Why do the Royals get a pass?

I'm really genuinely curious about this.

Six weeks into the NFL season Chiefs fans are ready to commit ritual suicide. The only way this season could be worse would be if the real refs had called the Saints game. Then the Chiefs would be 0-6. This season is an unmitigated disaster. The team is terrible. The losses are blowouts. The head coach seems completely befuddled by what's going wrong. The fans have turned on the organization and to a degree the organization has also turned on the fans. Injuries are being cheered and fans are being scolded. Banners are flying over Arrowhead and the fans are organizing protests. It's really getting ugly out there.

Yet across the parking lot and even more incompetent organization seems to have been let off the hook by the Kansas City community.

I'm not suggesting Chiefs fans shouldn't be frustrated. I'm not suggesting in any way that the Chiefs are a model organization. But in the past ten seasons the Chiefs have been to the playoffs three times and won the AFC West twice. The Royals are now in their fourth decade since they last sniffed the postseason. They too have an out of town owner but he seldom if ever even bothers to attend his teams games. The Royalse make consistent horrible personnel moves and seem to never want to actually hire a competent manager. In the past several years they seem to have gone out of their way to alienate people associated with their glory years (Frank White, Fred White, Kevin Seitzer, etc). They Royals have some of the worst ownership and management in all of American sports. And yet there are no protests. No flyover banners demanding Dayton Moore be fired. People in KC seem to still dutifully plunk down their money to see a grossly inferior product.

I'm curious why this is. Why do the Chiefs make people so angry whWhy do en they're bad and yet the Royals don't seem to generate the same rage? In the past 25 years the Chiefs have been the vastly superior franchise. The Royals are a joke year in and year out.

Why do people give the Royals a pass and yet get so mad at the Chefs? Is it because the Royals have been so inept for so long that people just sort of expect them to suck, like a loser member of your family that you like in spite of his idiocy? Is it because the Royals play in a professional league that doesn't care about competitive balance? Is it because they play a 162 game season and losing one of those games seems far less vital?

Or is it that over the years KC has come to expect more from the Chiefs?

I'm really curious to hear responses. It just seems like nobody cares anymore when the Royals suck.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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