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QB, – Cassell is finally out as the starter and where I feel he can be at the most good for our team breaking down film and helping the starter prepare/ QB coach in a way his best asset he works hard that helps as a #2 QB for the team… Brady Quinn comes in as our starter I feel we should give him 100% support and see what he can do over the next 5 weeks then decide where to go from there…

FB, – Hillis is back lets see if it makes a differance and if maybe that will get Euchus some more carries at HB cause from my perspective he has been the second most productive comming out of the backfield besides Charles would like to see more Eachus at HB instead of FB and a little less Draughn on Offense as he is a really good ST asset…

HB, – Charles is back thank you… Eachus and Draughn have been a good suprise and dont feel with them in town that we have much need at this position but would not be against bringing in say Stacey from vandy, Lacy from Ala, or Lattimore from SC to get us that Bruiser to combine with our smaller Quick style runners. Unless Hillis can show willingness to take the FB position over the rest of the season I do not see him being a part of the 2013 Chiefs

TE, – Attemped to make this area better in the offseason but with Rucker going down before we even got a chance to see him and then Boss going down after appearing to be just the player we wanted. I dont know what the future holds for Boss but what Ive heard doesnt sound good. I dont no how much Rucker had improved his blocking ability but cant expect either Boss or Rucker to comeback as contributers next year. Moeaki has not looked like half the player he was and I look for us to move in a different direction after this season Maneri has been a suprise and if he continues the solid play will look to start the 2013 season as no worse than the #2 TE position witch I think he fills nicely and should be our #1 the rest of this season…
A position in the early part of training camp that looked to be a strength of the team once again is a weakness this area should be addressed in the draft with a minimum of two picks at the TE position we must upgrade this spot to help our team it is hard to compete in the NFL without more than solid play from your TEs…

WR, – Possibly the strongest position on our team and should be kept together aslong as possible resigning Bowe is an important thing for the Chiefs as is getting Baldwin more invoved and getting Breaston a few touches…. With Bowe Baldwin DMC Breaston and it appears Wyllie comming back there is no excuse for this area not to put up good numbers if Quinn can deliver the rock…

O – Line, – A pretty solid unit over all very young and not a complete unit yet my take on that
LT – Albert I really like and hope we resign him I think this is a must… must look at if we dont scenario aswell here… LT, Mims or Stephenson feel Mims was looking solid and Stephenson with development athleticly was the most gifted in the class so a solid replacment might already be on the roster… Or maybe Pioli just wants to draft his guy in that case we get as much as we can out of Albert and move on… LG, – Allen looks to be a good pick and I expect him to start at LG for us for a long time to come. C, – the injury to Hudson was not good but I think with the success of Lilja at the position we have seen that competition will be a good thin g at Center and we have no depth there. Lilja is an excellent team player but only an average starter/great swing O-Line player, RG, Asamoah some things to show that some comp along the Middle front would be a good thing… I would like to see either one more top three draft pick on an interior lineman or comp brought in through FA… RT, – If we resign Albert look for Stephenson to push Winston for PT in the near future as Winstons performance has been less than anticipated…

Offense overall is more than capable of winning in the NFL and has a look of a team that should not struggle to put points on the board and is only a few pieces away from being an Elite offense and that major glarring hole is at TE mor than any where else average QB play only gets it done with superior TE play so we need our QB Quinn to play good to great not just average…..

COMPLETE OVERVIEW -- The roster is way better off now than in 2008 we have young talented players accross the board at the positions not filled by young drafted talent we could probably be improved, this team looks to be very well built and only missing a few more ingrediants…

Those are
QB – the jury is out on QB Brady Quinn give me five weeks with Quinn starting and I will go from there…

FB – Hillis is yet to see Eachus has done solid job but better off with Eachus getting his PT at HB… We need the hard headed FB that can also catch the ball when asked to a TE/FB such as a Trey Burton I feel would fit great here…

TE – The biggest hole on offense we must upgrade the TE position this year had best be that year.

O-Line , depth and comp could help a unit that apears almos complete for many years to come..

D-Line – Looks to be a strength for many years down the road that could still possibly use one more piece

LBs, We need to upgrade our coverage ability at the LB position one of the biggest struggles we have as a defense… Probably the name I want to here comming to KC more than any other Monta Tau out of Notre Dame PLEASE… a good coverage OLB would be nice aswell would make this team in my mind one of the most versatile Ds in the League…

CBs, – I feel with Flowers, Routt, Arenas we have three really good corners Jalil Brown has been up and down I need to see more out of him Daniels is about as good as you can ask for in a #5 corner and player that can also play at either Safety position and not be a liability, CBs I could see anything from a first rd stud being taken to play opposite of Flowers and put Routt and Arenas in compitition for the nickle spot to nothing changing here as I feel if Brown plays solid the CBs are a really good group…

S, – Im going to group them all together and as a group not that good. Eric Berry is a stud at safety even playing how he is now. Abram Elam is best suited to #2 SS to be used in run support and short field coverage work. Lewis just doesnt appear to have the speed or toughness to play in the NFL although he does appear to show great football IQ and make most of the right calls he cant stay healthy and be effective.

Defense overview at best we can be a bend without breaking defense with our current roster but with upgrades at FS ILB/MLB and some coverage ability at OLB we could be very hard defense to game plan against and have a look of a team that can dictate the game…

The makings for a top tier team that is going to stay at the top for awhile looks to be almos t in place yes this season has started out terrible and our holes are at key positions but everything else is solid witch means we can go from not so good to dominant very easily….

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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