It's Time to Rock And Roll (Random observations so far)

Let me begin by saying that anyone who cheers for a player to be injured (especially a player with an off-the-field record like Matt Cassel has) should find a new sport to watch.......or some traffic to play in. Either one will do. This in no way represents the Chiefs fans as a whole. There are Jackasses in every fanbase (some have more than others).

I am excited. AP has been a mixture of "blah" and "Doom and Gloom" over the last few weeks. Yeah, we are 1-4, but it's not all bad. And keep in mind that this is my opinion.

-That said, although it didn't happen in the way I would have liked, Brady Quinn is likely to get the nod next week. When he threw the first pass I couldn't help but to smile. It's just time for change.

-Can we have the replacement refs back please? Ok. That's a stretch, but I was always more worried about the real refs than I was the replacements. It was the real refs who let Tamba get choked out without a holding call. I still have to re-watch the whole game, but I didn't like what I saw from the refs yesterday. 2 awful calls.

-Romeo can do this job. I have heard so many say that he is going to fail because he failed in Cleveland. That is ridiculous. He might fail, but he is capable. I have heard that he doesn't make in game adjustments. That sounds familiar. This is something that is said about most coaches But I don't see that with Romeo. He makes adjustments, (especially after halftime). Now the offense is on Daboll, and so far I believe I like what I see. Many don't like that Romeo is so calm all of the time. I like that. I don't want a leader who panics. I want a leader who fixes what is broken, and he so far has done that. The D went from awful to lights out. And I expect it to keep going. My biggest concern with Romeo has always been his age. Win or lose, change in inevitable, As far as I know, he is the only one who runs his scheme. When he is gone, there will have to be changes. I just hope that we don't have to hit the reset button on the franchise again.

-NEWSFLASH- Jamal Charles is pretty good when he is not coughing the ball up......but he is getting too many touches. He can not continue to get 30 touches a game. Chris Johnson is a great example of burn out. We have to get more out of Gray and Draughn.

-Speaking of Gray and Draughn, if they can hold the ball, they are solid players. And I have been more impressed with Gray. He has something. If you would have asked me in the preseason, I would have likely said that they were equal, but I see something in Gray. I will keep my eye on him.

-Dwayne Bowe is still a playmaker, and he is definitely a top 10 receiver. With a better QB he could be top 5. We need to keep him in KC.

-Jon Baldwin just might be what we thought he was. We will have to get the ball his way more often.

- Dex is one of my favorite players. He is tough and does whatever needs to be done. I am glad that he is a Chief.

Get your cups all washed out because here comes the Kool Aid.

We held the Ravens to 9 points. They are a very good offense on all fronts. The offense moved the ball on a pretty good D, but "things" kept happening to get TD reversed. We are still on our way, and we still have the most potential on paper of any team in our division.

No team in our division won yesterday. That means that we are in the same boat we were in before any of the games were played (2games out of first). But I believe that things are going to be different. The team just seems different somehow. Hopefully it is was not just the Chiefs getting up to play the Ravens, but instead, it was the team turning a corner. We can still accomplish what we all want to accomplish a playoff win and SB. Outside of the QB position, we have shown flashes in every other aspect of the game that let us know that we can play with anyone. We just have to put it all together in the same game.... for the whole game. Now that Quinn is coming in, there is a new hope surrounding the team. If he can put it together, then the sky is the limit for this 1-4 team that got beat down in the first 2 games of the season.

I am a believer.

Let's go Chiefs!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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