So where do we go from here...GM? Coaches? Personnel?

Where are the Pioli defenders now? Where are the people defending the coaches now? Where are the people defending the roster now? (Crickets chirping) Yeah, I don't see how you can defend this team at all with any credibility to your opinion. Some may call this an overreaction, But I still believe the Chiefs will win One or more games still this year, and this still would not change my mind. This Team is bad. This team is Historically bad. Let's not sugarcoat how bad they have been this hear. I won't talk about why because we all know why and as a fan i don't care to rehash it, but I am not here to be a negative Nancy. Even though this is probably the most dire circumstances that the Chiefs find themselves in that I have seen in my short lifetime there has to be a silver lining. Even tough the Chiefs are setting records for turnovers and overall ineptitude there must be a light at the end of the tunnel. So lets dive in...


Pioli has to go. He can't be trusted to pick another coach,(Most of the legitimate coaching prospects wouldn't even listen to offers from Pioli anyway) He can't be trusted to make any more personnel moves,(Most of the legitimate FA wouldn't even listen to offers from Pioli anyway) if you somehow believe he has and is doing a good job he just has to go. Unless the chiefs win 9 of the last 9 Pioli has to go if for nothing but a PR move. How could Clark Hunt expect season ticket-holders to renew their tickets if he doesn't make a move to improve the sorry state of this team. I guess you could take it further and say Clark needs to go, but that would be the end of the KC chiefs and the start of the LA Chiefs so lets not go there.

So who do we replace him with? it's probably the hardest question to answer as a fan, we know coaches, we know players, but we know very little of GM's. I have been on record championing Eric DeCosta, or anyone from the Baltiomre scouting department. I can throw out another interesting name in Bill Polian, but a growing trend in the NFL however is picking a Coach and getting their input on which GM they want. Could Bill Cowher be the next person hired by Clark Hunt? Whoever it is they will make some of the most important decisions for the future of this team and draft the QB that we so desperately need, Clark can not afford to get this one wrong.


I will say that I believe RAC is an above average DC, But he is not a good HC. I don't need to see anymore games to make that decision. He isn't even prepared for his after game pressers, just like his team isn't ever prepared to play. He is in over his head. I would keep him as a DC, but he would not stay so it doesn't matter. I like the guy but lets face it, they settled on RAC, and we as fans settled on RAC, not wanting to see the Defense that beat 15-1 Green Bay get away.

So who do we replace him with? The Usual suspects get thrown around a lot around here:






Even Schottenheimer

Or you could throw in your favorite college coach like Chip Kelly to spice it up every now and then, or throw in your favorite NFL OC or DC to add some more flavor. At the end of the day what we need more than anything is a great QB coach to develop the most coveted investment that the Chiefs will Draft next april. Switching or not switching to another defensive scheme should be a big consideration when picking Coaches, as well as how to optimize the Offensive talent that already exists. Rebuilding is not a word I welcome, I'm ready for a Harbaugh like resurgence of the KC Chiefs next season and the right Coach can bring it here. We are not worse on personnel than the 2010 49ers.


We have to start with keeping the talented players we have here. Albert Re-signed, Bowe Re-signed, Dorsey let see FA. Restructuring TJax's contract would satisfy me. Then we could go a few directions, but a Vet QB to help the Franchise QB we draft this year would be the best asset now. D line is another position of interest if Dorsey goes. Names that I think we should be interested in are Flacco, Schaub, Jennings, Wallace, Urlacher.


This post should really start here. Are we allowed to pick a QB every round? I don't see how we can not go QB first round this year. The reasons to do so are countless, the biggest being 30 years old. This Team needs a Franchise QB. We can not afford to get this wrong. Barkley, Wilson and Smith are the 3 guys to look at in the first as well as Bray if he comes out. But if the chiefs are smart, they don't stop their, Drafting a second QB this year looks like a certain possibility even if we bring in a FA QB. It is not that this team doesn't have other needs, because they do, it is just that this need outweighs the others soo much. My first 3 rounds might look like this:

1st- Geno Smith/Tyler Wison/Matt barkley

2nd-Cordarell Patterson/Tavon Austin/Shane Skov

3rd-Mike Glennon/the best defensive talent left on the board


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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