''This team is so much better than the 08 squad''......sports bar myths volume 3

''This team team is awful''!(exclaimed angry chiefs fans). ''This coach can't prepare a team, he is A players coach''. ''This QB is terrible''. ''Our starter sucked, now he got hurt and his backup is no better ''. ''What was this GM thinking making a career backup A starter in the first place''? ''Why does he insist on making a backup the starter''?

''Speaking of our GM, what has he done the last four years''? ''We have one playoff appearance in that time''. ''This year , we are 1-5 and have been blown out four times''. ''We have only been competitive in one game so far'' ''We turn the ball over like it is no one's business''. We can't seem to score when it matters ''. '' This team is the worst team in the NFL''. ''I am embarrassed to be A Chiefs fan'' . '' This team doesn't have enough talent to compete with the big boys''. ''We need to fire our GM , coach and draft a franchise QB in the draft'' ''These first six games are the worst in franchise history''

Yep, the season seemed lost already. We all said that at one point during that auspicious start. You may have notice , I am using past tense. Every single sentence I said up there, defines this season to a tee. But what if I told you , I wasn't referring to this season. How could that be ? I just described our frustrations with THIS team perfectly . What team could I possibly be talking about , if not this unit? What team in KC history could possibly be as bad as what we see on the field now? I will give you a hint. It was team in the not so distant past

The 2008 season

That is right, every single compliant we had about that season, we now have about this season. From the GM , to the coach, to the QB, every single problem that plagued that team, plagues this team in the present. The similarities are eerie . This team is no better off than it was in 08. Despite all the claims to the contrary on here. Same blowouts, same bad coaching, same sub par QB play, same depth issues. The biggest indictment I can make against Scott Pioli , is that he hasn't improved this team in four years. That this team is no better than when he arrived. Where is all this talent he supposedly brought in? It sure as hell isn't manifesting itself in the win column . How can you not improve over that 08 roster?

Oh sure, there are some minor improvements here and there. And that is what Pioli apologists(an ever dwindling number ) cling to. But when you consider that 08 team was the worst season ever by KC, to only be slightly better after four years is intolerable. But that is where we are at as a fanbase. If I have to hear one more time that this team is better than it was in 08, I will track you down and pelt you with monkey poop. The fact that this team is better than that 08 team is.............................................................

Sports Bar Myth Volume 3; We are better off now than we were four years ago.

Now, I normally like to go into great detail in my posts. So much so , that they can get a little wordy. Have no fear . This is going to be short and to the point. No pictures, no timelines , no frills, let's get started

Pioli's record the first 54 games vs Carl Peterson's record the last 54 games

Pioli 22 wins

Peterson 24 wins

You can't compare Carl's first 54 games against Pioli's first 54 games here because it isn't even close. Carl destroys Pioli in wins and playoff appearances. But the last four years under Carl were pretty bad teams, culminating in the disaster that was 2008. Pioli inherited a very young team from Carl. Now, I won't even get into the fact that Pioli had Bowe, Charles, Flowers, DJ, Hali, Carr, Waters, Albert, Dorsey , Colquit, etc... to work with and build a solid foundation on. He had several young guys in their prime(or close to it) to mold into the players he wanted them to become. I also won't even bring guys like Bernard Pollard , Tony G, Jason Babin, Wade Smith etc....that he let go that went on to be good/great players on other teams.Or the fact this team was millions under the cap (hmm....sound familiar). Even then, he is two games worse in his 54 games as a GM here than Carl was his last 54 games

After four full drafts and millions of dollars under the cap , he still has a worse record than Carl had , with their respective time frames. That is unacceptable even if he didn't have those guys already on the roster. Let alone the fact they were already here. ''Ya, but Saints, they weren't good yet''. So what! The point is they were on the roster . He didn't have to draft those guys , they were already here. Who cares if they needed to be ''coached up'' . They were all young , inexperienced guys. But what about this year vs 08? How do those 2 seasons stack up after 6 games ?

The 2012 Chiefs outscored 174- 104

The 2008 Chiefs outscored 165 - 75

The Chiefs in 08 only given up nine fewer points than this team has so far through six games. Where the 2012 team does have the the 08 team is points scored. All in all , the 2012 team were outscored by twenty fewer points than that 08 team was. That is about a FG less per game. Is that better? Sure, by the lowest of standards. But not nearly good enough to say this team was better than that 08 team

The 2012 offensive turnovers 21

The 2008 offensive turnovers 10

This is what gets talked about the most and rightfully so. The 2012 team has twice as many turnovers than the 08 team. And keep in mind, this is the time frame when Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard were starting. This team can't protect the football . It is far worse than what the 08 team gave up. Even though a lot of money was spent trying to fix the QB and offensive line problems

The 2012 turnover forced 6

The 2008 turnovers forced 11

Not only did 08 have fewer turnovers , they also forced more as a defensive unit. Almost twice as many to be exact. Again, where is this team better than they were in 08? And this was a team in 08 with rookies starting in the secondary and no pass rush

Average margin of loss 2012 16.4

Average margin of loss 2008 20.8

Ok , you got me. The 12 team wasn't killed as bad per game than they were in 08. They were A whopping four points better a game . Hip hip hooray, winner winner chicken dinner. We have progress!!! Ok, maybe not so much. That is still three scores down , for a margin of defeat. Better, not something I would brag about to my peers though.

Total yards given up per game 2012 419.4

Total yards given up per game 2008 482.6

The 12 team has given up 60 yards fewer a game than the 08 team. That is normally something you don't shake a stick at. However, that stat should have a huge asterisk by it. That is, with all these turnovers , opponents have a shorter field to travel in order to score, hence the reason they have fewer yards. So even a stat that would otherwise be a sign of progress, isn't as impressive when you look at the circumstances surrounding it

TD passes 2008 - 4

TD passes 2012 - 5

This current team has one more TD pass through six weeks than the 08 team. Oh by the way, that was the point of the season when Huard and Croyle were starting games. Cassel is making three times as much as Huard and Croyle combined this year and he has one more TD to show for it. That just might say it all

How is this team any better? They are the same untalented, undisciplined, sorry sack of guys that they were in 08. Where has he upgraded this roster?

Is Ryan Succup better than Connor Barth?

Is Ryan Lilja better than Wade Smith?

Is Tony Moeaki better than Tony Gonzalez?

Is Eric Berry better than Benard Pollard?

Is Jon Asamaoah better than Brian Waters?

Is Sabby Piscatelli better than Jared Page?

Is Javier Arenas better than Dimitri Patterson?

Is Andy Studekaker better than Erik Walden?

Is Tyler Palco better than Brodie Croyle?

Is Jerheme Urban better than Devard Darling?

Is Justin Houston better than Jason Babin?

Is Kelly Gregg better than Ron Edwards?

Is Thomas Jones better than Larry Johnson?

Is Jake O'Connel better than Brad Cottom?

Is Jonathon Baldwin better than Dwayne Bowe?

Is Tyson Jackson better than Glen Dorsey?

Is Eric Winston better than Barry Richardson?

Is Matt Cassel that much better than Damon Huard/Tyler Thigpen?

Is RAC a better coach than Herm Edwards?

I am sorry, I don't see a ton of upgrades there. I see a lot of pushes and some areas where they are worse. Oh sure, there are a few spots where he may have upgraded. But overall, it isn't better. This roster is NOT that much better than it was four years go, if it is any better at all. Things like getting rid of Bernard Pollard but keeping Jared Page hurts this team. Things like getting rid of A HOF TE for a nickel corner hurts this team, They keep trying to find a productive TE . Meanwhile, Tony continues to play at an All pro level. Reaching on Dex hurts this team. Drafting a 5'7 170 lb RB in the second and trying to make him a slot receiver, is stupid. How about a brilliant idea. How about actually drafting a guy that played the slot in college instead.

It isn't one dumb decision that hurts this team. Any one gaff, isn't going to hurt this team on Sunday. But when you have one bad personnel move after another, it rolls downhill and you end up with one of least talented rosters in the NFL. Just as we are seeing right now. But the true reason that this team is no better than the 08 team , is that this team hasn't had a lead at any point of the season. Case closed

I am Saints_chiefsfan1979 and I approve this message.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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