The Wet Blanket Chronicles Of Aiken_Drum The Unbeliever...How To Salvage A Season



My friends, it may have finally happened. The suckitude of this team, has finally (according to rumored reports at least) wakened Clark Hunt out of his nice, quiet, soccer induced trance.

The fans have helped, flying a banner over Arrowhead a couple weeks back that said Fire Pioli--Bench Cassel. Now we see a fan post here on AP trying to get fans to boycott going into the stadium in two weeks against the Raiders. If you hadn't heard, there is now a twitter account @saveourchiefs that at last count had over 76,000 followers. That is significant, because only has around 115,000 members., BTW, is reportedly (from fans on @saveourchiefs) blocking fans from it's page for showing their angst. This thing is big folks, and it is growing by the day.

The latest thing from the @saveourchiefs movement is that the founder of it is trying to get fans to stop wearing red to the games. In exchange, they are to wear black. That is the color that is appropriate for a graveyard. Check out a youtube of KC local news discussion including an interview with the founder here. Can they turn Arrowhead into it's own graveyard? I don't know. It looks like Scott Pioli has already done's just that the fans are finally considering dressing for their part in the death of this regime.

What shall we do? Have no fear brothers and sisters! I am Aiken_Drum the Unbeliever! I have a solution to this ugliness. Let's jump into this together, shall we???



The Plan

If the reports that we are hearing about Clark Hunt replacing Scott Pioli are true, then you'd also have to believe that Clark is also open to coaching changes in an effort to salvage this season. Let there be no mistake, I am in total support of exactly that. I am no suck for (insert name of favorite QB here)er. I am sick to death of the play for the future ideas that always come up in Chiefs nation when this team under performs to begin a season.

I want nothing to do with intentionally losing games in a misguided effort to place the success or failure of this team in the hands of an unproven commodity (in the form of a rookie QB), no matter how well that player has performed at the college level. Losing because of bad coaching is one thing, losing on purpose is unconscionable.

I'm not saying we shouldn't try to do our best in the draft, I'm simply saying that I don't want to give up our chance right now, for nothing more than the wing and a prayer that would come with finally drafting that QBOTF that everyone here wants. This season isn't over yet, and until we are completely out of the running, we should press on.

This team has talent. It's just that the talent is not being utilized properly. We need a new GM and we need a coach who has a pair, who'll go out and challenge these players to do their jobs. Somebody who isn't afraid to bench players when they don't get it done, or don't do as they are told when it comes to playing their spot. Someone who can create an atmosphere of spirited competition for the greater good of team success.



First things first. Our new GM should be Bill Polian. He is currently on ESPNs payroll as an analyst. He's the GM responsible for Mr. Football being drafted by the Colts. That landed him one hell of a run in Indianapolis. He has ties to KC from many years ago and he makes sense as a candidate as new GM.



Polian bounced around the NFL a bit before latching on for a longer ride in Indy. He was,in fact, the GM of the expansion Carolina Panthers. His HC back then? Dom Capers. Capers is currently the DC in Green Bay, so there is no way to bring him in to KC until the season is over if he would be interested in another shot as HC. Dom got a really raw deal in Carolina that had to do with Kerry Collins. Collins got his jaw broken by Bill Romanowski during their second year after going to the playoffs the previous season. It caused the team to tank. The following year, Collins was accused of using racial slurs in the locker room and the whole thing blew up. Capers was a casualty. He later was HC for the Houston Texans. Capers is 62 and would be a perfect fit in this organization with Polian at the helm.



What does that do to us in the mean time? It's time for Daboll to go. He's unimaginative and incapable of calling plays to exploit weakness on the other side. His three previous season in the NFL at OC have shown the inability to win games. His resume already lists four losses for the Chiefs out of five games this season. Let's put Zorn in as OC. He already has a relationship with Cassel/Quinn and he should be able to fill that role adequately.



What to do with Romeo? This one is tough. Romeo expressed the willingness to return to DC in Cleveland after the debacle that was his Head Coaching tenure there. The problem that I have with this is that what message does it send to the players? If they take it the wrong way, they may just quit on us and that won't work. I think Romeo can run that defense better than anyone, but he has made some unexplainable changes in scheme this season that have left many pundits scratching their collective heads. On the other hand, if Romeo is let go, the players will have to accept his replacement. I just don't know how Clark feels about Romeo. If he thinks he can keep him in DC capacity, then so be it. If not, then I say promote Anthony Pleasant.

Anthony played for Romeo on those Super Bowl defenses in New England, and he certainly understands the way our defense is being run. I think Anthony may also have the guts to challenge these players as well...something that Romeo's lacks and is in my opinion, why this team has no cohesion. Romeo can play the good cop to the tune of winning super bowls. Romeo won't play the bad cop, even when the team is desperately crying out for a bad cop.



That leaves us without an interim HC. This is the hardest piece. You gotta have somebody experienced who can focus on game day necessities. Gary Gibbs was the HC of the Oklahoma Sooners from 1989-1994. That means he's at least worn the headset on the sidelines and set in the big chair. If he could be relieved of all defensive and offensive duties and given only the responsibility of being the HC, I think he could do the job. I have no idea if he is willing to do it or not, but between him, Romeo/Pleasant and Zorn, this team would have enough experience to go out and win some games.

Before you rip this entirely apart, remember one thing. We've had fans comparing this team to the team that Herm left for Haley to take over. Fans are discussing which teams the Chiefs have had over the years are worse than the current one and coming up with few answers. By changing things up, you are sending a powerful message to the players that you will not accept the crap that they have been giving. They will stand up and take notice.

If it gets worse? What's the harm? That would fall right in line for all the suck for (insert name of favorite QB here)ers, who want nothing more than to get that first pick in next years draft. At least we tried. At least we gave a chance to an underdog that we'd all love to cheer for on Sundays and would be more understanding of when things just didn't go quite right.

Then, when the seasons over, we go about the business of bringing in Capers and deciding about a new OC. It's a genius play if I do say so myself. It shows Clark's commitment to making the switch and trying to do what the fans want. It has the benefit of succeeding, even if it fails because we'll finally get that first pick to take that QB that everybody here is literally salivating over. It's all yours Clark. All I ask in return is to win some games. Try to make the playoffs. Do the unthinkable and win a playoff game. This schedule is set up so that it could happen, but it's got to be a united team. The players have to be playing for a team win, not personal glory or worse, just to pick up a check. Right now all we have is a mixed bag of individuals who think the fans suck.

It's time to ring the bell baby. Ring it loud Clark, ring it loud.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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