My hopes and very positive thoughts on our Quinn QB situation Cassel is gone. FINALLY!

Big sign of relief from me. i think quinn can come in and do some great things. now that we've got cassel taken care of, lets look ahead to the rest of the season and draft time as a whole.


While this may be far fetched, i dont think its impossible. i thought quinn as a whole looked pretty good against TB. his biggest downfall was not being on the same page and chemistry with his top wideouts. that will come with a little time getting first team practice reps. strong arm, moves in the pocket well, and makes multiple reads even when facing pressure. those are three things that could really help a qb be a beast. if you have an elite ground game around him and top tier receivers, Quinn is in the PERFECT place to succeed. didnt have that in denver or cleveland. also was known to be the best qb in denver before orton and tebow but the front office knew if quinn got the ball over tebow and orton, all hell would break loose. he has a shot.

as far as the draft goes...if quinn tears it up, we dont go qb first. we dont even go qb second if you ask me. id go with Te'o in the first and the best corner or safety in the second. secondary is a big weakness for us. in the third is when id go after a qb with great potential. they're all over the place in this draft. feel free to name who youd like.


This is the most likely scenario. while he may be able to form the bond and chemistry with his team, i just dont think its likely. could it happen? sure. but i dont think its at an elite level this season. he'd be an average game manager-type qb here. good? sure. better than cassel. bad? yes. not the QBOTF. and as a result....

we still draft Te'o in the first. belcher is a huge weakness to our lb corp. he's not paid as a starter and would make a great backup in case of injury. "why not a qb first?" you ask? In this case, Pioli keeps his job. hope is restored for next season. he wont want to admit quinn as a mistake either. so quinn gets the nod to start next year. it would be his team. coming in and changing everything and letting quinn go would be a huge shake-up for this team. i just dont see it happening. however, we do take a qb in the second. i could even see pioli trading back into the first to make sure he makes the fans happy. he can then justify trying to bring in elite competition in case we fail next year as well. we have the picks to do this and really dont need much depth other than db's. this i hope is the case. then we have a great backup qb and good competition for a talented roster.


i dont really see this happening but its possible. he's already better than cassel and is making a fraction of what cassel is. say he comes in and just sucks bad. he gets benched and stanzi plays possibly. not likely though with our teams front office. even if stanzi comes in and does good, he's probably still not the starter next year. if he is/does, see scenario 2 but replace quinn with stanzi. stanzi probably sucks when/if he gets to play. so here we now know all three qb's suck.

draft qb first round one, and again in round three. bring in a veteran to coach them up with experience. completely redo the qb's. maybe they keep stanzi and not draft a second qb but i sitll think they bring in a free agent vet. this scenario may be best for the future of our qb future. in this scenario, pioli is gone for bringing in no one to help put out the fire that is/was cassel. crennel is gone/demoted because he goes 1-15 or 2-14. no good as a hc. daboll may stay depending how the running game is.

those are my three scenarios based on what i see right now. which do you like and where did i mess up? feel free to comment and poll.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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