Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 10/19

Al Messerschmidt

Today's Chiefs news from across the internet.

Here's another round-up of the latest links and notes from around the interwebs regarding the Kansas City Chiefs. In case you haven't noticed, NJ Chiefs Fan is off today.

Who should be the next Chiefs GM? - Arrowhead Addict

My choice for GM is: Marc Ross. In the words of Cornell Nathan Jessup... who the F! is Marc Ross? Marc Ross currently in his fifth season as the Director of College Scouting for the NY Giants. However, let's go through his resume.

Eric Berry struggles to regain form - Bill Williamson

The big focus is on Berry and I'd think, he will shake off the rust at some point and resume his promising career.

Bowe to Miami would have risks, rewards - ESPN's James Walker

Trade rumors are swirling that the Miami Dolphins might be interested in Kansas City Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe. Keep in mind this is only speculation. Nothing official is coming from the Chiefs or the Dolphins, who are on a bye week. But now that we got that disclaimer out of the way, let's explore the possibilities of Bowe to Miami. It would be a high-risk, high-reward move for the Dolphins.

AFC West Chat Wrap at ESPN

Jordan from KC: Any chance we see Pioli out of KC before the end of the season? Or hopefully earlier?

BW: The only way Pioli isn't back, in my opinion, is if ownership caves to fan complaints and that could happen. If this thing finishes 2-14, 3-13, the Hunts could be pressured to blow it up, but I don't think they want to.

NFL Play 60 visits Starside Elementary with former Chiefs LB Shawn Barber

"Shawn Barber got the kids excited and then KC Wolf came out and they had some competitions of various activities and physical fitness opportunities and the kids were very excited to compete with both of them," Principal Jeff Green explained.

Looking ahead to Chiefs 2013 cap situation - Arrowhead Addict

A few names that I'm sure have popped out are Albert, Bowe & Dorsey, as they've been the most talked-about players whose contracts will be expiring (such talk dating back to at least April), with a lot of that talk being related to how high of a contract these players may demand. Two other names that pop out to me (though whose contracts should be exponentially cheaper) are Colquitt and Gafford.

VIDEO: Chiefs Brief with Mitch Holthus

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