A Get Well soon video to Matt Cassel

Dear AP readers/writers,

I'm a Chiefs fan. My first game was to see Joe Montana take on the 49ers at Arrowhead. My grandfather was a reporter for the Star. He gave up the opportunity to play professional baseball to be part of the sports culture in Kansas City. In High School, volunteered at The Children's Place because of people like Derrick Thomas and Will Shields.

I no longer live in Kansas City. I live in Los Angeles, where I am a filmmaker. But I still call it my home whenever people ask.

This weekend was my lowest moment as a Chiefs fan. Not because of the booes. Not because of record. But because everything that many Chiefs fans have worked hard to do hit rock bottom. We're a town known for heartland hospitality. For dropping everything to help Joplin. For inviting people with Packers jerseys to our tailgate to have a brisket sandwich.

We've spent too much time in the last 24 hours debating : whether 1 person. Or 70,000 people booed or cheered Mr. Cassel's injury. We've spent no to little time wishing Mr. Cassel a safe recovery. We've spent little to no time thinking about his wife and family who had to endure what he did (even if it was from "a small percentage"). We're making headlines. And in the worst way you could imagine.

He's a man. Who is part of our community. Who didn't play the game for himself, but for us. Whether his execution has been Pro Bowl or not, he got hurt as a Chief.

I challenge every one of you, Midwesterner or not. To take this time and think of how small we'd feel if that were us. We've all had moments where we've lost. Where we tried but that wasn't enough. And in those moments are when we need support.

Matt Cassel threw a 1st down pass and got injured. He was trying to win one for the Red & Yellow.

Many of you have webcams, or cameras. For any of you that do care about Mr. Cassel, I challenge you to make a simple video. Post it in here. And wish him a safe recovery.

We're the people that held a vigil for Derrick Thomas the night he died. We're the people that gave Mr. Crennel a second chance at Coaching. We're the small city that knows how to make noise. And takes care of our own.

We can be defensive. Or we can be the better men (and women).

Post it here. My day job is as a filmmaker. (I won KCFF in 2010 with my premiere film Homecoming). My dream project is a love letter to this town, because I want the world to see how beautiful this town and its people are. We sacrifice our own wants before others. I'll edit them together myself. We'll send a copy of the DVD to the Chiefs as well as Cassel's represenative. And place it on youtube.

Best Regards,

Sean Hackett

Chiefs fan since 83

Chiefs fan for Life.

PS: Post it in the comments section. Or e-mail it to me at seanhackett at

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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