Who should replace Cassel? Quinn? Stanzi? Thiggy? Jamarcus Russell? None of the above.

Has Cassel been bad enough to replace? Over the course of the past 2 seasons...probably. Do we have a sufficient alternative at this point to him, no. Cassel's been bad so far but not nearly as bad as our team as a whole. Stats and opinions below show how bad we've been.

Not to take any of the pressure off Cassel...because a QBR of 11.9 against the Chargers is terrible but...

We are 1-3 because our entire team and coaching has sucked so far. We’ve been soundly beat in 3 games and pulled out a miracle of a win against the Saints on the backs of JC on Offense, Houston on D, and Succop on STs. The main places where we have sucked and it isn’t Cassel’s fault include:

Crennel has shown he can’t HC and DC at the same time. Our D has had extreme difficulty making adjustments on the fly. We’re going to get eaten up by PM and his no huddle offense. Also, I am not convinced Daboll is the answer. Drew Brees has a QBR of 53.8 while Cassel has one of 48.7 (Guess who has the highest QBR right now…Andrew Luck). Brees hasn’t all of a sudden started sucking…it’s playcalling and OLine play that is having an effect on his numbers.

Speaking of OLine, ours hasn’t done a great job this year. They have been mediocre in run blocking (outside of Winston) and downright awful at times in pass protection. The OLine is never a great place to remove blame on the QB though because Philly’s, GB’s, and Atlanta’s OLine pass protection have all been worse statistically than ours.

The defense has been getting better the past couple of games and I think they’ll find their sweet spot after a few more games (as long as everyone stays healthy). We have 2 takeaways. We are doing ok with 8 sacks, although, Hali only has 1 and has consistently left his end open to long runs and short passes to the RB. Houston has been the one major bright spot on the D. We are 28th in tackles and 31st in points allowed…execution, execution, execution. On a side note, we’ve only allowed 334 ypg (good for 13th in the NFL) and I think if we cut out most of the turnovers on offense, the defense will begin to allow fewer points as the season goes along.

Special Teams
We are 26th in Kickoff Return Avg and 6th in Punt Return Avg (we’ve actually been very good here)
Defending kickoffs and punt returns: We are 28th against punt returns and 21st against kickoff returns
It appears this is mostly a coaching issue to me. Arenas never seems to have any openings on kickoff returns and people seem to be able to run all over us on punt and kickoff returns.

We are dead last at -13 in turnover differential. The closest team is -7. I realize the majority of these are statistically placed on Cassel…as they should be. I honestly believe this is the one place where Cassel has literally stunk and isn’t helping our team out at all. As previously mentioned, our defense isn’t helping us any either…they only have 2 takeaways. We are tied for last with Indy and Tennessee in takeaways.


I'm not defending Cassel by any means but I don't think all of the blame for our 1-3 record lies with him. Our entire team has been lacking so far. Who is to blame for that? Everyone. Pioli, Crennel, Dabbol, Cassel, and so on. They all are to blame for us being so bad so far. How do we fix it? First off, let's fix that turnover differential. We fix that and immediately our defense will get much better and in turn that will put less pressure on our offense. With less pressure on our offiense, hopefully Cassel will stop forcing the ball into places where it doesn't belong and/or start throwing slightly more accurate passes. Some of the other obvious fixes can't happen over the course of a week...I think we need to draft a QB next draft who can be an NFL starter (as Cassel is best suited as a backup). Also, I think we need to either hire a new HC or a DC. Crennel isn't suited to handle both. He's shown that at Cleveland and KC (so far). I'm not convinced Daboll is the answer at OC either...but he's in his first year and we need to give him some time to develop his offense. Honestly, I think this is a lost season...but with how terrible the division is, we still have a chance to turn things around and make the playoffs if we can string together a few unexpected wins over the next few weeks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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