When all hope is lost. Get a banner?


There comes a time in every mediocre NFL regime when the fan base can take no more.

Is that time now in Kansas City?

Well if you think fans paying for a banner calling for the GM's head to fly high over Arrowhead Stadium during tailgating is the starting point. Then Kansas City, it may indeed be that time. And that is exactly what Kansas City Chiefs fans are doing this Sunday if you let this article tell it.

Times like these are tough on NFL fan bases like the one in Kansas City. On one hand, we are suppose to be loyal, die-hard fans of our team. Fans adorned in red and gold, full from BBQ, tipsy from beer, loud and confident going into battle with the Kansas City Chiefs every Sunday, win or lose.

On the other hand, we are a fan base that hasn't seen a playoff win since the days of Joe Montana. We are tired of losing, tired of not drafting QB's in the first round and tired of a "tired process" that always ends with a Matt Cassel tired flub.

In the offseason, a lot of us around Arrowhead Pride thought we were done with Matt Cassel in 2012. It was going to be Peyton Manning coming to Kansas City, broke neck and all before he scoffed at Scott... Or at the very least Kyle Orton, to continue what he started or perhaps some other vet off the pile, anyone but Matty Nice. We were warned by some around AP that Scott Pioli would shaft us all in the draft, pass up on free agent options. Hit the gas pedal on the "Casselmobile" and go full speed ahead with his 2009 plan that wowed the soccer pants off "the Clarks" when he was hired to the massive cheers of many.

Now the Chiefs are four games into the season. As well as four years into Scott Pioli's plan. The Chiefs are 1-3, the "Casselmobile" is out of gas and fans are demanding change. That is to be expected, any time a team is losing, the fans are obviously going to be pissed about it.

That anger is put under a microscope when your team seemingly refuses to get a QB that can take this team to a Super Bowl. Especially in a city that has not held the Lombardi in it's grasp since around the time Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon in black and white TV's all across America.


We all want the Chiefs to be a winner. Every year we get hyped up for the team to be good and that includes everyone working within the Chiefs organization, everyone wants a winner.

Though, not every team can win, even with all the hope in the world. That is a lesson we know all to well in Kansas City. In the NFL, it takes luck, health, skill, timing and a million other little things to win on a consistent basis.

Thus far, Scott Pioli has not built a team that can do that. They are close. This isn't a team in total disarray. This is a team that is few pieces away from being a contender if it can work on being more than just a good practicing team. At the same token, the reason they won't get those pieces to get over the hump is due to the current regime.

We want to like Scott Pioli, but he is making this relationship very difficult with his stance on Matt Cassel. That's great that he is loyal to his instincts and people. However, in some cases loyalty is a fault.

Just like it is my fault I get to suffer through Chiefs loss after loss with a smile on my face as I expect the next victory like an idiot in the face of logic.

It's Scott Pioli's fault that he believes in Matt Cassel enough to lose his job if he can't win in Kansas City. Right now, he can't win in Kansas City and I respect Scott for keeping that loyalty. Just like I respect my fandom for continuing to support this team.

The end goal in Kansas City is to win, and right now, Scott Pioli may just be standing in the way of that goal with his ideas of a winning QB... Even though it's his own goal himself. It's a complex situation.

There is only one thing that Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel can do to save themselves from the looming changes.

That one thing is winning. I expect a win this Sunday against the Ravens, but my logic tells me with Matt Cassel in command of this offense... the likelihood of that happening is bordering on the impossible.

That said Chiefs, win and you're in.

Geaux Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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