Frustrated with Negativity

America – Land of free speech which translates into land of opinions for all. Everyone has a right to their opinion on all subjects thus the frustration I have experienced over the past several months as it relates to negativity and the Kansas City Chiefs.

I am a 59 year old single mother of two grown sons. I live for the NFL season. I am a diehard Chiefs fan, win or lose. My radio at home, in my car and at work is tuned into 810 Sports Radio from September – January in order for me to keep up with NFL news. On game day it changes to 101TheFox. If the Chiefs are playing away and I’m not on the road to watch the game in person, I have 101TheFox on the radio and the television turned down. Home games you will find me with my headphones on in the stadium at the games. I have had the privilege of attending all games at Arrowhead Stadium since 1994. I have a personal goal to get to all of the NFL stadiums at some point when the Chiefs are playing. To date, I have visited 28 of the 31 stadiums, my latest being New Orleans on September 23rd.

I, too, have opinions regarding some Chiefs fans and local radio sports commentators and feel the need to get some of my opinions out in the open.

IMO, negativity voiced about the owner, GM, coaches and players does nothing but discourage and deflate these individuals as they perform their jobs. If the general public was to constantly speak negatively about me, I would get very down on myself and question my ability to excel and be successful in my job. I have heard numerous comments made by individuals on 810 Sports Radio about how “terrible” or how certain Chiefs players “sucked” during the first six games of the season. At times I have to laugh at some of the things that are said; other times I get so pissed off I want to reach through the radio and shake them! Don’t you honestly believe that after an unsuccessful play all of our players and coaches wish it had a different outcome?! Badmouthing them (which IMO is adult bullying!!) doesn’t send out a good and/or the correct message nor does it encourage or motivate them. Rational people are aware that bullying on the playground and in school makes growing up hard on young people. We are very passionate about eliminating bullying in those settings; however what example are we setting when we publicly denounce adults and rant about their flaws? Is this not a mixed message and what are we teaching our kids? For those who say “I bought a ticket and I deserve better”, I say “great.” You paid to watch a competition. You are not entitled to a win. We are entitled to have a seat; nothing more. Don't even get me started on those complaining who are watching from outside the stadium! I believe everyone performs better and is more successful with encouragement. Yes, players are professionals and they are paid to perform to the best of their ability. However, everyone makes mistakes; no one is perfect. If anyone thinks they can do better, they should be out there on the field! I am so sick and tired of hearing what should have happened from all the armchair quarterbacks, armchair tackles, armchair receivers, etc. out there. Get your butt to open draft tryouts and show us how it should be done since you have all the answers and talent!!! And when you crumble on the field after a 250 pound+ tackle, I promise not to boo or badmouth you! That’s fair and what you would want, right?!?!?

Nothing Romeo Crennel could say at this point is going to make certain people happy. Some people criticize and analyze every single word that comes out of his mouth. Give the man a break! Do you want him to coach or do you want him to be “perfect” in his news conferences?!?! GEEZ!! Again, if you think you can do a better job, get your resume ready and submit it to Clark Hunt. Maybe you can be the next head coach, conduct the perfect interview and get the Chiefs to the Super Bowl.

Additionally, Scott Pioli also can’t seem to catch a break. Why don’t all news and sports media individuals accept the fact that the Chiefs organization is going to conduct themselves much like a family unit. From the start, it has been no secret that Scott was not going to be forthcoming on a lot of information. Accept it and move on! Once again, if you think you can do a better job, get your resume ready and submit it to Clark Hunt. Maybe you can be the GM, make the perfect draft picks, make the perfect trades, give the perfect interview and get the Chiefs to the Super Bowl. Some of you seem to have all the answers!

Note to sports and media personnel: Coach and players are NOT going to answer some of the stupid questions you ask after games. There are many times when I listen to post-game interviews and ask myself, “How did you sports media guys get your jobs and how do you keep your job? That is the most ridiculous question/comment I have ever heard! Did you really just ask that?!” Would you want all your family issues broadcast/critiqued by the general public?!?!? I know I sure wouldn’t! Would you throw your brother/sister under the bus to the general public if he/she messed up?!? No, so why do you expect anyone from the Chiefs organization to want to talk about specific flaws of individual players after a 60-minute game that resulted in a loss?!?!

I keep asking myself. With all the negative comments, banners and actions by both media and some fans, did it ever cross your mind that Clark Hunt might be thinking about and/or evaluating moving the Chiefs to another city? Would that make all you negative individuals happy? I often ask myself – What must Lamar be thinking as he looks down, watching and hearing how some Chiefs fans are acting?!?! Do you want to possibly lose the opportunity to watch our guys in RED at Arrowhead Stadium? I know I don’t’! Win or lose, I’m a Chiefs fan. It would break my heart to not have a NFL team here in Kansas City. I don’t want to lose the opportunity to tailgate 3-1/2 hours before each game or walking through the turnstile to watch my guys in RED play 60 minutes of football 10+ games each season. Listening to the National Anthem each and every game brings chills to my body and tears to my eyes. Having the opportunity to watch flyovers numerous times during the season in the BEST stadium in the NFL and adding/listening to those last four words – “HOME OF THE CHIEFS” – makes me the happiest Chiefs fan on game day, even before kickoff!

I truly wish the negativity would stop. Negative comments and bad mouthing IMO only produce negative results. I am asking Kansas City Chiefs fans to ban together and stand strong behind our guys in RED. Yes, they are struggling this season. I don’t know why nor do any of you out there. We need to trust Clark Hunt, Scott Pioli, Romeo Crennel, the coaching staff and players they will get this turned around. No, we probably won’t win the division but giving up on them isn’t the answer either. As a mother, I might find faults in my two sons from time to time BUT let anyone else say something negative about either one of them, watch out! I guess that’s where I’m at with our guys in RED. They haven’t performed good enough to win five of their games this year but I’m still going to stand strong behind them because they are part of the 53 man roster that makes up the Kansas City Chiefs team. Let’s stand together behind them as a TEAM Kansas City!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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