Television audience retread

We did not see the cause for Cassel's concussion at all on the broadcast feed. There was no violent hit attached and we were already calling for Quinn. I really thought Cassel was just throwing in the towel and/or catching his breath. It seemed like once people realized he was down, our humanity kicked in and we said a prayer for his health, but as a football fan, I don't feel like we tarnished the reputation of Arrowhead.

Gear grinders after the jump...

I take exception to Winston being overly critical. When we were watching the game in the living room, we were trying to stay pumped up because all we had to do was core a few points and we could eke out a win against a team many thought we couldn't beat. Every time we saw a big play, we were looking for a flag or something else to keep us from gaining ground. We all know that there have been plenty of times already this season where we aren't even interested in what is going on on the field. That play in particular had us bouncing off the walls with different things to consider (not one of which was how bad we were going to hurt Eric Winston's feelings if we gave the wrong emotional response).

I really appreciate Dirk's comment about an NFL game being the worst time to call out someone's morality. This game has so many disconnects from reality. Yes, there is a possibility that someone could die playing this game, but we could make lists of people with much more dangerous jobs that get paid much much less. Eric Winston continues to cash a game check that resembles a lottery winning, so keep telling me that they're all just regular Joes like you and me. I think Winston is a little bit extra touchy since his lottery check is paid to keep Cassel from taking those hits (whoops).

To contrast the person that said Arrowhead is just another Black Hole, Bill Romanowski would argue with Winston too, but for a different reason. Fifteen or more years ago, this league WANTED to be the modern gladiators. Romo wanted to put the hurt on people...he wanted the crowd to cheer at the sight of blood. He helped make the Raiders into the scumbags we love to hate.

These guys are paid to hit each other...just like boxers and MMA fighters. The only difference is that the way to score points in fighting is to directly cause harm to the other person, where our sport scores points by getting to the other side of that person. We don't like to see people hurt, but just the same...if the goal is on the other side, I don't care if they find a way around, over, or through the guy standing in their way.

Ultimately, I am just sad that we had so much negativity for our team built up in the first place and we took it out on one of our own, Matt Cassel. When we start every season with " session" we get a reminder of true class. That is what we hope to bring to Arrowhead. Our stadium was frustrated from kickoff and it showed. The boos started early and never lifted. I was booing myself when we decided not to try to score points at the half. (I would like to ask Mr. Crennel if he remembers his W-L record while playing conservative football.) The team deserves better, the fans deserve better, each individual player deserves better. I don't want Cassel to be hurt. I don't even care if he gets benched or if he stays on the field. I just want these players to do their jobs (don't lead league in turnovers, keep your quarterback safe, etc...). I want a reason to cheer that doesn't make me look like a jerk (Quinn's first pass, anyone?). I want to win...GO CHIEFS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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