You play to win the game!

Hello Arrowhead Pride,

Have to start off with saying this new look you have going here sucks! Great saying, " If it ain't broke, Don't fix it! "

OK now that I got everyone's attention, Joel, his less famous brother ( less famous only cause I can't remember his name ), and a majority of the regulars pissed off cause I knocked the new look arrowhead pride has then lets begin this train wreck of a fan post.

As you notice I quoted a once great talent evaluator and mediocre head coach for us by the name of Herm Edwards in my headline. ' You play to win the game " Seems to make sense right? Has nothing to do with my post, Boy did he suck, I would take him back though right now seeing how bad Romeo sucks and lack of talent we pick without Herm around, just bring him a 3-4 Defensive Cordinator and a real Offensive Cordinator. Could you imagine how great Berry would be if Herm was still around? Say what you want but, the guy could coach Defensive Backs. Ok enough about Herm, enough about how I think Arrowhead Pride sucks with the new look, enough wasting your time with this fan post that all but one lonely guy is left reading by now cause there are so many errors in grammar and spelling you would swear I still get recess with the grade im in. I don't get recess im just stupid.

Hearing alot about Geno Smith ( heavy applause from the arrowhead pride back ground ). I seen the accuracy, the arm, the size, the 8 freaking TD's, 656 Passing yards, 25 TD's No INTS. Oh I seen it! Got the funny feeling in my pants only to find out I shit a little when I farted and has nothing to do with a boner about those stats, and him in KC red and gold BUT, Huh? He just say BUT? Yes be afraid arrowhead pride be very very afraid, Geno is a FAKE.

NO, NO, NO, not going all there, cause he could be unreal and just a couple minor things wrong with him, like the fact he can't deal with pressure? Hearing multiple times from multiple sources he doesn't have the mentallity to have what it takes as a solid NFL QB? Back to back games where the other team has a college level defense not a junior college level defense and he gets shut down.

Ok so I knocked Arrowhead Pride cause they changed stuff around here, and just doesn't seem as good a site cause of it, I knocked Romeo as a Head Coach cause well he sucks, I knocked Geno Smith, the legendary player that was going to put KC back on the map with solid QB play for once since never, Im not done.

I want to make sure when I leave here people talk about me for days like a GOD, a really stupid one with no real resemblence or powers of a god just wanted to use the saying mostly.

Finally here is what else I want to change, drum roll please. Trade Tamba Hali, yes I said it. The guy will be next to the dreaded age of 30 which is scary for NFL players especially if your playing madden and running your own franchise. I know they was gone at 30, and I would get max for them cause computer teams are stupid. Back to the point, I trade him cause his age, which is not horrible by no means, the money he would save us, the fact I know we would get max value for him, the lack of production this year from him, the lack of coverage skills he has, and basically the main point along with his age and pay is watching Justin Houston on the other side ball out and get a interception I know Tamba would never get. Lets face it, we need a Justin Houston clone on the other side so teams are confused on who is dropping back and who is rushing on each side.

Here is what we do,

Trade Tamba Hali for a first round pick, Fire Romeo, Fire Pioli. Replace Romeo and Pioli, or whoever else on the coaching staff, with whoever, I don't do coaches and GM's I just know Clark is already trying to get Pioli to take a buy out so he is all but gone, and we all know this.

Go pick up the kid from Texas A&M Right Tackle Mathews with a pick and get that no chap stick using Eric Winston out of KC, he sucks and just tired of seeing his face since bashing fans. Guess what Eric, I was cheering when Matt got knocked out with the mysterious head hit cause I could care less, I like to watch UFC sometimes and if I can cheer that, I can cheer a QB who sucks and always has, finally, get out the game by force. Since I been slaved to watch him play or else, not watch the team I like at all. I think I can take Eric.

Bottom line, we have to take a QB and I don't know which one it will be right now, as scary as it sounds Barkley does look better than Geno right now, we just got to watch that thing play out, personally I would not be upset with Tyler Wilson at all.

Here since I wasted your time with a whole lot of nothing I leave you with some Krispy Kreme to watch ;)

My post is not the views of Arrowhead Pride or anyone with Arrowhead Pride, The Krispy Kreme video and site has no offiliation to me or Arrowhead Pride. Krispy Kreme Video was used from

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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