the Broncos to win. Let's say the Broncos do win, that would put the standings as follows:

Chargers: 3-3

Broncos: 3-3

Raiders: 1-4

Chiefs: 2-4

Week 2

In week 2 of the next 4 weeks everyone but the Raiders has a bye week. The Raiders play the Jags which will be tough but I suspect the Raiders will win (though if they lose all the better.) Rankings are as follows:

Chargers: 3-3

Broncos: 3-3

Raiders: 2-4

Chiefs: 2-4

Week 3

Week 3 is going to be huge. We play the Raiders and I think there is a good chance that we will beat them. The Broncos play the Saints and I think the Saints have a good chance to win now that they have that monkey off their backs with the win this last week. I will be rooting for the Saints so we can be tied with the Broncos but also because we beat the Saints and thus we will have an advantage if tie breakers come into place. The Chargers will play the Browns and though I think the Browns will be competitive, I think they will lose.

Chargers: 4-3

Broncos: 3-4

Raiders: 2-5

Chiefs: 3-4

Week 4

Finally, the most important of this 4 week period I am talking about. The Raiders play the Bucs and have a good chance of winning. The Broncos play the Bengals which will be tough but I think the Broncos win as well. We play the Chargers for the final time in the season. This is a very important game because we don't play them anymore and we will be tied with them. They lost to the Saints so we have the tie breaker advantage. We also will be tied with the Bronocos BUT we still have to play them twice this year meaning we control our destiny for the rest of the season.

Chargers: 4-4

Broncos: 4-4

Raiders: 3-5

Chiefs: 4-4

The AFC West will be close but we will be ahead of the Chargers via tiebreakers and we will be tied with the Broncos whom we play twice still. We need to then beat the Steelers so we don't fall behind in tiebreakers. This season is very much still within reach and we can control our own destiny. Don't give up hope fellow Chiefs fans!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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