Kill Em All

It's my time to jump on the hater bandwagon.

Admittedly, I was born and raised by hippies, so I don't advocate killing anybody. I just wanted to give a shout out to Metallica's first and best album.

In this order I hate:

- Matt Cassel (even though I love him for being such a good human being).

- Scott Pioli (no reservations, as he appears to be a total douchebag of a human being).

- Romeo Crennel (ditto my Matt Cassel exception).

- Clark Hunt (last only because of his dad).

Matt Cassel - I would love to bench him now, but I think we should wait out the Ravens game so Quinn has a fighting chance. I suspect that after the Ravens Cassel will look even worse than he does now, so controversy will be reduced and Quinn will have a chance for more first string snaps in practice before he is thrown in the fire. I think the Tampa Bay game would be the perfect time to start Quinn. Granted, if Cassel shows some signs of being competitive in the Ravens game that would screw everything up, but I would go to Vegas with those odds.

Scott Pioli - Like mostly everyone else here, I loved this hiring. Finally King Carl and Herm were gone! Since then I have been much less impressed.


Cassel trade: Liked scoring Vrabel along with Cassel and thought it was a good value trade, but otherwise hated it. In talking to my wife at the time I said "I have to agree that he was the hottest QB out there and we made a good trade, but I don't think I want somone NE would dump for our QB." I wanted us to pick a QB at the top of the draft. My wife wanted us to give Thigpen another shot. In retrospect we were both right. If Thigpen would have started in 09 maybe we would have had Matt Stafford as or QB now (probably would have been even more injured in his first few seasons though). And Thigpen would have made the 2009 season a lot more fun to watch even if the results would probably not have been that much different.

My wife really knows nothing about the game of football, but loves to watch it with me (honestly I don't know that much more than she does). One thing I trust her on is her judgement of the QB. She has hated Cassel from the start, and still does. I, (in my eternally optimistic fan mode) have always tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. "He can't play this bad next season." "He will improve over the off-season." "He practiced with a pitching coach this off-season, I bet that will really help his throwing motion." I am proud to say neither of us were impressed by his 2010 season. "Someone must have had the flu, that's the only reason he's a pro bowler." She also calls Big Ben "that fuc*in dinosaur", which is one of the many reasons I love her so dearly.

1. Tyson Jackson - Reality: TBD - My view: Hated it - Sad honesty: was hoping for Aaron Curry if it wasn't a QB - In retrospect: B.J. Raji, Brian Orakpo, CLAY MATTHEWS.

2-7. I really don't know enough to have a personal choice in these rounds, so I'll just give my gut reaction at the time and the result based on A+ = a good pick, A = at least he's still on the team, F = fail, even though he's still on the team, and W = who the fu*k was that? If he gets a W and is still on the team, then he probably deserves it for me not knowing.

3. Alex Magee - ? - W

4. Donald Washington - ? - F

5. Colin Brown - ? - W

6. Quintin Lawrence - ? - W

7A, Javarris Williams - ? - W, 7B. - Jake O'Conell - ? - F, Ryan Succop - That's an awesome name for a kicker! - A+

FA - Jon McGraw - F, Jarrad Page - FFL (fail for losing him)


I was depressed going into this season. Cassel was not the answer. Not much more to say.

1. Eric Berry - Reality: TBD - My view: cautious optimism - Sad honesty: was hoping for Russell Okung if it wasn't a QB - In retrospect: no complaints yet - Notable - Jason Perre-Paul, Earl Thomas.

2A. Dexter McCluster - Huh running back, DMC, can you say Run DMC? Awesome! - A+. 2B Javier Arenas - who? - A

3A. Jon Asamoah - ? - A+. 3B. Tony Moeaki - Who? - A+

5A. Kendrick Lewis - ? - A+. 5B - Czmeron Sheffield - F

FA. Jackie Battle - FFL after last Sunday, Terrance Copper - A, Shaun Smith FFL still hope


2012 seems to be just like 2011. So much optimism even though we were going into another year with Cassel at QB. "He got a little better last year." "He kinda made it to the pro bowl." "We got all kinds of better players to surround him." "At least Brodie Croyle is gone." Then blowout, blowout, close to competitive, then mediocre enough through the rest of the season to not get Luck or RGIII. Oh yeah, then there was Tyler Palko, Haley implosion, and Kyle Orton and Romeo.

1. Jonathan Baldwin - Reality: TBD - My view: really? - Sad honesty: Was hoping for a QB, any QB. - In retrospect: ANDY DALTON.

2. Rodney Hudson - ? but that's OK, anyone for the O-line is cool - A+

3. Justin Houston - sweet, l can't blame a guy for wanting to smoke a little doob, and we stole him. - A+

4. Jalil Brown - ? - A

5. Ricky Stanzi - Who? (watches youtube video) Hell yeah! He's a quarterback, and he can throw a football! - A+ just for finally picking a QB.

6. Jerrell Powe - Who? (after reading AP later) Hell yeah! That dude kills alligators and eats possums! - A+

7. Shane Bannon - Uh, he looks beefy? - A*

FA - Steve Breaston - A, Tim Castille - FFL, Jared Gaither - FFL, Kelly Gregg - A, Le'Ron McClain - FFL, Steve Maneri - A


2012 seems to be just like 2011. So much optimism even though we were going into another year with Cassel at QB. "He might have gotten a little better last year if he hadn't been injured." "He looked great in training camp." "We got all kinds of better players to surround him." "At least Tyler Palko is gone." Then blowout, blowout, close to competitive, then mediocre enough through the rest of the season to not get Smith. Oh yeah, then there was Brady Quinn, Pioli/Crennel implosion, and Ricky Stanzi and Brian.

1. Dontari Poe - Reality: TBD - My view: - i wanted us to sell our immortal souls for Luck, just about anything else for RGIII. Sad honesty: In lieu of a QB, Was hoping for Keuchly, DeCastro, or Hightower. - In retrospect: ?

2. Jeff Allen - At least we got a hopefully stud guard - A+

3. Donald Stephenson - What?! You said you wanted to draft a QB every year, and you wanted some QB competition! - TBD

4. Deven Wylie - See round 3 - TBD

5. DeQuan Menzie - See round 3 - TBD

6. Cyrus Gray - Obviously you were lying about, QB competition Pioli, but I like late round running backs, so OK - TBD

7. Junior Hemingway - It's funny how both teams drafting QBOTF also drafted a 2nd QB just in case. Wonder if you'll be smart enough to do that when you actually finally draft us a QB you lying fuc*ing peckerwood Pioli! TBD*

FA - Kevin Boss - A, Peyton Hillis - A, Ropati Pitoitua - A+ one of few bright spots in last Sundays game, Stanford Routt - A, Eric Winston - A+.

So what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Scott Pioli. I meant this draft rundown to show how terrible he is as a GM, but really it just seems to show that he is mediocre to decent at drafting. I don't see any obvious big hits, but also don't see more than the usual total fails (everybody sucked in 2009). He also hasn't made any stupid trades (in hindsight maybe Moeaki, but didn't seem stupid in 2010), then again he hasn't made any good trades either. The huge fail here is that there is only one 5th round QB on this list. He has not drafted a QBOTF, and even worse he has only taken one developmental QB. If he had taken a few flyers over the last few years, we might have had no Tyler Palko last year, and something a little more optimistic than Quinn this year. I can't say we should fire him for his draft picks or free agency, but we can for his lack of QB draft picks. Also, he seems like a douche of a person. I wouldn't want him as my boss, so I probably don't want him as the boss of my football team either.

Romeo Crennel - I liked the hire at the time. Figured we'd get Kyle Orton back and start the 2012 season right where we left off in 2011, except hopefully with a lot more offense, and more passion because our team wanted to play their hearts out for Romeo.

Now I feel differently. We didn't get Orton back (I didn;t like him that much anyway, but better than Cassel). We didn't continue from 2011, we restarted it. I still can't help but like Romeo, he's such a big cuddly teddy bear. He's what I wish my Grandpa had been like. Instead my grandpa was an old wrinkly WWII vet who took no shit, drank a quart of vodka and smoked a pack of camel stubbies a day. Plus he defined old man bathroom stink. I'm starting to think my grandpa is what we need for coaching here, not a teddy bear.

I'm not ready to fire Romeo yet. If he shows the players a different side than what he shows to the public, he might be OK. However, the lack of anger, fire, passion or shame that we see from the players seems to very much reflect Romeo's public persona. If I don't see him blow a gasket sometime on the sideline or in a press conference within another couple weeks, I'm ready to fire him too.

Clark Hunt - Why have you let this happen? Nuff said.

Where do we go from here?

I would like to give Quinn a shot, then Stanzi if we hit nine losses. Maybe neither are better than Cassel, but I sure had a lot more fun watching Thigpen play than Huard, or Croyle or whoever he replaced that year. I think it's the same this year. It may suck just as much, but seeing someone new fail will be more fun than watching Cassel fail yet again. At least there's still a faint hope that they might succeed a little (just make sure it's not enough to jeopardize QBOTF).

I want Pioli gone now. I would recommend pre-shave Brett Kiesel, the backup snapper from the Raiders, or the NFL network blue suit dude as our interim GM. I think a big beard is very important in an interim GM. No idea who we should get next year, but hopefully he is less of a douche than Pioli.

I'm willing to give Romeo a few more weeks before I decide, but I better see more passion and less under-performing from our players. If we do have to can him mid-season, I would recommend the most interesting man in the world from the beer commercials as our interim coach. He doesn't have a big beard, but he is really interesting, and he doesn't seem as cuddly as Romeo.

Bonus Metallica:

- Ride the Lightning - Matt Cassel, Scott Pioli

- Master of Puppets - Scott Pioli->Romeo Crennel

- And Justice for All - Clark Hunt

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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