We Want it Now

We want it now. But, life never works that way. Companies don't work that way.Families don't work that way. NFL football teams do not work that way.

I Preach Patience always. The Grass is not Greener on the Quin Brady side of the field. I understand, I seriously Do. I want it now too. It doesn't work that way with people.

I ask you? Do you as a worker come on the job with 100 percent knowledge of what is expected? Even giving 100% are you doing what is necessary to move your company forward?

We give our leadership about 15 minutes to make everything right. Scott Pioli cannot possibly do everything in 15 minutes to make all of us happy. Some of us were happy with Todd Haley and others were very unhappy.

Some of us wanted to give Matt Cassel (or anyone) a decent shot to make the Chiefs winners. Glenn Dorsey, Dexter McCluster, and Javier Arenas. Tyson Jackson seems to be a lightening rod. He doesn't pressure the QB or do enough in run defense for some.

Hey can we wait just a Minute?

Can we give anyone a real shot to make the Chiefs Winners?

Clark Hunt is in the hot seat from many for what? Hiring Scott Pioli.

Scott Pioli is in the hot seat for what? Hiring Matt Cassel.

Matt Cassel is in the hot seat for what? Trying to win Kansas City Chiefs football games.

Brady Quinn looked just like Matt Cassel.

Matt did at least help us score more than 3 points per game.

The team is there, and we are hating on them constantly. Why do we play so bad in Arrowhead?

Look at your fellow fans and some of you, a mirror.

I don't get paid nearly what Chiefs players do. I have a satisfaction in doing my job anyway.

The Chiefs players are doing their best (or too much).

Mistakes are created by pressure and this Chiefs team is under Diamond creating pressure right now.

I ask you as fans, are we being helpfull with our "I want it now" mentality?

I don't think many of our players are very happy with themselves, they are not happy with US either.

Fans Support their Team


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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