Aspirations for next year, starting lineup, coaching staff

So we all know if Clark Hunt has any sense he will be cleaning house this year gone are the days of egoli and his miserable attempt of turning the chiefs into Patriots Midwest. Assuming that we play as bad as we have throughout the season we will be give #1 pick of the 2013 NFL draft plus a surplus amount of cap space. With the given talent on this team already (atleast so we think) Any future head coach could be walking into a dream scenario. More after the jump....


First, we start out with hopefully our new general manager. Now it is obvious that we would like to choose our next general manager from a franchise that has recently caught fire in the draft and is trending right now. IMO, those teams would be the Texans, Ravens, and 49ers. Based on evaluating talent, lets look at the Texans last three drafts. Out of the last three drafts players like Arian Foster (can you say diamond in the rough), Ben Tate, J.J. Watt, Brooks Reed, Brian Cushing, Connor Barwin, Antoine Caldwell, Glover Quin, Brice McCain, Kareem Jackson are all major contributors to a 5-1 team that is oozing with talent. And who is the director of scouting? Mike Maccagnan. Remember that name. The Ravens. Can you say anymore? Eric Decosta, The Director or of player personnel, has been one of the reasons the Ravens have been so successful for a decade and has a knack of finding talent. The 49ers director of player personnel, Tom Gamble has successfully filled the niners' roster with a load of talent that just took some proper coaching to come alive. But my pick would be Mike Maccagnan he has arguably drafted the best the last three years, and he also has experience in dealing with contracts and negotiations.

Wish List:

1. Mike Maccacghan

2. Eric Decosta

3. Tom Gamble


Picking a head coach can be tough, but I think the Chiefs had the right idea when taking in Todd Haley in 2009. You don't catch fire by picking up a known commodity, I know im going to hear "Jon Gruden, Marty, cowher.. blah blah. But think of both Harbaughs, Mike McCarthy, and Sean Payton. We need a young, hungry coach that has a bunch of fire much like Jim Harbaugh brought to the 49ers. Rob Chudzinski (Panthers o-coordinator), Jay Gruden (Bengals o-coordinator), Mike Zimmer (Bengals d-coordinator), Chip Kelly (Oregon Head Coach) or dare I say Rob Ryan?? On to Chudzinski, yes I know, the panthers are having trouble offensively this year, but I think that is all on Cam Newton. Hell, this guy got Derek Anderson to the Pro Bowl, and Cam Newton's year last year can't go unforgotten. I don'y know the guy's personality, but he seems like he is a genius when it comes to play-calling. Jay Gruden also comes to mind, he is turning Andy Dalton into a star, and he leads the currently 6th ranked offense this year, he most likely has the fire his brother, Jon, has too, and maybe a little more reserved also which could be good., Mike Zimmer also comes to mind, Yes, he is 4-3 d coordinator but he can adjust. Players simply love playing for this man, and he has a huge passion for the game, and loads of heart. and Uh-oh Rob Ryan, hey you may not like his brother Rex, but he is a winner no question about it. His twin brother seems to fit the same mold. I would actually enjoy the swagger Rob Ryan would bring to this organization. (I know this will maybe be an unpopular pick). Chip Kelly would also be a very intriguing pick. This would be a very boom or bust hire because he could turn out to be like Jim Harbaugh or a Steve Spurrier, however I think Chip Kelly could come into the league and create a scheme that would be largely successful in this league, he is a offensive genius.


Wish List:

1. Jay Gruden

2. Rob Ryan

3. Chip Kelly

4. Rob Chudzinski

As for D-coordinator The 49ers d line coach Jim Tomsula has turned the once considered the underperforming Justin Smith arguably the best d lineman in the game if not one of the best players, and Ray McDonald into a star. Would be great for our dline.


First lets start with players we want gone out of the starting lineup

Matt Cassel. Duh

Lilja. Jeff Allen looks to be a capable replacement tho.

Belcher. Another Duh

Kendrick Lewis. I could live with him but we need an upgrade.

So our needs are


So lets get it started

For #1 pick of the 2013 NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs Select..............

Matt Barkley. No. im just fucking with you.


this pick is no brainer.

The second pick is a little trickier we could go with S or ILB or even WR

Dream Scenario would be getting Alec Ogeltree from Georgia but he wont be there. Kenny Vaccaro the FS from Texas is an interesting prospect he will most likely be there he has top end speed (unlike lewis) and can actually tackle he would be be a good complement to Berry. Or we could bulk our recieving corps with Geno's buddy Tavon Austin who is a true home run threat. I think we make Geno feel right at home and grab Austin, reminds me alot of Desean Jackson.

Round 3 Shayne Skov Ilb Stanford, Big and Physical

Onto free agency wishlist (a little early)

We'll Keep Dwayne Bowe

GOOD BYE Glenn Dorsey! This will leave us with alot of cap space btw

Dream Scenario

Jairus Byrd could also become a free agent

Seahawks can't keep Jason Jones and Alan Branch? They'll Keep Jason Jones

Dream Scenario:

Qbs: Geno Smith, Matt Cassel (I could roll with casselhole in this role)

Rbs: Charles, Hillis, Gray

Tes: Boss, Moeaki, Maneri

Wrs: Bowe, Baldwin, Austin, McCluster, Breaston

Lt: Albert


C: Hudson

Rg: Asamoah

Rt: Winston


De: Branch, Jackson

Dt: Poe, Toribio, Powe

De: Pituotia, Bailey

Olb: Houston

Ilb: Johnson

Ilb: Skov

Olb: Hali

Cb: Flowers

Ss: Berry

Fs: Byrd, Lewis

Cb: Routt

Sorry for it being so long but that's it. Thanks for reading and I took a looong time to make this so give me your thoughts please. So long fellow abused fans

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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