I'm Sick of This...

I'm sick of the Chiefs players. I'm sick of the Chiefs coaches. And I'm sick of this season. This may seem harsh, but here it is:

I'm sick of Dwayne Bowe
If you're going to hold out on the franchise, then play like you've got something to prove. Sorry, Dwayne, you've proved nothing. Jon Baldwin outperformed you today. Dwayne Bowe single-handedly killed the game today, and that's the truth. I'm gonna say this, and you can get mad if you want... Don't pay Bowe. Trade him. Trade him for a first round pick.

I'm sick of Matt Cassel
Enough said. There's a thousand reasons and every one of them is already on this website. Sorry you took a tough shot, but I'm glad you're out. 9/15 passes - 92 YDS - 2 Interceptions. Don't talk to me about how those weren't his fault. He dropped the ball on the 1 yard line. See ya, Matt. I hope that was your last game in a Chiefs uniform. Too Tough? $60 Millions dollars guys. $60 MILLION. Not worth it.

I'm sick of Brian Daboll
Our play calling is about as sophisticated as my high school gym class football games. When something isn't working, stop. How many times did Dexter McCluster touch the ball? How about Moeaki? Steve Breaston? No? Good God... did we run a single Play Action pass after over 100yds in running by Charles in the first half?

I'm sick of Romeo Crennel
... as a head coach. The most fired up I saw him today was about a bad call on defense. Where is your fire when your Offense is self-destructing? Where is your fire at the end of a half - 4th down and 1 yard - and we punt the ball with 12 seconds left. Where is it? Romeo is a great Defense Coordinator. Terrible Head Coach. I'm so disgusted with your propensity to defend a sub-par performance week after week. "We're still early in the season..." is not an answer in the NFL - never should be. Where is the passion? You're a grown man coaching grown men who do this for a LIVING. This is your LIFE. If half of our city showed the same drive and leadership for their jobs as you do yours, we'd have the highest unemployment in the country. Losing 7 of our last 8 home games. And no comment - no sign at all of "urgency".

Redeemable points from today

1) The Defense.
Great Job. That's all you can say. Sorry our Offense is Non-Existant. We held the Ravens to 9 points in our house, and we lost. Please don't stop playing Lights Out.

2) Our Young Guns.
Jon Baldwin has passion. He catches a ball and the crowd comes alive. Everytime. Sign the man. So he doesn't have the name "Bowe" on the back of his jersey. He lights a fire by the way he plays. Awesome. Shaun Draugn. Runs just as hard as Charles, and also plays with a fire I've never seen in Peyton Hillis. Cyrus Gray. He lost a fumble and that sucks. But he made big plays today when Charles was tired. He'll only get better. Dontari Poe. Brandon Flowers - young guys playing with more heart than the big names. Good on you. Terrance Copper isn't a young guy, but he's a "smaller name" - and he played with guts. He deserves recognition.

So What Now? Sorry if this post is too in your face. I just finished watching the game. But here are my honest thoughts. I love the Chiefs, but this is where I'm at - 100%.

Cassel, Bowe, Hillis, and Eric Winston, should all be benched. I'm very serious. Sit their butts. To tolerate their terrible performances is to show that we accept anything, as long as you've got the name or the paycheck. When there is more excellence coming from young bloods that would kill to have your fame and your position in this city, you don't deserve to hold a spot. What are we going to lose? Another game? The city's support? The commentators support? NewsFlash gents, we're already losing games, the stands were far from full today, and the commentators don't talk about us anyway. Watching Chiefs Football games has turned into just waiting for the next catastrophe to happen on Offense. The crowd came alive today when Brady Quinn came in. The whole emotion of the game changed. If not for a "pick" called on McCluster, Brady Quinn would be the topic of the greatest story in KC in months. This tells me the city wants change - that's all. If not wins, we want change.

The ship is taking on water, and we don't want to rock the boat? We're sinking. Time to plug the holes and make the changes we need to make in order, if nothing else, to send a message. We expect Excellence. The city deserves your best effort. You're Grown Men. Take some pride in yourself. Be ashamed, be honest, and work as hard as ever.

Final Thoughts Kansas City has a history of football. The entire city takes PRIDE in the RED & GOLD. As grown men, how can these Kansas City Players put on a uniform emblazoned with that city on their helmets, and NOT PLAY WITH PASSION? How can a coach put on a hat with the city emblazoned on it, a play chart that carries not just the name of the city, but the attention, money, time, and soul of a city and NOT LEAD WITH PASSION? How can you not be ashamed of the showing you had today (Dwayne Bowe) and not pledge to the city in a press conference that you will work harder than ever in your life to restore faith in the program? How can show so little pride in what you do, when an entire city waits for you to take the field.

That's pretty much all I can say. It sucks that we lost today. But it will suck more if we get a few wins, all the uncovered garbage gets swept back under the rug, and we sit in a boat that continues to take on water. If you want to cuss me out, prove me wrong, etc - I sincerely wish you would - drop a comment below. I would love to change my mind about this team. I love Kansas City, and I love Kansas City Football. So after all that... with a sigh and resurgence of the tiniest flame of hope...


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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