GIF'D UP! Chargers vs. Chiefs: Offensive line woes

Peter Aiken - Getty Images

The Chiefs had some issues blocking San Diego last Sunday. Who's to blame?

So, yeah, Matt Cassel was pretty bad last Sunday. But, in fairness, his offensive line was pretty bad, too. Cassel's just not very good, so if his offensive line isn't playing well, we're really going to be in trouble.

Last Sunday the lineman who played the worst, according to Pro Football Focus, was left guard Jeff Allen. We probably shouldn't be surprised, since this was his first start. But, he was facing Corey Liuget, who is an OK player, but is only in his second season. Allen is a second-round pick. This is what we get? /subtlepiolitroll

Liuget owned Allen against the run and against the pass. Here are some pretty bad GIFs of it.

GIF #1: This is Cassel's first interception of the game. I think the fact that Allen got beat and allowed pressure directly in Cassel's face caused the pick. It wasn't a bad decision, but rather an underthrown ball. Eric Winston allowed his guy to get a little close to Cassel, too, and we know that sometimes that is a scary thing for Matt.


#2: This is Jamaal Charles' fumble near the start of the game. Allen gets owned and shoved deep into the backfield. You can also see Tony Moeaki and Branden Albert beginning to get destroyed at the POA. This was a bad play.


#3: This is Cassel's fumble/not fumble. I still think it was a fumble, and it's completely Allen's fault. He's nothing on this play. Nothing.


#4: This is like an exact repeat of the earlier running play. Physical domination. We're lucky Jamaal Charles is quick.


#4: Cassel actually threw a TD duck on this play, which is pretty good considering he was about to be sacked. Liuget gets off balance and yanks him like he weighs 200 pounds. I think Liuget works out.


And behind curtain #2: ERIC WINSTON!

You probably saw Winston getting owned live, because it was really hard to miss. He wasn't as bad as Allen, not even close actually, but considering he was basically our top free agent signing, this is inexcusable.




Winston looks like some macabre amalgamation of Barry Richardson and Ryan O'Callaghan on these plays. Is every right tackle that plays for this franchise suffering under the The Curse of John Tait or something? If Winston doesn't improve this week I'm gonna nickname him "Bad Dog," which is an inside joke only the Thorman Bros. will get.

Anyway, hopefully Allen plays better this week against...errr....Haloti Ngata. Ouch.

And now here's Ricky Stanzi being ever so chipper despite the doom and gloom.

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